Уход за кожей лица в подростковом возрасте

Facial skin care in adolescence: rules, means

How to properly care for the skin of the face in adolescence?

Adolescence is accompanied by the active work of the hormonal system of the human body. In addition to changes in behavior and character, implying a psychological aspect, external reincarnations also occur. The figure acquires adult forms, which will be preserved later.

Features of teenage skin

Teenage skin

Puberty in boys begins at the age of 14, in girls at 12. Sex hormones and growth hormones begin to be released into the blood of the child’s body in large quantities. Skin pores get bigger, which contributes to the secretion of sebum, which makes the teenage face oily. The cells of the stratum corneum are exfoliated, further defects that have arisen depend on how strongly the processes with the mass of dead cells will occur.

emergence blackheads, pimples, blackheads bypass units. Most teenagers will have to go through this, but the main thing to remember is that these are natural processes and there is nothing wrong with them. Cosmetic preparations will not completely get rid of acne before the end of puberty, but they will help improve the appearance of the skin and normalize metabolic processes. Teenagers need to take care of their skin regardless of their gender.

Rules for the care of teenage skin

Teen skin care tips

For starters, teenagers should not neglect the basic rules of hygiene.

Wash your face twice a day using an anti-inflammatory foam or gel. In this age period, it will be more useful to wash with warm boiled water.

Do not forget to wipe the skin of the face with tonic and light herbal infusions. Eliminate junk food from the diet, worry less, stress has a bad effect on health and appearance. Touch your face as little as possible and never squeeze pimples. Get used to consistent facial skin care procedures: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, protecting.

The subtleties of caring for teenage facial skin depend on its type.

Oily skin care

Oily skin

Teenagers with this type of skin often develop acne and other inflammations on the face, because the sebaceous glands function faster. Dust penetrates into enlarged pores, mixing with fat. Hence, skin problems arise. We recommend using a washing gel with chamomile or calendula components, which relieve inflammation, tighten pores and reduce sebum production.

The composition of the funds should not include alcohol, it enhances the work of the sebaceous glands. Gels are good for acne Effaclar from La Roche Posay and Pure System Yves Rocher. We also recommend using oil for oily and combination skin. Lotus Oil Face Treatment from Clarins. Cream will save you from acne and pimples Himalaya Herbals.

From the budget option, you can buy a 2% solution of salicylic acid in a pharmacy and treat skin inflammations with it 2 times a day. Carry out the procedure no more than 5 days. If a teenage girl wants to use cosmetics, then one should choose one with the inscription “non-comedogenic”, which does not clog the skin of the face.

Dry skin care

Dry skin

Dry skin type in a teenager is rare, but it happens that the cells are too isolated from the outer layer of the skin. Small pores, reduced sweating and sebum secretion. Dull skin flakes and itches, so instead of foam, we advise you to wash your face with milk.

Hot baths and plain soaps dry out the skin, so use only warm water and gentle cleansers. After showering, apply mineral oil or an alcohol-free, fragrance-free lotion that boosts moisture, nourishes, and softens skin. Cosmetology provides a wide range of good products for any skin type. We advise you to use cleansing milk with bio-damask rose from Logona or milk from Weleda.

Combination skin care

Combination skin

Adolescents with combination skin have a pronounced dry and oily area. The sebaceous glands accumulate in the T-zone – forehead, nose, chin. Often acne and pimples appear on the face. You need to wash your face 2-3 times a day, using products that do not contain alcohol. Apply foam or gel with massaging movements, paying more attention to the oily area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin of the face.

You can use cleansing mousse Clarifying Foaming Cleanser from Elizabeth Arden. Don’t forget the importance of a toner for your skin. good tonic Secretkey “Rose”, or cheaper option Garnier Skin Naturals. There is also a matting elixir to narrow the pores. “Bamboo” Erborian, which can be applied to certain areas of the skin of the face.

Normal skin care

normal skin

With a normal skin type, a teenager rarely develops acne and rashes. Care for teenage skin of this type is easier to provide, no additional funds are needed, it is better to postpone the use of tonic and creams until adolescence.

You can safely buy foam products, it is easier to wash it off and will not cause harm, for example, washing gel Shine Control Clean&Clear. Choose moisturizing creams with a light texture and composition, this will be enough to nourish the skin. Suitable for normal skin The Oil Absorbing Tonic from La Mer.

Problem skin care

Problem skin care

Care for the problematic skin of a teenager’s face requires more thorough cleansing, matting and acne prevention. Use an acid-based gel followed by a lotion with a little alcohol.

Cosmetics choose non-comedogenic and light texture. They should contain: salicylic, glycolic and fruit acids, zinc and copper salts, anti-inflammatory ingredients. For example, gel Pure System from yves rocher, lotion stopproblem, or complex tool EFFACLAR DUO+ LaRoche-Posay for face. If acne does not go away for a long time, then the teenager should be taken to a beautician who will carry out proper procedures in the salon and prescribe medications.

How to choose the right cosmetics?

Cosmetics for teenagers

Girls will not aggravate the situation if they start using decorative cosmetics, while not forgetting to wash it off the skin upon arrival home. It is better to buy teenage cosmetics that will not clog pores and will not cause infection. This is a significant stage in the life of every girl, in the choice of which a mother or a close relative should take part.

Criteria for choosing cosmetics for a teenager:

  • Determine skin type. Identify problems that need to be addressed: acne, oily sheen, peeling;
  • Having identified the shortcomings, it is necessary to start looking for suitable teenage cosmetics. Study the ratings and determine for yourself several brands with satisfactory quality and cost;
  • Be attentive to the composition. Minerals and organic substances are good for the skin and do not cause allergic reactions;
  • From care cosmetics, gel, tonic and cream are enough;
  • Choose makeup that says “non-comedogenic” on the packaging to allow your pores to breathe.
  • In the store, apply a tester to the skin of your wrist. If after a day the product does not cause irritation, then buy it and apply it on your face;
  • If the effect of using the product has disappeared, change …

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