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Fashion New: Outerwear 2021

Fashionable women’s outerwear: trends, photos

In 2019, naturalness remains relevant. No extra makeup, simple hair and outerwear without unnecessary accessories. Comfortable and stylish outerwear is in trend this season. Beautifully look women’s products in gray, brown, blue and bright yellow.

Fashionable outerwear autumn-winter 2021

Fashion denim jacket

Outerwear in both bed tones and bright colors are in fashion. It should be light, warm and comfortable. When buying outerwear, you should pay attention to the details: patches, irregularly shaped pockets, geometric cut. You should also pay attention to the oversized style. This season, he is at the peak of popularity.

Women's pancho

The following types of outerwear are popular in the 2021 season:

  • Denim jackets and jackets;
  • Puffy styles and bomber jackets;
  • Coat;
  • Sheepskin coats;
  • Capes, ponchos and wraps.

Woman coat

In the winter season of 2021, military style is in fashion. Designers presented interesting collections of winter outerwear that make the image of a woman interesting and unusual.

Down jacket military

Velvet and suede items are also in trend this season. Clothing made from such fabrics looks luxurious and expensive.

Women's velvet jacket

In the autumn-winter season, shades of burgundy, mustard, gold and emerald will be in fashion. Outerwear in black and gray colors will be no less popular.

Denim Jackets & Blazers

Women's denim jacket

Denim jackets and blazers have been incredibly popular over the past decades. A denim jacket can complement the image of a girl, even if she is wearing an evening dress. A short denim jacket looks great with pencil skirts, long skirts, crop top dresses.

Cropped denim jacket

Cropped denim jackets are great to complete your look with jeans, shorts, trousers and leggings.

Long denim jacket

No less popular in 2019 will be elongated denim jackets. They can replace a vest, cardigan or trench coat. Long denim jackets look amazingly beautiful with wedges or heels, skinny trousers and short shorts. Thanks to this, an attractive external image is created.

Oversized denim jacket

Unusual denim jackets are demonstrated by designers in oversized style. Such jackets will appeal to brave girls who want to look beautiful and catchy at the same time.

Green jacket

Blazers will also be in trend this season. They are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. This season, deep shades of green, brown and blue are in fashion. Products can be worn both for going to work and for a romantic date.

Puffy jackets or bombers

Metal padded jacket

Puffy jackets are in fashion this season. The trend is the metallic shade of such products. Puffy jackets can be both short and long. The main focus of the product is on the shade, which attracts the attention of others.

Puffy down jacket

Short puffed jackets are sewn from natural and synthetic materials. The product retains heat, and at the same time, such clothes are very convenient to use and care for. Most of the fashionable models of 2019 have an air gap that makes them light and warm. Puffy jackets have large pockets but no hood.

Women's padded jacket

If the jacket is short, in 2019 you need to take care of warm trousers and winter boots. Puffy jackets look great with boots and boots with low heels. Stiletto boots under the image of a woman with such a jacket will not work.

bomber jacket

This season’s trendy bomber jacket. A novelty is an oversized product made of knitted fabric with buttons. Quilted nylon and lace bomber jackets are also considered fashionable.

fashion coats

Fashionable women's coat

In the 2021 season, women’s coats remain in fashion. The following product styles are especially popular:

  • Short;
  • Long;
  • Bright;
  • In a cell;
  • With fur collar.

Red short coat

Do you like sports style, casual or street? Short coats are exactly what you need. They are somewhat similar to jackets, but the main difference is that they can be not only fitted, but also oversized. Popular colors for a short coat: green, red, yellow.

Beige women's coat

Long coats will look great with boots, brogues, sneakers or ankle boots. The peculiarity of models of this length is that you can wear trousers, jeans and even skirts with a coat.

orange coat

This year, fashionable bright coats. Among the shades in the trend are the following colors: orange, red, green, lime. They will help to make the image spectacular and unforgettable.

checkered coat

The checkered print remains on trend in the 2021 season. Burberry, glencheck, vichy, black watch and other popular prints can be found on this year’s coat models. The cage can be both calm and bright colors. She is able to decorate fashionable coats of various models.

If you choose a coat with a checkered print, it is better not to use additional accessories on it. “Cage” does not like excesses.

Coat with fur

Fur is the main decor of the coat at all times. Beautiful models look rich and elegant with fur. It can be plain, bright or natural tones. A collar with fur can go down to the very bottom or lightly frame the product along the border of the collar, hem, cuffs.

Sheepskin coats

Sheepskin coat

In the winter of 2021, you can refresh your look with a brand new sheepskin coat. Sheepskin, which is back in fashion, is especially popular. Stylish outerwear made of sheepskin was presented in their collections by the following fashion designers: Ermanno Scervino, Christian Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and others.

Beautiful sheepskin coat

A sheepskin coat is a fashionable outerwear that can fit not only into everyday, but also into a business look. The style should be universal, with an open neckline. It will be possible to warm the neckline with a scarf or a bright stole. It is advisable to choose a natural color or experiment with bright colors. For example, bright yellow color is very stylish combined with a classic monochrome look.

Fur coats

red fur coat

Fur coats remain fashionable at all times. This season, the product should be bright. Popular shades: yellow, red or pink. It is permissible to apply prints and patterns on the inside of the clothing. A fur coat with long oversized sleeves is in fashion, which hangs from the arms, completely covering them.

Oversized fur coat

No less popular this season are oversized fur coats. They have a free silhouette and are able to hide figure flaws (if any).

Mink coat

Fashionable fur coats are made of natural fur. Of these, the most popular mink. However, fur from a hare, a fox, a muton, an honorik, a kangaroo and even a bear is no less relevant. Bear fur is much more expensive and exclusive. Therefore, the cost of a fashionable fur coat will, first of all, depend on the fur from which it is made.

Fur coat with faux fur

Note that some designers have abandoned natural fur. They began to use artificial, and quite successfully. Fur coats with faux fur are practically in no way inferior to natural ones both in beauty and in style.

Capes, ponchos and wraps


Cape is an unusual thing, …

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