Agree that such a look will make any woman irresistible

Eyelash extensions in 2022: choosing a method, length and effect (with photo examples)

Any woman dreams of a bewitching and expressive look, but not all nature rewards with such dignity. If your eyelashes do not have density and volume, then go to the salon, where the master will correct the situation in a couple of hours and give the hairs splendor and the desired color.

Agree that such a look will make any woman irresistible

Such procedures are carried out by most organizations working in the beauty industry, and it will not cost so much to save on the transformation of your appearance.

The result depends on the type of extension

How is the procedure for eyelash extensions in 2022

The process consists of several stages that are performed sequentially. Before carrying out the eyelash extension procedure, the master will agree with you on the volume that needs to be obtained as a result and will do a sensitivity test, which is necessary in order to avoid negative reactions on the skin of the eyelids.

Eyelash extension procedure is available to any woman

You can choose a different effect – this is one and a half, double and triple density, there is also a version of the “Hollywood look”.

The more artificial hairs the master glues, the more voluminous the effect is.

Stages of the procedure:

  1. The master closes the lower eyelashes pads to avoid contact of the glue with the hairs.
The master will start the procedure when he is convinced that it is safe for you.

  1. A disinfectant is applied to the eyelids and a degreasing composition, which guarantees a better fit of the extension material to the skin.
Before gluing the hairs, degreasing is carried out

  1. Eyelash tufts or individual hairs are glued a little higher than natural ones.
How the hairs will be glued depends on the desired effect.

Depending on the professionalism and the creation of the effect, eyelash extension takes 1.5-3.0 hours, after which you will leave the salon with a beautiful look at the envy of your friends and the adoration of the opposite sex.

After the procedure, not only the length and density, but also the shape of the eyelashes changes.

Advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions

  • The main advantage is the rejection of daily makeup, because such cilia do not need to be added, the length and rich color that mascara gives us. Hair will look spectacular regardless of the situation and time of day.
After eyelash extensions, you do not have to use mascara anymore.

  • Extensions have virtually no contraindications. The only time when it is necessary to refuse the procedure is an allergic reaction to the material or glue, provided that you do not have chronic skin diseases with a manifestation on the face.
The procedure is carried out only after a sensitivity test.

  • Artificial eyelashes allow you to adjust the look depending on your appearance: lowered tips of the eyelids, deep or close-set eyes, as well as a lack of their own hairs.
Eyelash extensions make the look deeper and more expressive

  • The extension material is not afraid of cold, heat and water, which allows you to lead your usual lifestyle: going to the pool, beaches and saunas, but on the first day after the procedure, you must refuse them.
Artificial cilia easily tolerate negative factors

  • Among the shortcomings, several aspects can be distinguished – this is not a long-term effect, if you wear contact lenses, the material will stay on your eyelids half as much.
If you wear contact lenses, the effect may be short-lived

  • It is also worth limiting the mechanical effect on the hairs, the more often you touch them, and sleep buried in a pillow, the sooner you will need eyelash correction.
After eyelash extensions, eliminate the mechanical impact on the hairs, then they will last longer

Types and techniques of eyelash extensions in the salon 2022

Salons offer a huge number of names that are difficult to figure out the first time. It all depends on the effect that you want to get as a result and its durability.

It is worth remembering - the more voluminous the effect, the more often it will require correction.

Beam extension is done faster and looks more voluminous, but the hairs glued together tend to fall off, which threatens with an additional trip to the master for correction.

Beam extension is faster, but the effect may require correction

Eyelash bonding looks more natural, but will never give you the density that the first option has. Hairs that are extended in a single format are more resistant to negative factors and will not require correction for a sufficiently long period.

When each hair is glued individually, a more natural and long-lasting result is obtained.

Japanese eyelash extension technique

Volume is achieved by gluing the hair to your eyelash. This technique increases not only the density, but also the length.

Japanese technique maximizes lash length

Usually long hairs are used at the corners of the eyes, with a decrease to the bridge of the nose, which makes the look more expressive, and the eyes visually narrow.

Fact about eyelashes

To keep lashes lush, they must be cleansed with water twice a day and combed gently in the direction of hair growth. In addition, masks made from essential oils for eyelashes are useful.

Japanese extension technique allows you to get a natural result

American Eyelash Extension

It is performed in the same way as the Japanese one, but with different materials. Artificial hairs are made of rubber or silicone – they are more resistant to negative factors.

American technology has increased resistance to negative effects on cilia

Therefore, if you are a big fan of a sauna, pool or beach holiday, this is your option, but the procedure will cost a little more.

When building on American technology, the eyelashes are thicker

Indonesian eyelash extension technique

In this case, each hair is glued separately, but the composition is applied to the entire eyelash. For fixation, vitamin mixtures are usually used, which additionally provide nutrition and fastening.

Eyelash extensions using Indonesian technology, you will support your hairs with nourishing compounds

You will see a healing effect on your hairs after removing the extended eyelashes.

Your eyelashes will suffer less if you carry out extensions using Indonesian technology

Volume eyelash extension

After the procedure, you can increase the density of your eyelashes up to five times. Volume extension is carried out by the master if your hairs are healthy and can withstand the weight of the artificial material without consequences.

Depending on the wishes of the client, the master can increase the volume several times

The procedure is carried out by gluing several hairs 2-5 pieces on your eyelash. The effect is fascinating, but the masters do not recommend wearing artificial material for more than 20 days.

It is worth remembering that the eyes can get very tired from such a volume of eyelashes.

Eyelash Hair Extension Options in 2022

  • During the procedure, you can carry out a full extension, when the cilia are glued along the entire length of the eyelid, which provides the desired density. In this way, not only volume is achieved, but also color, usually darker than natural hair – this allows you to completely abandon decorative cosmetics.
When a full eyelash extension is carried out, then you can completely abandon cosmetics

  • Partial extension means gluing the material not to each hair, but after one or two, while maintaining its length and the effect is more natural. When carrying out this type of procedure, you will have to color the eyelashes so that no obvious contrast is visible.
Partial lash extensions look more natural

  • You can also build up only on the corners of the eyes. This option gives expressiveness to the look and the desired bend of the cilia, but excludes the use of decorative cosmetics. Ink and pencils will have to be abandoned.
Eyelash extensions at the corners of the eyes can correct the lack of drooping eyelids

  • Double row extension not suitable for everyone, but only for brave girls who want to achieve a large “Hollywood” volume. As a result of the procedure, a bright result is obtained, which does not look very natural, but quite impressive, so that the attention of the opposite sex is ensured.
Double-row extension is not suitable for everyone, but it looks spectacular

When choosing a gluing technique, it is also worth considering the bending of the eyelashes, which is determined by several criteria. In any case, if you decide to carry out the procedure for the first time, then it is better to limit yourself to more natural forms and length. And next time you can adjust the volume up.

To begin with, it is worth stopping at the minimum volume and length of eyelashes in order to evaluate the effect.

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