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Fashion bangs for 2021: a review of new products, trends, photos

Overview of fashionable bangs for different hair lengths

Stylists recommend changing the entire image every few years. A new haircut always cheers you up, makes you feel special and desirable.

But, if you are not ready for serious experiments with appearance, cut off at least your bangs. Sometimes this is enough to get a lot of compliments and look at your own reflection in the mirror with different eyes.

Trendy Bangs 2021: Top 5 Trends

How to choose bangs according to the shape of the face
Bangs for an oval face / for a heart-shaped face

This year the trend is different types of bangs. It is recommended to choose the option that suits you, considering the following main aspects:

  • face shape;
  • hair length;
  • hair structure.
How to choose bangs according to the shape of the face photo
Bangs for a square face / for a round face

Consider fashionable haircuts with bangs and choose the most stylish and relevant types. And if you already have bangs, study the advice of stylists, 👉 how to make old bangs modern.

Trend 1: Sloppy or Ripped

Photo fashion bangs
Stylish bangs 2020 photo

Careless bangs suggest the absence of straight lines and the presence of torn ends. This look is suitable for girls with a rectangle, rhombus, oval face shape. Chubby beauties are advised to choose an elongated version that covers the forehead and part of the cheeks.

regular length

Sloppy bangs for long hair photo
Torn rare bangs photo

Ragged bangs can be of normal length. This is the simplest and most common option. The standard length of such bangs is up to the eyebrows. However, when cutting, it is recommended to retreat 0.5 cm down, as the hair will rise when dry.

Bangs with torn ends are suitable for various haircuts for long and medium hair. It also harmoniously combines with a caret, provided that the crown is shortened. Inappropriate haircut for straight ragged bangs – pixie. The best option – 👉 shaggy.

Very short

Baby bangs torn photo
Short torn bangs for long hair photo

Messy ragged bangs in 2021 in a shortened look are perfect for short haircuts or long wavy hair. It is believed that this hairstyle allows you to create a stylish and modern image of an independent. It is necessary to style the haircut with creamy texture styling products that will help create a slight mess on the hair.

Trend 2: Curtain bangs

Bangs-curtain photo
Beautiful bangs 2020 photo

The modern look of bangs for long hair is a curtain. Its peculiarity is that it is initially sheared elongated, and then divided in the center with a parting and laid in two directions.

Such bangs help create a stylish and sophisticated look. It is suitable for women at any age, but is most popular with ladies 35+.

Curtain bangs are combined with various hairstyles: ponytail, braid, French-style weaving, around the head or malvinka. You can also wind curls by laying such a bang on brushing. It, unlike the usual torn one, will not look out of place, but will harmoniously fit into the existing image.

Trend 3: With Long Edges

Fashion bangs 2020-2021 with side extension
Stylish bangs for long hair photo

Previously, women chose an elongated bang on their side, while covering one eye. In the photo, this option looked stylish, but in real life I always wanted to remove excess hair from my eyes to open my face.

Today, the “emo” style (that was the name of the elongated bangs on the side) is irrelevant. He was replaced by bangs with elongated edges on both sides. It is cut in an arc pattern and then thinning scissors are used to “thin out” the ends.

Trend 4: Baby bangs

Baby bangs trend 2020
Very short bangs

If you are looking for stylish bangs and are not afraid of experiments, pay attention to very short straight bangs. They look unusual, so you definitely won’t be able to go unnoticed with such a hairstyle.

For caret

Baby bangs and caret
Baby bangs and caret photo

Baby bangs are ideally combined with a straight bob. It is 2-3 cm above the eyebrows, has an even cut and medium density.

It is believed that this haircut is suitable for tall, stately girls with an oval face shape and a long neck. It is better for chubby ladies of short stature to avoid such experiments with style.

For long hair

Very short baby bangs and long hair
Girl with very short bangs and long hair photo

In 2021, many girls of model appearance decided on a fashionable experiment and cut off their ultra-short straight bangs. The main length of the hair remained intact.

It is believed that a straight baby bang is combined with hair that has an even but rare cut. You can achieve this effect with the help of thinning scissors. The resulting image looks expensive, original, stylish and extravagant. Suitable for those who are tall or medium height.

On a note: Women with a dense complexion and short stature are advised to pay attention to cascading haircuts with elongated bangs and a short crown.

Trend 5: Hollywood bangs

Ana de Armas with bangs
Jolie with bangs
Dakota Johnson photo bangs
kim kardashian bangs photo
Penelope Cruz bangs photo
Angelina Jolie hairstyle with bangs
Selena Gomez bangs
celebrities with bangs
jennifer lopez bangs photo
Eva Longoria with Hollywood bangs

When choosing a beautiful bang, many pay attention to photos of celebrities. This year, at the peak of popularity among Hollywood divas – an elongated bangs-curtain. With such a hairstyle, an expensive and discreet look is obtained. It is combined with various makeup techniques and jewelry. And it is also believed that Hollywood bangs can replace a complex hairstyle. It is enough to do the styling and the evening luxurious look is ready.

Photos of fashionable bangs 2021

Beautiful bangs for long hair photo
Beautiful bangs for long hair 2020
Stylish hairstyle with bangs photo
Types of bangs for caret
Hairstyle with bangs curtain
Ana de Armas with cute bangs and ponytail
Long hair and long bangs photo
Short torn bangs and caret
Very short straight bangs photo
Hollywood bangs photo
Selena Gomez bangs
Photo fashion bangs and haircut
Beautiful bangs for long hair
Short torn sloppy bangs photo
Stylish hairstyle with bangs for every day
Celebrities with trendy bangs
Elegant bangs for women 45+
Stylish hairstyle with voluminous bangs for long hair
Torn bangs photo
Beautiful haircut for medium hair with bangs
Blonde with long bangs photo ideas
Short haircut and baby bangs photo
Short bob haircut and baby bangs
Dakota Johnson hairstyle with bangs

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