High voluminous bun hairstyle

Fashion bun 2022: stylish hairstyles for any occasion with beautiful photo examples

Very few comfortable and at the same time stylish hair styling. It is not without reason that the beam, beloved by many, has been at the peak of trends for more than a year. And it’s easy to explain. The hairstyle is versatile and at the same time looks impressive. Such styling is appropriate both at work and at a gala reception.

High voluminous bun hairstyle

The relevance of the beam is only increasing. And fashion trends contribute to this. Light carelessness in the hair at the height of fashion. With a deliberately disheveled beam, stars regularly appear in public. Therefore, learning how to make this trendy hairstyle will not be superfluous.

High bun for a girl

Who will suit the hairstyle “bun”

This hairstyle comes from Greece. However, now it is popular all over the world.

But before you put your hair in a bun, you should understand what type of appearance it is suitable for:

  • women with aristocratic features and a long, beautiful neck should pay attention to this hairstyle. The beam creates a visual emphasis on the shape of the shoulders, the elegance of the face;
high beam

  • if the neck does not differ in a graceful line, then this does not mean that this type of styling will not work. It’s just worth doing a low beam;
low beam

  • very tall ladies will not fit a very voluminous styling on the crown. This will visually make it even taller and create an unaesthetic silhouette;
High trendy fishtail hairstyle

  • thin girls of small stature should also not make an overly voluminous beam. It will make the upper body heavier and give the image a rough look. Style experts advise in such situations to make a tight beam;
Bundle of braid

  • women with wide cheekbones and sharp facial features will not fit a hairstyle located on the top of the head. It’s better to make it lower.
Beautiful careless bun on blond hair

Thus, the beam will suit many girls. The main thing is to choose the right styling. It is not difficult to make it, it will take no more time than for nail extension.

A messy bun in a girl's hair

Options for a stylish hairstyle “bun” for long and medium hair

There are several varieties of such styling. Each of them has characteristic features. They are also made in different ways.

Strict hairstyle

Tufts in children's hair

Hairstyle Bun for a celebration

  • Vanilla

Previously, such a beam was called the Turgenev beam. Now the styling is called vanilla. This hairstyle is soft, delicate lines and uncomplicated. It is easy to do, it is enough to have an elastic band, a comb, hairpins and hair styling products.

Low bun with embellished hair

The main feature of the vanilla bunch is negligence. It must lie freely. Separately sticking strands are welcome. In general, the styling looks like its owner has just got out of bed and hastily twisted her hair into a bun.

Hairstyle Bun for every day

  • Careless

Many girls love messy buns. This styling looks like it was done on the go. However, to make such a hairstyle, you will need certain skills. Sloppy buns usually form low. They can also be asymmetrical, with separately knocked-out strands.

Chic hairstyle Textured bun

At the same time, the knocked-out hairs should look gentle, elegant. This will create a sophisticated, sophisticated look. Often, when forming such a bun, the hair is not first collected in a ponytail, but immediately twisted around the base. So the styling looks more natural and sloppy.

Varieties of beams in hairstyles

  • Bundle with bagel

A special donut-shaped foam padding will help create a particularly charming bun. It will give the hairstyle volume and clarity of lines. These donuts come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each lover of a bun hairstyle will be able to choose the right accessory.


But at the time of choosing, it is important to consider the length and texture of the hair. But it is better to choose it in the color of curls. High styling with a donut looks especially beautiful.

  • Volume

A fluffy bun looks beautiful and feminine. Now it is this kind of beam at the peak of fashion trends. It is quite simple to make it, so it is a priority for many ladies. This bun looks elegant and natural.

Volumetric bun on hair decorated with a scarf

However, it should be remembered that healthy, thick hair looks better in such a voluminous hairstyle. It is best to create a bundle of this type on slightly dirty hair, or after pre-treating it with styling products.

  • Wedding

It may seem that such a hairstyle is not suitable for special occasions. However, this has not been the case for a long time. The bun goes great with sparkling tiaras, wreaths and veils.

Wedding hairstyle

This image is distinguished by tenderness, fragility. However, it is necessary to fix the hairstyle especially carefully so that the curls do not accidentally fall out. The bridal bun looks beautiful and goes well with a festive outfit and manicure.

  • bouffant

A bouffant hairstyle is a great option for girls with thin hair. Thanks to this technique, the hairstyle will look aesthetically pleasing and structural. And the fleece will allow you to collect a magnificent, beautiful bun.


It is necessary to create such a hairstyle on your own carefully so that the combed curls are not visible. Haste in this matter will not allow you to create a modern, beautiful styling.

Bun with fleece

  • with roller

A bundle with a special foam insert looks more magnificent. This detail allows you to quickly create a beautiful styling. But it is important to choose a roller that matches the color of your hair.

Elegant low bun on blond hair

The accessory is equipped with fasteners on the edges. To form a beautiful hairstyle, the strands are connected into a ponytail, gently winding it on a roller.

  • “Fish tail”

Simple, easy styling may seem uninteresting, then you should pay attention to the original fishtail hairstyle.

There are two options for this solution:

  • based on a tail with 1 oblique fishtail;
  • from a tail with two or more braids.
Original fishtail bun

A weave bundle is created from several braids. So it looks more unusual and magnificent. Of course, the option with one pigtail is also very attractive, but not so spectacular.

  • French

This type of bun looks very sophisticated and charming. It is also called a shell because of the similarity of shapes. This styling will give the image of grace and accuracy.

Charming shell hairstyle with decor

The French bun is especially suitable for owners of long or medium hair. This styling is suitable for any age. It looks great even on little girls. A shell-bun is appropriate for different situations and looks.

  • Greek

This hairstyle looks luxurious and elegant. The Greek bun is formed from long hair. Previously, they can be braided into a beautiful braid. Do this hairstyle quickly. She looks neat though.

Tousled bun with hair decoration

Most often, the Greek bun is made low, collecting strands on the back of the head or even the neck. If the curls are pre-curled, then the styling will look even more interesting.

How to make a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle “bun”

The easiest way to do this hairstyle is using rubber bands and hairpins. The styling will be careless, but it will last all day.

Make it easy:

  • the strands need to be combed well, collected in a ponytail and fixed with an elastic band;
  • then you need to twist the hair into a tourniquet and braid it into a braid. After that, the hair should be wrapped around the base of the tail;
  • the resulting bundle is fixed with hairpins, and the tip of the hair is fixed with invisibility.
A lush bun looks chic on thick long hair

A slightly tousled bun is a great option for hot summer days. It can be…

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