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Facial concealer: what is it, how to use, why you need it

How to use face concealer?

concealer – a special cosmetic product that resembles a tonal foundation for the face. Previously, it was believed that with the help of concealer, you can only get rid of bruises and circles under the eyes. However, makeup artists have proven the indispensability of this tool for masking any imperfections and defects in the skin of the face.

Concealer is necessary when applying makeup for a photo shoot and age make-up.

Purpose of concealer

Applying concealer

The concealer has a wide range of effects and many functions that help to refresh, rejuvenate the face and improve the appearance of the skin. It is rightfully considered indispensable in both everyday and evening make-up.

The main purpose of the concealer:

  • Masking of age spots;
  • Hiding freckles and acne;
  • Smoothing wrinkles;
  • Elimination of redness;
  • Alignment of the skin surface;
  • Tinting of small vessels;
  • Masking of enlarged pores;
  • Hiding small scars.

Apply concealer with a dotted method and carefully shade the edges.

It was for the purpose of hiding minor flaws that a cosmetic product was created. Therefore, I often use it instead of a primer, corrector, and even foundation. Concealer helps create a flawless look without a lot of makeup.

Additional features of the concealer

Applying Concealer to Sculpt Your Face

Currently, the possibilities of using concealer are not limited solely to masking the imperfections of the skin of the face. Professional makeup artists have found a lot of additional uses for this miracle tool.

The concealer is allowed to be used in other cases:

  • instead of primer. Applying concealer on the lips helps to tone down the natural color and make the make-up last longer;
  • Error correction. With the help of the tool, you can eliminate small errors in the make-up, remove stains without harming the makeup and adjust the shape of the applied shadows;
  • face sculpting – a popular trend in modern makeup. Familiar correctors designed specifically for creating contours can be replaced with a lighter or darker concealer;
  • Eyebrow filling. Before applying a pencil or eyebrow shadows, you must first cover them with a thin layer of concealer, then the shade will lie better and the coloring will be more resistant;
  • Lip augmentation. The combination of concealer and lip gloss helps to visually enlarge them. To do this, just apply a little in the center of each lip and shade, and then cover with gloss;
  • instead of a highlighter. With a light shade concealer, you can highlight the necessary areas of the face (forehead, cheekbones, chin) in the absence of a highlighter.

Concealer is an extremely compact tool, so it is always convenient to carry it with you and, if necessary, it is easy to touch up makeup. It is for this feature that most girls love him so much.

How to choose?

color concealer

The choice of concealer directly depends on its purpose. Due to the increased popularity of the product, there was a need for other varieties that differ in texture, colors and functions.

It is worth giving preference to a concealer with a lifting effect containing vitamin A.

It is recommended to choose a concealer guided by a number of rules:

  • The concealer should match the natural skin tone and be a shade or two lighter;
  • In the fight against age spots, it is better to choose cosmetics with a creamy texture;
  • Light cream concealer is ideal for dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles;
  • Liquid remedy is suitable for girls with enlarged pores;
  • A green concealer will help hide small pimples and comedones;
  • Yellow undertone hides redness on the face and small capillaries;
  • Violet shade is best used against bags under the eyes with a grayish tint.

A concealer with reflective particles will help to visually reduce a few years. Supports skin tone means, the content of vitamins and antioxidants. Cosmetics with zinc and disinfectants will help get rid of inflammation.


Varieties of concealer

Having decided on the shade and purpose, you should proceed to the choice of the type of concealer. Depending on the variety, the methods of using cosmetics also differ. Each type of skin suits a certain texture, as well as for the elimination of specific defects.

Types of concealer:

  • Stick;
  • Pencil;
  • Liquid;
  • Cream;
  • Dry;
  • Palette.

Accordingly, depending on the size, the methods of applying the concealer and its functionality differ.

Dry concealer

Dry concealer is similar in texture to ordinary powder, which is why it perfectly complements makeup for oily skin. In addition to the standard masking of facial imperfections, the functions include:

  • Neutralization of oily sheen;
  • Elimination of age spots;
  • Hiding pimples and blackheads;
  • Wrinkle reduction.

Mineral concealer should only be applied to the area to be covered with a medium fluffy brush. In this case, be sure to use a base under the tone – a moisturizer.

Concealer pencil

The smallest in size is a concealer in the form of a pencil. It is used for spot application and hiding the smallest defects:

  • comedones;
  • freckles;
  • small pimples;
  • light moles;
  • small spots.

The unwanted mark is carefully circled with a pencil and left for half a minute, then gently blended with a sponge. It can also be used to correct the natural contour of the lips or to visually enlarge the lips by lining the inner part of the lower eyelid.

Concealer stick

The stick-shaped concealer is more functional and economical. It is ideal for normal to dry skin as it promotes hydration. Due to the dense consistency, the stick is recommended for use by girls with the following problems:

  • small scars;
  • skin redness;
  • dark spots;
  • scattering of freckles.

It is this form of concealer that is very convenient to use for everyday face contouring. However, for girls with problematic or oily skin, it is better to avoid using a concealer stick so as not to make acne more noticeable.

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer is like lip gloss. It is equipped with a special brush for application, has a light texture and suits almost any skin type. It is mainly used directly for dark circles and bruises under the eyes.

An all-in-one liquid concealer that won’t clog pores and is easier to use than others.

Depending on the finish, the methods of applying liquid concealer also differ:

  • Matte is well suited for winter and evening make-up, it is more resistant and does not spread;
  • Satin is more relevant in the hot season, and its mother-of-pearl particles allow you to hide imperfections in the area around the eyes.

With the help of a liquid concealer, it is easy to mask not only acne, but also wrinkles, without focusing on problem areas.

Cream concealer

Cream concealer is ideal for sensitive skin. Its density ensures uniform application even without shading, however, you should use a cosmetic product with…

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