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Face mask soothing recipes

Soothing face mask at home

Regular facial cleansing in the form of peeling, scrubbing and exfoliation is the key to maintaining youthful and fresh skin. A regular cleaning procedure helps to saturate the cells of the epidermis with active nutrients and oxygen.

During cleaning, the skin is exposed to quite aggressive mechanical or chemical influences, so this procedure can often irritate the epidermis, causing it to redden. And this is the case when a soothing mask purchased at a store, pharmacy or prepared independently at home will come to the rescue.

It is able to eliminate irritation, removing inflammation and redness. The use of these funds, as reviews show, is also relevant for owners of sensitive skin, which is characterized by an increased reaction to any irritants:
• weather
• hormonal changes
• mechanical or chemical effects

Face mask soothing at home

As the reviews of lovers of home remedies show, a good cosmetic result of getting rid of redness and other irritations is the use of self-prepared products. Using homemade recipes, you can relieve redness, burning, peeling and tightness that occurs after cleansing procedures.

The advantage of homemade products is:
• no preservatives
• the ability to choose the composition, taking into account individual characteristics

At home, it is recommended to make such masks no more than once or twice a week.

Quickly cope with inflammation at home and relieve redness mixture: 1 table. a spoonful of chamomile decoction, to which aloe gel and natural honey should be added, taken 2 teaspoons each. spoons, 1 capsule of vitamin E and lavender – 10 drops. The procedure lasts 20 minutes.

Soothing face mask for redness at home

Soothing face mask at home

A moisturizing mask will help get rid of redness on the face, which includes only one ingredient – sour cream, kefir or natural yogurt. To care for oily or problem skin, you can additionally add 1 table to its composition. a spoonful of clay, which will help get rid of redness. The procedure time is 15 minutes.

What nourishing mask to do after cleansing the face

Soothing face mask at home

A nourishing soothing face mask after cleansing at home will relieve irritation, peeling and redness that may occur after the epidermis is depleted as a result of cleansing.

For its preparation you will need: ½ mashed banana, to which you should add 1 tsp. a spoonful of starch and 20 drops of wheat germ oil. The procedure lasts 10-12 minutes.

Homemade soothing face mask for acne

Soothing face mask at home

As reviews show, at home, you can successfully use a honey mixture that relieves irritation to fight acne.

It is not difficult to prepare it: natural honey – 3 tables. spoons combine with lemon juice – 10 drops. Apply the pounded mixture on the face, put a fresh cucumber cut into slices on top. As a result of applying this recipe, the skin will get rid of acne, acne and redness.

Reliable product for sensitive skin

Soothing face mask at home

A soothing face mask for sensitive skin provides it with gentle and delicate care. For her you will need: 50 g of cottage cheese, pounded with warm milk, to which ½ grated cucumber should be added. Apply the mixture on the face for 15 minutes. To wash off, use a decoction of chamomile or cornflower, micellar water.

Deep cleansing face mask soothing at home

Soothing face mask at home

Special cleansing and the use of clay-based anti-irritant agents guarantee the suppression of inflammatory processes, the removal of redness, and promote the healing of acne, resulting in a well-groomed skin.

For cooking, you need green clay and starch, taken in – 1 table. spoon and sour cream – 3 tsp. spoons.

It can be concluded that facial cleansing is an important procedure that allows you to preserve youth, and a soothing mask prepared at home and purchased at any cosmetic store will help you quickly and effectively get rid of the redness caused by its effect.

Overview of industrial cosmetics

The modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of products that have a calming effect. As mixed customer reviews show, these funds, on the one hand, have shown themselves to be a reliable way to deal with symptoms resulting from irritation, on the other hand, they themselves can become a source of an atypical reaction.

1. Facial mask Agafya Dahurskaya Sauna Soothing with a delicate creamy texture, 100% natural composition: extracts of Daurs lily, bio chamomile, snow cladonia, borage juice and kaolin. This product provides effective gentle care for sensitive and tired skin, removing irritation, moisturizing, increasing the level of its protective properties, giving it a well-groomed and healthy look.

Product Reviews:

Svetlana, 26 years old:
“… Used it after cleansing the face with a scrub. The Daurian mask removed the feeling of tightness and slight redness on the cheeks, but I didn’t like that when applied, there was a tingling sensation on the skin … “

Julia, 34 years old:
“… 5 minutes after applying the product, the face began to burn unbearably, the skin even swelled a little. It all went away only 40 minutes after washing off … “

2. Soothing nourishing face mask Organic Therapy NoStress Face Mask. The composition contains: extracts of oats and aloe, babassu oil, cotton, jojoba, olive and Abyssinian oil, glycerin. The rich composition and thick creamy texture softens, soothes, relieves irritation, moisturizes, eliminates peeling and itching.

Product Reviews:

Marina, 24 years old:
“… I liked this remedy for its composition and result: after use, the complexion became even, peeling disappeared …”

Lilia, 27 years old:
“… I bought it to use after cleansing my face. I tried it and did not understand what effect it has. She didn’t do anything to my face – a real dummy … “

3. Face Gel Mask Planet Organic Soothing with Dead Sea mineral water, sage and mint extracts, avocado oil, jojoba gel and provitamin B5.

As reviews of this product show, it can cause a slight burning sensation, while the skin becomes velvety and soft after application, redness disappears.

4. Facial mask Belita “Camomile soothing” with a light aroma, cream-gel in consistency. The composition contains allantoin, chamomile extract, sesame oil.

Product Feedback:

Alina, 21 years old:
“… I use it when I can’t resist and squeeze out a pimple, because it is fast and without …

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