Уход за лицом после 30 лет

Facial care after 30 years: recommendations of a beautician

How to take care of your face after 30?

With age, facial skin loses its healthy appearance and begins to fade. This happens when a woman reaches the age of thirty. To prevent this, you should take special care of the skin, moisturizing it in a timely manner and nourishing it with useful elements (fortified cream, milk, masks).

Skin condition after 30 years

Woman's face after 30 years

The skin of a woman after 30 years is going through hormonal changes. During this period, collagen production decreases, which contributes to:

  • The appearance of the first mimic wrinkles on the face;
  • Decreased skin elasticity;
  • Reducing its elasticity;
  • Loss of freshness and radiance of the complexion;
  • The appearance of edema and swelling, especially after a night’s sleep;
  • Worsening of the nasolabial fold.

When a woman reaches the age of thirty, her skin is already considered mature. In the body, metabolism is disturbed and the process of cell renewal is reduced. Of course, nothing can be done about genetics, but if you follow simple recommendations for facial skin care, you can smooth out the above symptoms of its withering.

Rules for skin care after 30 years

Facial care after 30 years

To maintain the natural radiance and elasticity of the skin, a woman over 30 must follow a few rules. Facial care tips include:

  • Morning facial massage;
  • Washing twice a day with filtered water at room temperature;
  • Compliance with the rules of wiping the face. You can’t stretch the skin. The best way to remove drops is to blot them with a towel;
  • Toning of the facial muscles;
  • Moisturizing with a special cream (with vitamins and minerals);
  • Proper make-up removal, using a special milk or tonic for women after 30 years;
  • Daily facial cleansing with a scrub to improve the effect of moisturizers;
  • Application of moisturizing and toning masks.

Let’s take a closer look at how to care for facial skin and moisturize it to preserve natural youth after 30 years.

Cleansing and toning

Softening facial wash
Softening facial wash

The stage of cleansing and toning the skin of the face after 30 years is one of the most important. Do not forget that it is after reaching the age of thirty that the skin is prone to dryness and it is not recommended to wash your face with simple soap. It dries out the epidermis even more.

For the morning ritual of washing, filtered water at room temperature is used. If the skin is problematic, then a special cosmetic foam is used. If the skin of the face is dry, then emulsions and special creams are used for washing.

Cosmetic cream for washing
Cosmetic cream for washing

To tone the muscles of the face, ice cubes or cosmetic tonics are used. If a woman has a limited budget, then you can tone her face with infusions of the following herbs:

  • Chamomile;
  • Sage;
  • Parsley;
  • Calendula.

If a thirty-year-old woman has dry skin, then tonics, which include the above herbs and vitamins of groups A, B and C, are suitable for toning the muscles of the face. Alcohol-based cosmetic tonics can be used for oily and combined epidermal cover.

For dry skin, use alcohol-free toners to keep it moist.

Alcohol free toner for dry skin
Alcohol free toner for dry skin

Nutrition and hydration

Moisturizing face cream LOreal
Moisturizing face cream LOreal

After the stage of cleansing and toning the skin of the face, it must be moisturized. For this, a woman after 30 years old should choose a cream that is suitable in composition. It is recommended to choose cosmetics with UV protection.

After the turn of 30 years, the epidermis is exposed to external factors, such as ultraviolet rays. To prevent the appearance of age spots, special products with UV protection are used.

To nourish the skin of the face, the composition of cosmetics should include such useful substances as:

  • Vitamins of groups A, C, E;
  • Hyaluronic acid.

Also, as part of a moisturizing face cream after 30 years, there should be substances that promote the synthesis of elastin and collagen. For example, parsley helps to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Day and night care

Sleep restores the body

It is necessary to take care of the skin of the face after 30 years both in the daytime and at night. There are several rules for caring for the skin in the evening:

  • Never go to bed without first removing your makeup. If cosmetics on the face are left overnight, then it can provoke the appearance of acne and pimples, clog pores and provoke an acceleration of the aging process;
  • Do not confuse night cream with day cream. Their active substances are not similar to each other and have a different cosmetic effect. For example, a day cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and a night cream smoothes wrinkles;
  • Night cream is applied to the face at least an hour before bedtime;
  • Don’t put too much makeup on your face. This can provoke the appearance of edema in the morning;
  • A woman should sleep in a comfortable environment. A soft pillow and humidified air will help the skin of the face to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

woman drinking water

Day care for skin after 30 should consist of a few simple advice:

  • Morning exercise invigorates and tones the epidermis;
  • One glass of water maintains the water balance in the skin of a woman. The lack of moisture deficiency in the body gives the face a healthy and radiant appearance;
  • Cleansing and toning the face. Just washing with running water will not be enough, a special cosmetic foam is used;
  • Moisturize the epidermis with a day cream for the face.

Subject to the above rules, the skin of a woman’s face after 30 years will look healthy and well-groomed.

Proper make-up removal

Removing makeup with a cotton pad

Proper skin care after 30 includes the timely removal of makeup. It is not enough to wash it off with plain running water. Use special cosmetics:

  • emulsions;
  • cream;
  • Lotions.

After removing makeup, the face is wiped with tonic and lubricated with a moisturizer.

The main rule for removing makeup is to remove makeup, then wash your face.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Makeup removal scheme around the eyes

After 30 years, a woman should pay special attention to the skin around the eyes. She becomes thin, tender and sensitive. To prevent the appearance of edema, facial wrinkles and bags under the eyes, follow these recommendations:

  • Cleanse the skin around the eyes with make-up remover milk;
  • Moisturize the epidermis with creams. If a woman over 30 has mimic wrinkles, then a nourishing cosmetic product will do. If there is swelling, then a moisturizer with a light texture is used;
  • Use tonic masks;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep;
  • Use salon procedures and visit a beautician.

Do not use soap when removing make-up around the eyes. It dries out the skin and can cause allergic rashes.

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