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Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko basic wardrobe

Evelina Khromchenko is a leading specialist in the fashion world with rich experience and a large number of fans (by the way, she has her own official website where fashionistas can find a lot of interesting things and videos from her interviews). Being a true professional in her field, she won fame and a large number of admirers.

She became famous after participating in the popular TV show “Fashion Sentence” on Channel One. After the release of the first programs, her life changed dramatically, as millions learned about her. Before that, she always remained in the shadows, choosing beautiful outfits for the stars to go out.

From her, we often heard such an expression as a basic wardrobe. In this case, stylists mean a set of clothes and accessories that a woman should have in her closet so that she can create beautiful stylish looks for all occasions. The list of mandatory purchases is not large and is standard for any age and body type. Therefore, a little more about fashion tips from Evelina Khromtchenko (basic wardrobe).

Basic wardrobe recommended by stylist Evelina Khromtchenko (photo)

The basic wardrobe is also called the notorious classic, where all the elements are universal and perfectly combined with each other. This is the main secret! Absolutely all elements of the wardrobe are combined with each other. As a result, we get a minimum of costs and a maximum of effect.

The fashion expert offers to purchase 25 carefully selected, stylish classic items.


  1. Beige double-breasted coat (for autumn and winter).


2. Black trench coat (khaki color is possible).


3. Beige or gray cardigan.


4. T-shirt with sleeves.


5. T-shirt-alcoholic.


6. White blouse (similar to a man’s shirt).


7. Vest.


8. Black pantsuit.


9. Dark blue jeans.


10. Black or gray sheath dress.


11. Evening dress.


12. Pencil skirt.



13. Beige or black studs.


14. Sandals.


15. Beige or black ballerinas.


16. Sneakers (very relevant this year).



17. Small clutch.


18. Medium bag on a chain.


19. Large bags with two handles.



20. Universal glasses “Aviator” (this form suits everyone).


21. Bright square scarf (square shape).


22. Pashmina (for the cold season).


23. Wide belt (it will turn a simple dress into an evening outfit).



24. Long string of pearls.


25. Male type watch (shade can be gold or steel).


With such a universal set, you can create a huge number of images for all occasions.

Fashion style tips from the best fashion expert in Russia

Evelina also gives a lot of practical advice for those who want to always look beautiful. I propose to discuss the most common questions that a stylist is touched by a modern girl.

What to wear at home

Evelina firmly believes that stretched T-shirts and all other old things are unsuitable for wearing at home. In the family circle, you should not relax and walk around like a mess in an old washed dressing gown. A T-shirt and comfortable shorts, a knitted dress, cotton pants with a T-shirt are the perfect solution for those who decide to spend the day at home with their families.

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Stylish makeup tips

Makeup must be present on the face of a well-groomed beautiful lady. But do not overdo it and abuse it. Well-groomed eyebrows, an even complexion, beige shadows, natural lipstick color and tinted eyelashes will do their job. In addition, such a make-up will be appropriate for any event.

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Secrets from a stylist for short and petite girls

Evelina Khromchenko is far from the tallest woman (they say that her height is no more than 160 cm). But she learned to add a few missing centimeters with the help of a heel. You will never see her in flats, as she believes that stilettos can also be comfortable shoes, the main thing is to find ones that make you feel comfortable and comfortable. As a result, you spend the whole day in beautiful shoes, and your legs will not know fatigue.

She also advises short girls to wear shoes to match the trousers and have a pair of beige stilettos.


Recommendations for obese women

First of all, the stylist urgently demands to get rid of all the huge shapeless hoodies that add volume and do not decorate at all. Secondly, it is worth buying a set of slimming underwear. And only after that it is worth starting the selection of clothes.

Fashion expert tips “how to dress curvy women”:

  1. All recommendations about the basic wardrobe are relevant and applicable for full ladies.
  2. choose pencil skirt!the length of which is just below the knee (these are the best friends of girls!).
  3. A wrap dress is suitable for any type of figure, so feel free to purchase such a model in the store.
  4. The dress must fit. Outfit not in size turns the owner into a shapeless person.
  5. Tight dresses have a place to be only if they are made of dense fabric.
  6. Refusal of jeans with embroidery, sequins and rhinestones (only applicable to small and young thin girls). They should be slimming and corrective.
  7. Pants with a low waist cut the figure and focus on the volume, so choose a slightly high waist.
  8. A heel or platform can visually make you slimmer.
  9. Beware of large print outfits that add unnecessary bulk.

How to wear a little black dress

The little black dress is the perfect dress for any event. The main thing is to choose the right accessories.

For office work, you can add a jacket, a bright scarf and low-heeled shoes. For a more evening option, black or beige studs, bright women’s accessories (a string of pearls, for example) and a neat clutch are suitable.

For the cold season, as outerwear, you can add a parka jacket or a mink coat with a hat (the most successful headdress for spring and winter).

Such an outfit is suitable, for example, if you just can’t decide what to wear to a New Year’s corporate party or don’t know how to dress properly if you decide to celebrate the New Year with your family.

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How to wear black tights

Black tights are perfect for the look if you chose a black dress or skirt. Also, this color of tights will look good and lengthen the legs if you wear black stilettos with them.

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