Модные ботильоны осень зима 2021-2022

Fashion ankle boots fall-winter 2021-2022: trend overview

About ankle boots: stylistic nuances of this year’s choice

In the list of basic autumn shoes from year to year there are ankle boots. They are comfortable, practical and versatile. Ankle boots are suitable for women of any age and physique, if you choose the right model and color. Stylists recommend that when choosing, be guided not only by trends, but also by the basic rules, since they allow you to create the most harmonious image.

Distinctive features of fashionable ankle boots

Fashionable square toe ankle boots

We tell you which ankle boots to wear in the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, which from last year’s collection has remained relevant, and which models have completely lost the trust of designers.

Looks with ankle boots
How to wear ankle boots in autumn

Main characteristics:

  • Narrow shaft so that nothing can be tucked into them;
  • The toe is pointed or square;
  • Clear heel separate from the sole;
  • Without decor;
  • Heel wide, flared or hairpin.

Have you imagined how fashionable ankle boots should look like? And now about antitrends. So this is:

  • wedge;
  • An abundance of decor – rhinestones, spikes, embroidery,
  • Wide shaft;
  • Toe platform with a round inversion of the cape.
Fashionable ankle boots
Fashionable ankle boots
Unfashionable ankle boots
Unfashionable ankle boots

How to wear ankle boots in autumn to look stylish?

To choose the current model of ankle boots, you need to choose fashionable components for them. It can be dresses, jeans, skirts and trousers. Using examples, we show which combinations are correct, and what is better to wear with a different pair of autumn shoes.

Rules for combining ankle boots and jeans

Ankle boots and skinny jeans
Ankle boots with jeans

First of all, consider the most popular autumn pair – these are feminine boots and jeans. In order for the kit to meet fashion trends, you must follow a number of rules:

  • The top ends where the trousers begin, that is, there is no gap between them or it is minimal. You can also wear jeans with shoes that have a very narrow overlap. But you don’t need to fill them with anything, for this there are fashionable shoes with lacing.
  • Another option for combining boots with jeans or trousers: when their length is maxi, and they completely cover the heel. Turns and an accordion in the bootleg area are an anti-trend.

Ankle boots + miniskirt

Ankle boots and skirt
How to wear mini and ankle boots

Mini skirts are back in fashion, which is good news. They have always attracted men, and women once again give a reason to feel attractive and desirable.

Mini skirts can be worn with ankle boots if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Shoes to match tights;
  • Shoes are neutral (beige), tights are missing or flesh-colored;
  • Outerwear is elongated and reaches the top of the shoe. this way the vertical of the image is preserved and the legs do not seem to be “circumcised”.

home error when composing an outfit with a mini skirt and elegant boots – the choice of a black product. This is not considered a base. It’s not the color that matters, it’s the pattern. Cape, heel, toe cap and shaft of the actual form?

Ankle boots with a midi skirt or dress

Beautiful look with a midi dress and ankle boots
Sweater and White Ankle Boots

If the outfit consists of a pair of stylish heeled boots and a medium-length outfit, you need to pay attention to the length of the shoes and clothes. The top of the ankle boots should be hidden under the hem of the skirt. If a couple of cm is not enough, choose socks to match the shoes and visually correct the resulting gap.

What about tights?

Fashionable look with ankle boots
Ankle boots and tights
Unfashionable (shaft wide)

Tights with ankle boots can and should be worn. We choose to match the shoes so that the shoes do not visually “cut” the silhouette, but lengthen the legs. Also in the top is a neutral color.

Do you need socks?

Fashionable ankle boots with lacing photo
How to wear ankle boots in autumn

Socks and ankle boots are a pair that won the hearts of fashionistas last year. Socks can be neutral, match the color of the boots, or act as an accent accessory. This kit will make any basic kit sound fresh and stylish. Suitable for women of all ages.

Color matters

Fashionable printed ankle boots
Dress with jeans and ankle boots

When choosing a pair of feminine boots for fall, indulge in the pleasure of opting for a bright color or an unusual print. Stylists distinguish leopard and snake colors, zebra, cow print for the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season. Relevant shoes are white, beige, brown, black, blue shoes.

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