Лоферы и носки - тренд 2021 весна

Fashion combination: the most trendy outfits for spring 2021

Outfits that will be on every fashionista in the spring

Today we will not talk about trends, but specific outfits that will be among the most relevant this spring.

So, we study and get used to new fashionable combinations, because whoever tries it all on first will be in the top. the rest will be catching up with the outgoing train.

Loafers and socks

How To Wear Loafers With Socks
Fashion look - loafers and socks

The first and hottest trend of the 2021 season is loafers and socks. Olga Buzova has already appreciated all the charms of this image and has repeatedly “walked” him on the show.

To make the outfit look relevant, we choose socks with the logo of a well-known brand, and shoes must be on rough or tractor soles. The remaining components of the kit may well be feminine and fitted.

Jacket and bra

Rudova in a suit
How to wear a suit and bra

The most controversial look for spring 2021 is a jacket and bra or a very short top. Someone will say that this is vulgar, others are sure that the outfit is ideal for the office, because if you fasten the buttons, all the conditions of the dress code are met.

What do you say: appear in such a kit for an interview?

Knitted vest and long shirt

Knitted vest and shirt
Knitted vest and long shirt
Knitted vest and long shirt photo
Knitted vest and long shirt with boots photo

A stylish look for those who are ready to return mini length to their wardrobe – a shirt dress and a knitted jacket. The main thing in this outfit is volume. It is needed by all the components of the outfit. It is also important to make sure that the shoes are suitable. For example, loafers with socks will not work – it will be too complicated and cluttered. But lace-up boots, high Chelsea boots or jockey-style boots are what you need.

Jacket + jeans + pumps

Borodina fashionable outfit
Podolskaya lost weight photo

There is nothing unusual in this set, but it will turn out to be the top one in the spring of 2021, so we rather take out blue jeans from the wardrobe and select a bright jacket for them.

Coat and sweater

How to wear a sweater instead of a scarf
How to wear a sweater instead of a scarf photo

The most fashionable girls started wearing a sweater instead of a scarf in the spring. If you just noticed this stylistic device, rather try it out. Looks cool, bold, original.

Short metal decoration

The most fashionable jewelry 2021
The most fashionable jewelry 2021 metal necklace

A short metal necklace in the form of a chain is the main accessory of the season. You can wear it both with a high collar and on an open neckline. The necklace is the very highlight that can decorate any image, breathe life into it and make it play in a new way.

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