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Fashion habits inspired by self-isolation

Stylistic habits that fashionistas have developed after self-isolation

Self-isolation has ended in most countries, but the habits born during this unusual period for us have survived.

On the one hand, quarantine allowed me to be alone with myself, to begin to value my own time, to go in for sports, to make a million face masks and cook a thousand and one new dishes. On the other hand, self-isolation has caused global changes in the fashion world. Even eminent designers could not ignore the current situation, so in the collections of those who had not previously attached importance to sports and home clothes, knitwear and baize appeared.

We tell you what fashion habits and outfits have remained with us after quarantine, and now we can observe them everywhere.

Don’t cover gray hair

Hairstyle with gray hair
Hairstyle with gray hair

The first habit is to love your natural hair color.

During quarantine, beauty salons, like any other business, were closed. Someone got the hang of tinting the roots on their own, others decided that they would not experiment and wait for the hairdressers to open. As a result, the pandemic dragged on, and gray hair grew so much that I even began to like it.

Today it is not difficult to meet a woman with gray hair on the streets of the city. And she doesn’t look like she hasn’t had time to put herself in order. This is a self-sufficient and complete image that its owner likes. This is evidenced by a fresh styling and haircut.

In fact, stylists have long tried to instill in women who have a large percentage of gray hair the love of their own hair and the rejection of dyeing. This dictates not only the trend for naturalness, but also the ability to keep the hair in the best condition.

Wear a t-shirt underneath

Top and shirt photo
Top and shirt how to wear

During self-isolation, the T-shirt has become the most popular clothing for most women and men. It is not surprising that, if necessary, to leave the house, many remained in it, complementing the image with a second layer. As a result, the habit of wearing a T-shirt under everything remained. Now women of fashion are happy to wear a jumper, shirt, dress, hoodie with a T-shirt.

Have multiple tracksuits

Tracksuit how to wear
What to wear with a tracksuit

Tracksuits during self-isolation appeared in everyone. And it’s not just the reluctance to dress up.

The popular love for a relaxed style of clothing is directly related to the ability not to focus on the figure. Many have managed to put on weight by spending days on end in front of the TV.

Walk very smart

Stylish spring look for the city
Stylish spring image for the city photo

In contrast to the fashion for tracksuits, the trend for excessive elegance should be mentioned.

Girls and women in full dress began to go to the grocery store and walk in the parks after the first easing of the quarantine regime took place. This is directly related to the desire to get rid of the endlessly sleepy state and finally feel like an active, cheerful person. And the fear that they would have to stay at home again did not leave many, so I wanted to enjoy the opportunity to live a normal life to the fullest.

Walk around town in leggings and sneakers

How to wear leggings in the city
How To Wear Leggings With a Top

Another trend that we should be thankful for in self-isolation is the return of leggings.

Leggings have literally risen from the past thanks to the trend for a relaxed and sporty style. True, this time no one combines them with denim skirts and high-heeled shoes, as it was in the zero.

Today, leggings are exclusively sportswear. Fashionistas wear them only with sneakers. And the top allows experiments: a cropped hoodie, denim, a men’s style jacket.

Always with a hat

Hailey Bieber in a baseball cap
Rosie Huatli at sports

Unpainted gray hair, unwillingness to waste time washing and styling made fashionistas fall in love with hats. Panama hats, baseball caps and scarves have gained unprecedented popularity during self-isolation.

Today, headwear is still relevant.


Self-isolation has not gone unnoticed for the fashion world. Relaxed and sporty styles are in demand like never before. Fashionistas fell in love with such unusual combinations as a tracksuit and shoes, leggings and a jacket, a T-shirt and a classic shirt.

The pandemic also affected hairstyles. Naturalness began to manifest itself not only in the desire to dye the hair in a natural shade, but also not to change their color at all. Loving gray hair is something that women have learned to do during this time.

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