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Fashion sofas 2021: review of models, colors, trends

Laconic, minimalist and 5 more signs of a modern sofa

In the center of any living room is a sofa, so it is so important to take responsibility for its choice. We tell you what a modern sofa should be.

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Choosing a sofa in the living room: modern and outdated models

Gray sofa in the living room

To make the design of the main room in a house or apartment look modern, it is important not only to paint the walls in the current color or change the wallpaper, but also take care of the furniture.

You can often find rooms in which, at first glance, everything looks neat, but you should take a closer look and you understand that the sofa is hopelessly outdated. But he occupies a central position in the room.

So, we tell you what nuances you should pay attention to when choosing a sofa. By the way, if you do not plan to change the furniture, cover it with a huge fashionable blanket, matching in texture and color with the interior of the room.

Laconic shape instead of “pot-bellied”

Fashionable sofa in the living room photo

Remember the sofas that were relevant in the 90s? Complex shape with elements of bloat, overhead armrests and additional headrests. All this is hopelessly outdated.

Today, simple sofas with several huge pillows replacing the back are in trend.

“No” to patterns on the upholstery

Sofa with colorful pillows

When choosing a sofa, we do not focus on wallpaper or pattern on the carpet. This approach is outdated. Monochromatic upholstery is not only stylish, but also practical. Textiles and wall color can be changed at least every year. And having chosen upholstery with a certain pattern, you will have to constantly adapt to it.

We do not focus on the armrests

Sofa without armrests

Literally 5 years ago, sofas with armrests made of wood and chipboard were in trend. They seemed practical, because they made it possible to conveniently arrange a glass, a cup, a book.

Today, this technique is still relevant, but it is recommended to avoid contrast. To do this, solid armrests “overlap” the main furniture upholstery. Looks stylish and practical.

Don’t hide your legs

Sofa with wooden legs

A sofa that literally “lies” on the floor is outdated.

Designers recommend giving preference to pieces of furniture with noticeable and accent legs. They are no less stable, although they look fragile.

Legs are recommended to be selected for the rest of the elements in the room. If the table has metal legs, choose the appropriate ones for the sofa. If it is made of wood, then the table needs a massive one made of natural materials.

No contrasting colors

Pink sofa in living

A bright sofa is bold. However, this usually gets boring quickly. Yes, and repairs every time you have to do “in tone.” To avoid difficulties, designers recommend giving preference to plain furniture, and choosing pillows according to your mood, season, shade of slippers, etc.

With separate pouf

Fashionable sofa with pouffe

So that the living room does not resemble a bedroom, in which a sofa is always laid out, we choose a product with an additional element – a pouffe. It is usually rectangular or square on wheels. This facilitates the movement of furniture in the interior. If desired, such a pouffe can be used as a table, the main thing is to lay a chipboard tabletop under the upholstery.


Quilted sofa in the interior

Not only quilted clothes are in trend, but also furniture. Moreover, if the first one goes out of fashion in a year or two, sofas stitched through with large stitches will remain with us for a long time. And it is also easy to repair such furniture: it is enough to replace only one damaged square.

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