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Face Makeup Basics Step by Step: Rules for Beginners

Makeup Basics: 5 Basic Rules for Makeup Artists

Makeup rules are nothing more than the experience of makeup artists who, through trial and error, have developed a universal make-up application system. Everyone has their own life hacks, but the “basic five” is unchanged:

  1. Follow the order of applying the funds: if you start with lipstick, and leave the foundation “for dessert”, there is a high probability of spoiling the make-up. Dry products (such as loose blush) are always applied over creams, but only after they have been absorbed.
  2. Do a thorough shading. Careless shading is a real beauty taboo! This is especially true for contouring products. It is best to use a large fluffy brush to blend blush and highlighter, and a small flat brush to blend shadows.
  3. Basic makeup: 5 basic rules for makeup artists

  4. Consider your skin type. Oily ones definitely need cosmetics with matting components, otherwise it will quickly begin to shine, and dry ones require moisturizing. For sensitive skin, the most hypoallergenic composition is important. Problematic ones will definitely need a corrector and / or concealer.
  5. Watch for color matching. This is easier than you think – thanks to palettes!
  6. Not all trends are equally good. At least for the simple reason that not all of them will suit your type of appearance or skin. For example, for girls and women with oily epidermis, it is better not to overdo it with a highlighter: instead of a delicate glow, you will get the effect of a greasy spot.

And one more important point: if you have started to actively use cosmetics, then it’s time to push the bottles on the shelf in the bathroom and add a make-up remover to them. Among the top ones are micellar water, hydrophilic oil, milk and two-phase products containing caring oils. Wash off makeup, moving from bottom to top.

What you need for a make-up: a list of tools and tools

Is your head spinning from the abundance of cosmetics in the store? Peace and only peace! We will help you choose beauty assistants, without which you definitely cannot do.


Adjust our list depending on the type and condition of the skin, as well as personal beauty habits.

• Primer – prolongs the durability of make-up, evens out the surface of the skin.

• Concealer and concealer – dot hide imperfections of the skin.

• Foundation – evens out the tone of the face, hides minor imperfections.

• Highlighter – creates a radiance effect on the skin (it seems to glow from the inside).

• Bronzer or bronzing blush – for a delicate light version of contouring – non-turing.

• Powder – mattifies, serves as a finish.

• Mascara – depending on the type of brush, curls, lengthens and creates volume for eyelashes.

• Eye shadow – there are compact, in the form of a pencil, cream, baked, mineral, crumbly, liquid. For everyday make-up, matte and satin are suitable, for evening – shiny, with glitter.

• Liner or eyeliner – will help draw an arrow and emphasize the ciliary contour.

• Lipstick – will correct the shape of the lips.

• Eyebrow pencil – needed to draw individual hairs and fill in the eyebrow.

• Mascara or eyebrow gel – tint and style eyebrows.


When we say “tools”, we mean, first of all, brushes. Remember that natural bristles are only compatible with powdery textures, while synthetic bristles are suitable for creamy ones. Both of them are important to wash at least once a week, otherwise the remnants of cosmetics, sebum and pollution can provoke inflammation.

• For foundation – duofiber or kabuki brush. In addition, foundation is easy to apply with a sponge.

• For blush and bronzer – a medium-sized brush with a beveled edge.

• For powder – a large fluffy brush with a conical shape with a rounded end.

• For shadows, a small rounded brush and a small flat brush with a beveled tip.

• For eyebrows – a brush (it will also help remove excess mascara).

• For lips – a small square brush with rounded corners and synthetic bristles.

It is always better to apply makeup in bright (ideally daylight) light, so make sure that the mirror is near the light source.

Makeup artist tips for applying the right makeup

We have included only the most useful tips and life hacks from makeup artists in our step-by-step facial makeup guide for beginners! First of all, place accents in makeup, starting with the strongest. This will help to adjust the brightness of the shades in other areas of the face and make the make-up harmonious.

Eye makeup basics

Proper makeup step by step

To create the perfect eye makeup, you will need an eye primer, eye shadow, mascara, and a pencil or liner. Everything in order:

• Start from the base. If you don’t have an eye primer in your makeup bag, matte or satin nude shades will come in handy.

• Shadows are best applied gradually, gently blending the borders of each layer. So you can create the perfect “smoke” without spots.

• To make the eyes more expressive and at the same time maintain a natural feeling, draw an inter-eyelash contour with a black or brown pencil. This is the basic no-makeup makeup technique.

• Glare highlighter in the corners of the eyes and in the center of the upper eyelid will make makeup more voluminous, and the look – fresh.

• When drawing arrows, get as close to the mirror as possible and lift your chin slightly. Believe me, it’s the most convenient way!

• To make shadows or eyeliner look brighter, paint over the eyelid completely or partially with a white pencil or light shadows. And only then proceed to the eye makeup.

• If you’re afraid that your makeup will run (for example, in hot weather or if you have naturally oily skin), use products with waterproof formulas and powder around the eyes.

Eyebrow makeup basics

Eyebrow makeup basics

In the last couple of years, eyebrows have become perhaps the most popular accent in makeup. How to be in trend?

• A clear outline is a thing of the past. Instead of drawing it with a pencil, fill in the eyebrow with shadows and draw individual hairs where they are missing. You can fix the eyebrows with a gel or tinted mascara.

• Blondes and girls with blond hair should be especially careful in choosing the shades of eyebrow products: brown in fact may turn out to be unnaturally red. It is best to give preference to products with a cold undertone one or two shades darker than the natural color of the hair.

• Replace all products at once with Maybelline NY Eyebrow Tint! Apply it to your brows with the applicator. Adjust the shape, let the tint dry and remove the film. Enjoy the tattoo effect for several days!

Lip makeup basics

Lip makeup basics

Makeup artists recommend applying lipstick with a special brush: it’s easier to make the contour perfectly even and symmetrical. For the same purpose, you can use a lip liner. Its hue must match 100% with the hue…

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