Beautiful curled eyelashes

Eyelash lamination or biowave in 2022: differences between procedures with photo examples

The curvature of the eyelashes greatly affects the appearance of the eyes. If the hairs are beautifully twisted, then the look becomes more attractive, spectacular, feminine. Even sometimes a little flirtatious, playful. This is true for owners of eyes of any color.

Beautiful curled eyelashes

If a girl has naturally dark and long eyelashes, then for a chic spectacular look, she only needs to gently twist them. The eyes instantly transform. They immediately look bigger, wider. The look becomes more open, open.

Spectacular curved lashes

You can create a curl on the eyelashes in different ways. Manufacturers often claim that mascaras with a special brush do an excellent job with this task. But this is just a publicity stunt. A surer way is to use eyelash curlers. They really do curl your hair. If you fix the result with good mascara, then it will be completely preserved for several hours.

Long natural eyelashes

In order for the effect of curled eyelashes to please the girl for a long time without much effort, you will need to turn to professionals. The following services will help you:

  • building;
  • biowave;
  • lamination.
Naturally beautiful eyelashes

Most often, for a beautiful bend of eyelashes, girls turn to the last 2 options. Let’s deal with each of them and find the differences between procedures that are similar in their result.

Lamination result

The main goals of both options are not to change the structure, length, density of eyelashes, but their bend, shape. This issue is dealt with by a professional master. In his work, he immediately uses special small curlers in the form of rollers and safe fixing compounds. These accessories are relevant for both procedures. The master in the process selects curlers of different sizes. He does this taking into account the natural length of the girl’s eyelashes. As well as her wishes about the result of the procedure.

The result of biowave

So, if a woman’s eyelashes are initially short, then special rollers of the smallest size are selected for them. The longer the hairs, the more accessories you can use.

Natural lamination result

The main differences between biowave and eyelash lamination procedures

  • The main difference between the two similar procedures discussed is the means used.

Both options are safe for the eyes and eyelashes, but their composition is significantly different. For example, biowave products often also lighten hairs. Then you have to compensate for this feature with other additional procedures.

Spectacular eyelash curl

  • Another important difference is the result. Yes, both options provide a beautiful curl on the eyelashes.

But lamination also allows you to get additional volume. Eyelashes become thicker and fluffier.

  • Also, the lamination procedure can make the hairs darker. Thanks to such multitasking, it is lamination that modern girls most often choose for themselves.
After eyelash lamination

Features biowave eyelashes

The main task of biowave is always to change the shape of eyelashes. This is the first thing the procedure works with.

Before and after biowave

As noted above, most modern biowave formulations also lighten the natural pigment of the hairs. Therefore, after the procedure, you will have to think about additional ones. For example, choose salon coloring.

In general, ordinary mascara is also suitable, but then it will have to be used daily. This is not convenient for every girl.

Biowave for sparse eyelashes

Experts note that it is better to choose a biowave for those ladies who are confident in the health and excellent condition of their eyelashes. And for owners of thin, weakened hairs, it is better to pay attention to lamination. This is one of the main points that is important to know for all women choosing between two procedures.

Before and after lamination

In the process of biowave, medicinal useful components are not used. The action of all components is aimed only at the appearance of a beautiful neat curl on the hairs.

Previously, there was a perm procedure. For her, compositions with more aggressive components were used. She not only curled her eyelashes, but also disrupted their structure and harmed the health of the hairs. Modern biowave is more gentle. It is carried out using hypoallergenic compounds.

Result of eyelash curling

It is important to remember that the master in the process of such a procedure does not apply the product to the roots of the hairs. Therefore, it does not affect the follicles. The composition is used after an indentation from the eyelid by about 2 mm. It is very important that the specialist observe this rule. Otherwise, there is a high probability of a burn of the mucous membrane of the eye and other numerous troubles.

Fact about eyelashes

The first false eyelashes appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1927. But, they were not very convenient, they often peeled off due to the imperfection of the adhesives.

Girl immediately after lamination of eyelashes

Features of eyelash lamination

The eyelash lamination procedure takes on much more tasks than the previous one. As a result, the girl immediately gets darker, voluminous, thick and beautifully curly eyelashes. Also, the procedure heals the hairs. After all, for lamination, compositions with keratin are used.

eyelash lamination procedure

This important substance saturates the eyelashes. Various vitamins and minerals are added to it. All of them have a positive effect not only on the appearance of eyelashes, but also on their structure and condition. Therefore, we can say that lamination also takes care of the hairs.

eyelash lamination procedure

Separately, it is worth noting that there are no restrictions on the number of procedures. Lamination can be repeated as many times as a woman needs. No rest is required between sets.

Visual result of lamination

When laminating, rollers-curlers are also used. Special compositions are applied to the hairs, which not only fix a beautiful curl, but also add thickness to the eyelashes. As a result, it is possible to achieve visual volume and darkening.

Long curled lashes

The result of laminating eyelashes

So what to choose: lamination or biowave eyelashes

Which procedure to choose, each woman decides for herself.

Gently curled eyelashes after lamination

You just need to carefully study the features of each and the differences between them.

Curled eyelashes after tinting

It is important to talk separately about the stability of the result. Interestingly, both procedures are similar. Both services allow the girl to become the owner of curled eyelashes for about 60-75 days.

Sparse but long curled eyelashes

Regardless of the procedure chosen, it is especially important to trust your beauty only to a proven, experienced master. He must individually select for the girl the volume of curlers and the duration of exposure to the composition. If you make a mistake in these parameters, it is likely to get spiral eyelashes. Or too weak a bend, if the chosen time is not enough.

Before and after eyelash curling

The master must also correctly position the hairs on the roller. This is necessary for an even, equally ciliary row in the future. It is important that the eyelashes do not intersect on the roller and lie clearly parallel to each other.

Before and after eyelash lamination

Caring for hairs after any of the procedures discussed is very simple. And the rules for this are the same. For the first 24 hours after the procedure, all liquids should be avoided. This is not only water, but also all cosmetics. At the same time, you can not pull, rub your eyes, wring and bend the cilia themselves.

Beautiful long eyelashes with a curl

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