Beautiful arrows on the eyes

Eyeliners 2022: what are they and how to use them correctly (with photo instructions)

The arrows for the eyes harmoniously fit into everyday, basic and calm makeup, as well as into the image for a festive occasion. If you want to draw gentle arrows, a simple pencil will be enough, but to give them expressiveness, you need an eyeliner. We will talk about how to choose it correctly and how to use it in this article.

Beautiful arrows on the eyes

What should be the eyeliner in 2022

Often, the word “eyeliner” means all the tools with which you can draw arrows. However, for example, pencils, of course, cannot be classified as eyeliners. Eyeliner always has a liquid, gel or cream texture.

Liner features:

  • To draw the mucosa, you can not use a liquid type of eyeliner. Also, it is not suitable for creating makeup with a haze effect.
  • To draw neat eyeliner arrows, you will need to practice. It’s not as easy as using a pencil.
Brown arrows for the eyes

  • A good eyeliner should last all day long and not smudge with abrasion.
  • Now you can find eyeliner in the truest sense of the word for any color. Their palette is so diverse that eyeliners are used not only to draw arrows, but also to create unusual drawings on the face.
Arrows for blue eyes

  • Some people think that the liner is different from the eyeliner. However, this is just the second name of the eyeliner.
Makeup with green arrows

What eyeliners are on sale

All eyeliners are divided into four types. They are divided into categories depending on the texture, appearance and texture.

Makeup with blue arrows

Liquid eyeliners are the most popular in 2022

This is the most popular type of eyeliner that can be found in any cosmetics store. They have the shape of a small bottle of liquid, but the brush is very thin with bristles tightly adjacent to each other. This eyeliner is one of the most convenient and suitable for drawing graceful small arrows, summing up the upper eyelid.

Liquid eyeliner arrows

If you have noticed eye sensitivity in yourself, when choosing a liquid eyeliner, give preference to products labeled “hypoallergenic”.

Liquid eyeliner

Eyeliners in the form of a felt-tip pen

The second name is marker. It is a type of liquid eyeliner. As the name implies, such eyeliners look like a felt-tip pen – they have a felt tip. Due to its hardness, it is easy to draw clear lines. By changing the slope of the tip, you can get arrows of different thicknesses, but they will not be as thin as when using a liquid analogue. Felt-tip eyeliners are especially in demand in art makeup, as they require expressive lines to be drawn.

Eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen

Another plus of the felt tip is the absence of smudges. The felt-tip pen allows you to control the amount of applied product and remove excess without any problems.

Gel eyeliners – for creative types in 2022

Using this type of eyeliner is the most difficult, so if you are just learning to draw arrows, take a closer look at the analogues. The tool is sold, as a rule, in a round jar, and has a creamy texture. It is applied with a special thin brush, which must be purchased separately.

Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners open up real scope for creativity – a variety of brushes of different thicknesses allow you to control the thickness of the lines. Another difficulty is that gel eyeliners dry almost immediately after application. Irregularities will be very difficult to correct, because they are also very resistant. However, with proper use, it becomes a significant advantage over other eyeliners.

Eyeliner in a jar

To prevent gel eyeliner from drying out quickly, always close the lid of the jar tightly after use.

Dry eyeliners

Quite a rare type of eyeliner. They are similar in texture to eye shadow. Usually used to create a “smoky” make-up, expressive arrows cannot be drawn with such an eyeliner.

Dry eyeliners

Dry eyeliners are not very popular, because a similar result can be obtained easier and faster using a pencil.

Which eyeliner to choose

To choose the right eyeliner, carefully study the features of each type. Think about what result and durability you want to get. Also pay attention to a few nuances:

Fact about eyelashes

Long and fluffy eyelashes are far from always comfortable. Particularly affected are people who are forced to permanently or temporarily wear glasses, as the hairs touch the glass, bringing discomfort.

  • If you are new to the world of makeup and have not used eyeliner before, then the best choice is a classic eyeliner with a short stiff brush. She is the most comfortable.
  • For impending eyelids and oily skin, you should use waterproof eyeliners.
Makeup with shiny arrows

  • Eyeliners can have a different finish: matte, glossy and shiny. For daily makeup, it is better to use the first two types, but liners with a shimmer are perfect for an evening look.
Unusual arrows for the eyes

  • There are eyeliner brushes you can buy if you’re not comfortable using the original tip.
Black and white arrows

Eyeliner tips

Before using eyeliner, here are some helpful tips for beginners:

  1. When you are just learning to draw arrows, you can make your work easier with the help of improvised means, such as paper tape. Glue it at an angle – it will help draw a straight line.
  2. Draw arrows in short, even strokes.
Color makeup with arrows

  1. In order not to have to erase unsuccessful arrows many times, draw them first with a pencil, and then circle them.
  2. The primer will help to significantly increase the durability of the eyeliner.
  3. The eyeliner should be kept as close to the rod as possible. This will make it easier for you to draw a straight line.
Everyday eyeliner

How to paint eyes with liquid eyeliner – step by step

Drawing beautiful arrows is not at all difficult. This is done in three steps:

  1. Eyelid preparation. To do this, use a special base, primer or powder. Also suitable are matte shadows that blend with your skin tone. So the arrows will last as long as possible.
  2. Drawing the “tail” of the arrow. It is drawn very simply: draw a small even line from the corner of the eye. Please note that it should be slightly raised so that the arrows do not turn out to be parallel to the eyebrows.
  3. Draw eyeliner along the lash line, and at the end connect the line with the “tail” of the arrow.
Evening eye makeup with arrows

How to use gel eyeliner step by step

Gel eyeliner takes some getting used to because it is a bit more difficult to use than liquid eyeliner. However, everything comes with experience, and you will quickly learn how to draw arrows with it.


  1. Apply base, primer, powder or light shadows to the eyelids.
  2. Matte shadows a couple of tones darker than skin tone will give expressiveness to the look. They need to be applied to the orbital line. However, this is an optional step and you can skip it.
  3. Take a flat brush and apply the same dark shadow to the outer corners of the eyes.
  4. Next, we start drawing the arrow itself. On a special thin brush, pick up a little gel eyeliner and…

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