Thick black lashes after extensions

Eyelash extensions “full volume”: all about the procedure in 2022 with photo examples

Every woman can become the owner of thick, voluminous and beautiful eyelashes. To do this, it will be enough for her to decide on the extension procedure. It comes in different types. Especially popular among modern girls is “voluminous”. In the process, eyelashes are added not only length and density. There is even a special kind of procedure called “Full Volume”.

Thick black lashes after extensions

Features of the eyelash extension procedure “full volume” in 2022

The discussed procedure allows you to immediately increase the length, density and volume of natural cilia by adding additional artificial hairs. At the same time, their natural attractive appearance is preserved. Eyelashes do not look doll-like, unnatural.

Effective extension

To achieve this result, the master must correctly select all the materials used, the shape of the bend. And today there are a lot of variations of them. Therefore, you can find suitable for each girl.

Most often, extension specialists decide to combine eyelashes of different lengths and shapes at once. For example, the longest hairs are located in the middle, and shorter hairs are selected for the corners.

Building in progress

Artificial eyelashes are found today in different colors. They can be black, brown, light blond and even bright different shades. Which option to choose depends on the type of woman’s appearance. It takes into account the color of her eyes, hair, skin. Usually blacks are chosen by dark-eyed and dark-haired ladies, and browns are chosen by red-haired, brown-haired women.

Light blond are suitable for blondes. But fair-haired ladies sometimes prefer bright contrasts in makeup, so black eyelashes are also chosen when building.

Long spectacular eyelashes

According to the structure of the material, sable, mink, silk hairs are selected. All of them differ in appearance, final effect. So, sable ones give excellent volume, mink ones are matte and easy to use, and silk ones shine beautifully.

Differences between the “full volume” extension option and 2D and 3D eyelashes

The discussed technique involves sticking one artificial eyelash on each natural eyelash. As a result, all the main indicators change. Eyelashes after extension become longer, thicker, and more voluminous.

eyelash extension

The procedure, in turn, is divided into 3 types.

  • The most common among them is the classic. But there is also “incomplete volume” and “maximum”. In the first version, artificial hairs are attached according to the general technology, but not all over the eye, but only in certain areas that need to be focused on. For example, specifically in the corners.
Neat eyelash extensions

  • At the maximum volume 2-3 artificial eyelashes can be glued on one natural eyelash at once. But usually this option is used only for stage makeup.
The master glues the eyelashes in bunches

  • Based on the above information, you can understandthat there is no fundamental difference between “Full volume” and 2D, 3D effect. But the second and third options are more noticeable. Therefore, for maximum naturalness, you should choose exactly “Full Volume”.
Patches on the lower eyelids with extensions

  • It is important to take into account another feature – eyelashes with 2D, 3D effect usually fall off earlier. They are enough for 2-3 weeks on average. Indeed, such effects give increased loads on natural eyelashes. In order for the result to last longer, they should be provided with the highest quality competent care. Timely correction of extended eyelashes is also important.
natural extension option

Unusual color extension

Pros and cons of the “full volume” eyelash extension procedure

The thickness of glued artificial eyelashes on natural eyelashes varies up to about 0.2 mm. As a result, it is possible to achieve a chic effect, but at the same time maintain the desired naturalness.

Fact about eyelashes

If all the cilia that have fallen in a human life are laid out in one line, then its length will be about 30 meters. The life span of one eyelash is 2.5-3 months.

Blue tufts in the corners

This procedure is especially relevant for owners of naturally thick eyelashes who want to add volume and length. If, on the contrary, they are thin, then it is better to choose the option of 2D and 3D extensions. In these cases, the procedure uses hairs already about 0.07 mm thick. They are laid out and attached over natural eyelashes.

The most natural extension result

Among the advantages of the procedure are:

  1. Beautiful, attractive result. Extended eyelashes look spectacular, bright. The look is more expressive and attractive.
  2. Eliminates the need for daily makeup. To get thick dark eyelashes, a woman does not need to paint every morning. It is enough just from time to time to gently comb the hairs.
  3. No serious contraindications. If there is no allergy, the procedure is allowed even during pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Long-term preservation of the result. With proper care with chic eyelashes, it will take up to 4 weeks.

But the procedure also has some disadvantages. They should definitely be studied by every woman who decides to build.

Long eyelashes after extension

Among the cons:

  1. Possible allergy. It occurs when using low-quality materials. For example, glue or the eyelashes themselves. It is manifested by swelling of the problem area, increased lacrimation.
  2. The need for special care. With eyelash extensions, you can not actively rub your eyes or sleep with your face in a pillow. You will also have to regularly come to correct the result.
  3. The impossibility of self-sticking hairs. Only a professional can do this.
  4. The need to abandon fatty cosmetic formulations. Such products are able to dissolve the glue. Therefore, they will have to be replaced with micellar water and other similar compounds.
Long eyelashes throughout the eyelid

How is the procedure for eyelash extensions “full volume” in 2022

  • The process of eyelash extension according to the discussed technology begins with the removal of makeup residues.
  • The master must degrease the eyelashes.
  • Further, in the process of preparation, pads with collagen are placed on the lower eyelid under the hairs. This is a protection for the mucous and skin from glue. It is important to close your eyes to the whole process in order to exclude corneal burns.
Accurate gluing of the beam

  • In the process of extension, an artificial eyelash is superimposed on a natural eyelash with tweezers. At the same time, the hairs must be laid in one direction so that they do not stick out in different directions and are worn longer.
natural result

Features of care for eyelash extensions “full volume”

  • In order for artificial hairs to be worn for a long time and look neat at the same time, it is important to properly care for them. And it is advisable to start with special preparation. First of all, a woman should find out if she is allergic to eyelash glue or any other means or materials used. You will also need to carefully monitor your condition on the first day after the procedure.
Lush thick eyelashes

  • If a girl wears contact lenses, then before building them will need to be removed. They are completely incompatible with eyelash glue.
Eyelash extensions

  • Immediately before the procedure and after it will have to be abandoned from any cosmetics with a fatty composition. They are replaced by water-based gels. With extreme caution, any cream for …

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