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Face mask for wrinkles from yeast recipes

Anti-aging yeast face mask at home

In folk recipes from cosmetics, you can often find a yeast base. This natural component is always at hand for many housewives. It can be a great base for a homemade mask, lotion, cream or scrub.

Today we will talk about the benefits of yeast for the face. We will share with you inexpensive, but very effective recipes for acne, wrinkles (rejuvenating facial treatments) and other options for dry, oily, problematic and combination skin. You can read reviews of women using homemade beauty recipes and learn how to restore youth.

Yeast wrinkle face mask

Application yeast therapy known since antiquity, its effectiveness has been tested and proven by time and feedback from practitioners. Yeast base helps to get rid of:

  • wrinkles;
  • small scars;
  • acne and/or acne;
  • has an antibacterial effect (relieves inflammation and irritation).

Its peculiarity is that it can simultaneously have a wellness and rejuvenating impact on the delicate skin of the face on each of its cells. After its application, the skin will become more elastic and elastic. Allows you to keep the skin in good shape.

oneIn her composition keep a rich stock vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phospholipids, hydrogen and antioxidants, which nourish the epidermis, stimulate regenerative processes and improve blood circulation, which explains its beneficial properties. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some recipes for an anti-aging yeast face mask at home (tightening the skin even at the first signs of aging).

Yeast face mask – how to make a mask at home

Before considering the recipes, we offer a few recommendations based on user reviews:

  • before preparing the composition, it is necessary “wake up” the yeastby adding a little warm liquid (it is forbidden to dilute with boiling water!) and leave the mass for a few minutes, as a liquid you can use: water, milk, kefir, hydrogen peroxide, etc.;
  • unused composition can be stored no more than three daysbut the effectiveness will be reduced, so it is recommended to use the mask immediately;
  • active activity of beneficial microorganisms lasts no more than 30-40 minutes, therefore, a mask is applied to the face precisely for this period;
  • yeast can be used dry, raw (live) or tabletsbut the most effective are beer;
  • yeast can be used on one’s own or with the addition of auxiliary components;
  • after application of the procedure (face masks) recommended to use nourishing cream (select according to skin type);
  • procedures should be done no more than two or three times a week for best effect, alternate compositions;
  • if the composition involves the addition of oils, this should be done last, immediately before applying the composition to the skin of the face.

Rejuvenating Yeast Facial Mask

For cleansing the face of keratinized tissues, blackheads, small pimples and at the same time give it elasticity (cleansing and rejuvenating) will help a unique mask from a mixture of components from yeast powder (you can use fresh yeast) and milk. The consistency of thick milk. This option will help you get rid of from wrinkles and small pores, deep pores will not be so noticeable, will help in the fight against acne and bags in the area under the eyes.


yeast acne recipe

Good brewer’s yeast cleansing face mask (you can use beer) and strawberries at home. Berries should mash with a fork until smooththen mix yeast mass or beer with strawberry gruel. This option combines scrub and face mask in one. According to user reviews, this mask will help get rid of acne, blackheads and has the ability to smooth wrinkles. It is undesirable to use a mask to relieve puffiness under the eyes.

Yeast masks for the face and under the eyes

For delicate area around the eyes should be used gentle ingredients. According to reviews, it is recommended to make a moisturizing mask from a yeast base at home, in addition, it will nourish and remove wrinkles. May be recommended as a liquid milk, but if you have oily skin, it is better to replace milk low-fat kefir or other fermented milk product (whey, curdled milk, etc.).

Best yeast recipes for oily skin from blackheads

For seborrheic oily skin perfect option at home from yeast base (1 tablespoon), kefir (better take 15%) and low-fat sour cream. Add all components in equal amounts. Allowed to use in areas under the eyes (remove swelling, wrinkles and folds, eliminate acne and age spots, etc.)

The composition of the mask for the skin after 40

Make at home rejuvenating and at the same time whitening facial treatment (for aging skin at the first signs of age-related problems) we recommend from yeast base, onion (use juice) and honey. We add the components in approximately the same proportions, but it is better to reduce the onion juice a little in proportion. According to reviews, it is better to use Brewer’s yeastbecause the hops that they contain, with these tasks doing better (get rid of wrinkles, disorganize the oval of the face, tighten sagging cheeks and remove puffy bags under the eyes, remove pigmentation and freckles, etc.).

Varieties of masks from ordinary and dry yeast

There are many variations on the theme of a yeast-based face mask: rejuvenating, cleansing, whitening, etc. You just need to choose the appropriate option. We recommend paying attention to the auxiliary components that are used according to the type of skin. For example, for fat…

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