Самый модный ремень 2020 года

Fashion belts spring-summer 2020: 4 current trends

Even the belt matters: 4 fashion models for this season

It would seem: what is difficult in choosing a belt? You take the first one that comes across and wear it so that your jeans do not fall off. But no, even here there are trends. I’m talking about the top ones this season.


Gucci belt

Initially, fashionistas wore a thin strap with two GGs, which showed the value of the accessory and its belonging to the Gucci brand. But then the Chinese version with two intersecting circles flooded the store windows, so now it seems that it is he who is more relevant.

In any case, if you need a thin everyday strap that can be worn with jeans and a knitted dress, this is the most suitable option.

With Latin D buckle

Fashion belt Dior

The Dior strap is wide enough, so it is usually worn with outerwear – coats, jackets, fur coats (necessarily made of faux fur).

With horseshoe buckle (Bottega Veneta)

Bottega Veneta fashionable belt

The Bottega Veneta brand has been one of the main suppliers of trends in bags and accessories for the last few seasons. This season, the horseshoe-shaped belt promises to be the most popular.
Such a stylish accessory looks harmonious with sweaters, blazers and coats. But wearing it in a classic way is not worth it. This is too bright an accessory that deserves the foreground in the image.

With stones throughout

Belt, like Borodina

Another simple but versatile option is a strap with stones throughout and a metal buckle. It fits everything, look at least at the images of Borodina. They are all different, and the strap fits into each of them as harmoniously as possible.

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