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Facial skin care after 35 years: recommendations of cosmetologists

How to take care of your skin after 35?

Thirty-five years of age is a certain milestone in the life of every woman. After 35 years, women strive to preserve beauty by all available means. By this age, many have pronounced wrinkles, skin elasticity is lost and the contour of the face is distorted. Facial skin care is much different from procedures at a younger age. With daily and proper care, it is possible to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Features of facial skin after 35 years

Woman 35 years old

After 35 years, any skin undergoes age-related changes: more and more mimic wrinkles, flabbiness, sagging are formed. Less collagen and elastin are produced, which maintain the elasticity and firmness of our skin. At this age, the skin becomes thinner and dries out, and the renewal procedures in the body slow down.

Cosmetologists recommend connecting regular anti-aging care.

However, it is quite difficult to give universal advice to the 30 to 40 age group. The condition of the skin at this age is very different. Women with a dry skin type are overcome by a feeling of dryness, tightness of the skin, and complaints of wrinkles appear. Owners of oily skin type are still worried about oily sheen in the T-zone.

If you do not start caring for your face in time, then such shortcomings as:

  • Flabbiness;
  • wrinkles;
  • Pigmentation;
  • Vascular networks on the cheeks;
  • bags under the eyes;
  • Swollen eyelids.

A modern woman can radically change such a disappointing picture with the help of proper facial care.

Skin care rules

35 year old woman and her care

We must recognize the fact that in 30 years the skin begins to lose elasticity. Even if you, looking in the mirror, do not notice any age-related changes, you should not relax. Therefore, take care of your skin, even if it seems to be in perfect condition.

Dermatologists say that aging comes abruptly and unexpectedly. Before you begin to properly care for your skin after 35 years, it is important to determine your skin type. The skin is divided into the following types:

  • Oily;
  • Dry;
  • Combined;
  • Normal.

According to cosmetologists and dermatologists, skin changes its characteristics over the years. This is confirmed by the fact that previously helping skin care products no longer work effectively.

In order to maintain the epidermis in good condition, you need to choose the right cosmetics. A significant role is played by proper nutrition, fresh air, an active lifestyle and harmony with oneself.


Facial cleansing after 35 years

The first thing we do to take care of the skin is washing. Washing with soap is strictly prohibited. It dries out the skin, and this has a very negative effect on its condition. Choose a foam according to your skin type.

When washing your face, you are already starting facial care, because the right product solves certain problems. In the morning we tone the skin, nourish it with vitamins, prepare it for applying cosmetics, and in the evening we get rid of excess makeup, sebum, dirt and dust.

Collagen facial cleanser is ideal for cleansing the skin.

In a nutshell about the properties of collagen:

  • Strengthens the skin frame;
  • Aligns the contour of the face;
  • Blocks moisture loss.

We do not recommend using lotions or tonics after cleansing, as they cause dryness of the face. After washing, blot the skin with a towel, it should not be rubbed or stretched. If in the morning it is enough to simply wash with foam, then in the evening cleansing should be more thorough. Cosmetologists advise washing off cosmetics not before going to bed, but immediately after you return home.

Hydration and nutrition

face cream after 35 years

Moisturizing follows after cleansing. Many people place too high hopes on a moisturizer after 35 years, supposedly it should moisturize and protect from the sun, remove pigmentation and smooth out wrinkles. In fact, the function of a moisturizer is more primitive and simple.

When choosing a cream, remember that it has a seasonality. In summer, it is better to choose moisturizing, and in winter, nutritious.

A moisturizer has 3 main purposes:

  • Moisturizing;
  • Protection;
  • Food.

The most important function is moisturizing. It can be compared to how we drink 2 liters of water every day in order to speed up our metabolism. Moisturizing products stabilize the metabolic processes in the skin.

If we talk about the protective function, then moisturizers protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and free radicals. Antioxidants fight free radicals. They are present in the composition of products in the form of vitamin C, E, green tea extract, etc.

The nutritional function is synonymous with emollient. There are creams with more oily textures. Usually such funds supplement ceramides. Ceramides are an important component of the cell membrane. The ability of the cell to divide will depend on their quantity and quality. These cells are very important for mature and aging skin.


facial rejuvenation after 35 years

In the fight against wrinkles, anti-aging products are the best way. Anti-age creams differ from moisturizers only in that they contain a special protective and nourishing complex.

Be sure to choose the right essence or serum for you, in fact they are one and the same. Serum contains an increased concentration of active ingredients and works as an independent product and increases the effectiveness of the cream.

Anti-aging creams keep the skin in good shape, slowing down the aging process.

Beauticians advise choosing essences with snail extract. The essence helps to keep enlarged pores in good shape, brightens, eliminates fine wrinkles and rashes. There are essences with collagen that help the production of a natural substance that prolongs youth and beauty.

Day and night care

Day care

After the age of 35, it is necessary to carry out procedures in a beauty salon, that is, visit a beautician and replenish comprehensive courses in the care of appearance. It is also important to properly care for the epidermis at home and choose the appropriate cosmetics.

With age, the skin of the face becomes more sensitive and capricious, so it is worth adding natural products to the day care. They are more gentle, and the active natural ingredients in the composition will add softness to the skin.

Add intensely hydrating face masks to your daily routine. These masks most often contain vitamin E, C, A. Useful substances nourish the skin, making it velvety and fresh.

The most important point in facial skin care is getting rid of scrubs. It is better to replace this type of exfoliation with a soft peeling, which will delicately remove the keratinized layer of the skin and does not injure new cells.

Skin care starts not only with special products, but also with regular habits. Drink 2 liters of water a day to keep your skin nourished and soft….

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