Eyelash extensions on both eyelids

Eyelash extensions of the lower eyelid with photo examples

The function of the human eyelids is to protect the surface of the eyes from the harmful effects of the environment and uniform moistening of the cornea. Eyelashes border the eyelids, which provide additional protection of the conjunctiva from dust and small debris.

Eyelash extensions on both eyelids

In addition to their main functions, cilia adorn the eyes of a person. The longer and fluffier they are, the more expressive the eyes look. Women in all ages have sought to give eyelashes additional volume by coloring, applying artificial materials.

 Eyelash protection

In ancient Egypt, the pigment for coloring was made from antimony. Moreover, eyelash coloring was in vogue among both the male population and the female population. Roman beauties went even further, adding water mixed with crushed lead to antimony for color fastness.

 Image of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra

The history of eyelash extensions: from the last century to 2022

Make-up artist Max Factor was the first to use false eyelashes on the set of the musical Chicago. Leading actress Phyllis Haley with false eyelashes simply captivated the millions of people with a deep, bewitching look of her eyes.

 Preparing the actress for the stage

The first false eyelashes had the appearance of a fringe attached to a strong thread that was glued to its own eyelash row. They were not suitable for everyday wear, they looked beautiful only on TV screens.

  Gathered on one thread eyelashes for lining

A breakthrough in extension technology occurred in the 2000s with the invention of beam extensions, which women owe to Japanese cosmetologists. Artificial cilia have become more natural than those made from fringe. For eyelids they were fastened with special helium compounds.

 Material for beam eyelash extension

Over time, various combinations began to be used in beam extensions with giving natural eyelashes double, triple and more volumes. On the covers of glossy magazines, beauties with Hollywood volume of eyelashes began to appear more and more often, which in everyday life is only suitable for attending special occasions.

    View of eyelashes with Hollywood extensions

A real revolution in natural eyelash extensions occurred after the invention of eyelash extensions in 2003, which, like the previous one, was invented in Japan. The technology belongs to makeup artist Shu Uemura. His extension material had a different thickness at the base and edge and was as close as possible to the appearance of natural eyelashes.

 Presentation of artificial eyelashes by Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura

At that time, hairs similar to those of mink and sable fur were attached only to the upper eyelid of the eyes. Gradually, makeup artists began to use them in the make-up of the lower movable eye crease. Although the opinions of professionals about the need for overlays on the lower lash line are still controversial.

 Top lash extension procedure

Pros and cons of the lower eyelash extension procedure: all the arguments in 2022

Some believe that an increase in the volume and length of eyelashes will draw more attention to a woman’s look, add expressiveness and attractiveness to the look. The opinion of others is based on the fact that the vegetation of the lower mobile folds is only an addition to the make-up of the upper ones.

 Harmonious eye makeup

They should not be the center of attention, pulling the views of others. In the appearance of any woman there should be harmony and completeness. This cannot be achieved by focusing the eyes of others on the lower half of the eyelids.

 Simultaneous extension of the entire lash line

Remember that using coloring and volumizing only selected eyelids, ignoring others, will cause an unnatural look to the entire look. Harmony is achieved by coloring the eyelashes of both eyelids, and in one color.

 Eyelash coloring procedure

At the same time, older ladies, even with barely noticeable wrinkles, should avoid extra length of eyelashes under the eyes. For harmony, artificial overlays can be replaced by applying liquid decorative mascara.

 Application of permanent eyelash coloring

The accent of the enlarged lower lash line can emphasize the presence of wrinkles, thereby adding a few years to the age.

 Ladies aged should not paint the lower row of eyelashes

The types of position of the eye openings are different for all people. If you are not happy with yours, it is better not to resort to extension service. Since it will only emphasize the wrong cut. This also applies to owners of weighted eyelids, and those who have lowered outer corners.

 Makeup can correct the appearance of lowered outer corners of the eyes

In what cases is the extension of the lower ciliary row justified?

The combination of different shades of coloring of the eyelash rows is acceptable when going to entertainment clubs, various youth events, where extravagance is only welcome.

Fact about eyelashes

The first eyelash extension was performed at the beginning of the 20th century. Natural human hair was used as the material. But, an attempt to make the cilia more magnificent and longer was unsuccessful.

 Eyelashes for a youth party

At social events, dinner parties, it is better to stick to a natural look in makeup.

 Natural looking lashes with extensions

The lower lash line needs to be enlarged or tinted while giving the upper lash line a triple volume. Otherwise, they will simply be lost against the background of the volume of the upper false eyelashes.

 Eyelash line with 6D volume

With a colored or extended lower eyelash line, the volume of the eyes is visually added, the look acquires depth, the whole appearance of a woman changes.

 Natural looking combination of all lashes

You can leave the lower eyelash line unchanged if it is naturally endowed with density and rich color.

 Natural beauty girl

Negative sides of lower eyelash extensions

Many of the fair sex do not want to make any changes in the lower lash line, and there are good reasons for this. One of them is the extreme fragility of the extended material. Even with the most careful care for more than two weeks, artificial eyelashes do not stick to natural ones, they break off. And in terms of financial costs, the service is equated to a cosmetic procedure for lengthening and increasing the volume of the upper eyelash row.

 Loss of eyelash line

Everyone knows that the glue on which the consumable is attached often causes allergies and irritation to sensitive eyes. But not everyone knows that the lower movable cover of the eyes is more susceptible to irritation compared to the upper one.

 Inflammatory process of the sclera

If the increase in the volume and length of the upper eyelash row is painless, then for the correction of the lower row, you have to fix the upper eyelashes under the eyebrow. The procedure for building with open eyelids is associated with negative consequences.

 Salon top lash extension

Careless provision of services can cause burns of the mucosa, inflammation, and allergies.

 Swelling of the eyelids after the provision of extension services

The provision of services for the extension of the upper eyelash line always takes place with the skin of the eyeballs closed, which cannot be said about working with the cilia of the eyelids under the eyes.

 Eyelash extension procedure on the lower eyelid with open eyes

An increase in volume and length should be abandoned for those who cannot resist rubbing their eyes.

     When building, you should refrain from rubbing your eyes.

The extended material often breaks off among those who like to relax, face down. Moreover, the lower ciliary row is more prone to injury compared to the upper one.

 Unacceptable posture for rest with increased volume of the ciliary row

Do not use an increase in the length of the lower row of eyelashes for women with too thin and rare eyelashes by nature. Supplementing them with artificial material will not add attractiveness to eyelashes with gaps, only emphasize their untidy look.

 A woman with sparse eyelashes is better to refuse extensions


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