Facial cleansing at home from acne and blackheads

Facial cleaning at home

The problem of black dots worries both men and women of any age. But not everyone knows how to get rid of them. Let’s find out.

Deep cleaning of the face from acne and black spots at home has its own characteristics. Basically, this procedure is carried out by professional cosmetologists. You can clean the skin using pharmacy products, soap, steam or a newfangled scrub. This is all used even for cleaning the skin of a teenager.

Facial cleansing at home recipes

Cleaning your face properly at home is not so difficult. If you are not worried about the problem of acne and acne, but are tired of black dots, then this indicates that your pores need to be cleaned. In addition, much depends on the ability of the skin to tighten. To do this, you can use a mask-film.

To carry out the procedure, crush half a tablet of activated charcoal and mix with water. Add half a teaspoon of gelatin to it. Mix everything thoroughly and whisk. Put it in the microwave for 15 seconds. If you do not have it, then a steam bath will help you. Apply the finished mask to problem areas with a hard brush. Wait for the film to dry. After that, it can be removed. In its action, the product is similar to ready-made strips against points, but it not only cleans the skin, but also helps to narrow the pores. This mask is perfect for men, women and even pregnant women.

In addition, you can make masks with hydrogen peroxide, calcium chloride, honey, bodyaga, salt, thread, coffee grounds, chamomile, castor oil, lemon, egg, and so on.

Also actively used by women is hardware cosmetology, which contributes to deep cleansing of the face. With the help of electrical and magnetic devices that any beautician has in his office. A complete dry cleaning of the face is carried out, blackheads are removed, and so on. One such tool is the d’Arsonval device. It helps to speed up blood microcirculation, eliminate rashes and inflammation, prevent acne and rashes, and even out the tone. Most importantly, this device tightens pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands. After the procedure, a soothing gel mask is perfect.

How to steam your face for cleaning at home

Before carrying out the facial cleansing procedure, the skin should be steamed. This can be done in several ways.
Method 1

Make a decoction of dry herbs, add a little essential oil to hot water and lean over the container, covered with a towel. It takes 10-15 minutes for the pores to open. When the skin softens and moisturizes, you can proceed to further cosmetic procedures.

Method 2

For this method, you will need a natural cotton napkin. It must be held in a hot decoction of herbs for only a couple of seconds, squeezed well and put on the face. Do not remove the fabric until it has cooled down. The procedure must be repeated several times.

Method 3

For this procedure, you will need masks that have a steaming effect. You can find these in any cosmetic store. They will become your indispensable assistants during a vacation or a business trip, because for the health and tone of the face it is enough to spend a few minutes.
Steaming is important for skin health, but you need to remember about contraindications. Therefore, if you have an allergy or inflammation on your face, it is better to refuse the procedure.

Cleaning folk remedies at home (the best and most effective recipes)

After steaming the face, you can start applying masks or other procedures. The most effective are several ways to cleanse the skin.

one. Scrub with aspirin. Scrubs cleanse the skin of dirt, but they can only be used once a week. To make your own scrub, grind three tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and add a little water. Grind the tablets carefully so that there are no large pieces. You can add a little honey to the mixture. Get a soft, honey mask for every day.

Stir the ingredients vigorously with a small stick. Apply the finished mask on your face and hold for 10 minutes, and then use it as a scrub. Massage your face for a couple of minutes. Then wash off the mask and wipe your face with a tonic or apply a cream. The scrub can be used for dry or oily skin.

2. Skatka. Everyone knows that the skin of the face is constantly updated and those particles that were not removed in time can harm the skin. To get rid of them, you can make a roll or pilling. There are even special tools, kits and cosmetics for this procedure. But, if you need to save money, whiten your skin, get rid of pigmentation, then this inexpensive daily and atraumatic procedure will suit you.

To carry it out, you will need sodium chloride (ampoule), soap and distilled water. Open the ampoule and pour the contents into a saucer. Dampen your face with a sponge to keep it moist. Then apply soap. Try to make it fit like a mask, without foam. Soak your fingertips in chloride and treat the skin.

It is better to start the roll from the chin with a smooth transition to the cheeks and so on. If the skin is poorly cleansed, and there is no soap on the face, then repeat the procedure again, but do not wash off the old substance.

3. Clay and oil. The mask helps to get rid of acne. Dilute 2 tablespoons of clay with water until a consistency similar to sour cream is obtained. Add some tea tree essential oil. Apply to face and keep for 25 minutes. Rinse the mask thoroughly with water.

4. Oatmeal mask. Oatmeal flakes not only care for the face, but also cleanse it. For the mask, grind the flakes in a coffee grinder. Add egg white, warm milk and butter to them. Mix all the ingredients and leave it on your face for 20 minutes.
If you apply the recipes rationally, then your skin will always be clean and beautiful. You will look like a Hollywood star!

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