Fashionable blue and white pedicure with holes and rhinestones

Fashion trends 2022 and the best pedicure designs with rhinestones with 50+ photo examples

A high-quality pedicure made by an experienced master has long been an ideal tool for self-expression and creating the right mood, image. Gone are the boring plain and nude finishes. Today, toenails shine in the literal sense of the word. Today’s fashion trends offer cute girls and women a lot of absolutely delightful designs using a variety of crystals and stones.

Fashionable blue and white pedicure with holes and rhinestones

A pedicure with rhinestones is always in the spotlight, attracting with its voluminous texture, shining reflected shine and interesting performance. This is one of the best and most popular options for formal and festive occasions.

Nude pedicure with a heart of rhinestones and sequins

Gorgeous decor on the legs gives a great mood and allows you to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to postpone the implementation of your favorite nail design with rhinestones for the summer.

Dark blue pedicure with rhinestones and matte top

Open sandals will show well-groomed feet with a brilliant pedicure in the winter season.

Elegant summer pedicure with modeling and rhinestones

Pink pedicure with inlay

White pedicure with colored stones

Bright pedicure with a heart of rhinestones

Delicate wedding pedicure French with a bow of rhinestones

Classic jacket with a pattern and rhinestones

Floral pedicure with colored rhinestones

How to do and wear a pedicure with rhinestones in 2022

When using crystals and beads as a decor, a number of rules must be observed.

  • Stones are selected and distributed depending on the size of the nail plates. On the big toes, large crystals or a scattering of smaller ones are appropriate. For the rest of the fingers, medium-small and small crystals, broths, and crystal chips are used. Or apply one stone of medium size.
  • To fix the decor, only special glue or transparent varnish is used. In no case do not use household varieties – they can spoil the surface of the nails.
  • The abundance of rhinestones requires an appropriate choice of clothing, shoes and accessories, with similar decorative elements. However, do not overdo it and wear sandals, completely strewn with sparkles. They will overshadow the splendor of a pedicure.
  • Rhinestones are perfectly combined with plain and transparent bases, multi-colored solutions. They can be supplemented with a variety of rubs, holes and jackets, matte finishes.
  • It is best to use shellacs and gel polishes instead of regular ones. Such a pedicure is more durable, it is easier to endure the test of closed shoes.
Beautiful pink pedicure with minimal decor

Very large crystals can cause discomfort when walking in closed shoes. This must be taken into account even in the summer season, if you plan to put on your feet not only sandals or sandals, but also sneakers, ballet flats, shoes.

Original pedicure with rhinestones and large beads

Raspberry matte pedicure

Pale blue pedicure with single rhinestones

Beautiful design with broken glass and rhinestones

Luxurious red and gold french pedicure with inlay

Pale lilac pedicure with a hole of rhinestones

Bright pedicure with colored stones and sparkles

Fashionable pedicure with flowers and stripes

Orange pedicure with gold accents

Beautiful matte pedicure with crystals

A selection of rhinestone pedicure stones trendy in 2022

When creating a delightful, luxurious composition on the toes, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. Not only color combinations or a certain design, style are important, but also the type, variety of brilliant decor.

Golden pedicure with small rhinestones

An experienced nail master makes the right choice on a subconscious level. Beginners and fashionistas who decide to decorate their nails with rhinestones on their own often make gross mistakes.

Fact about pedicure

Since manual care of neglected feet requires a lot of effort, a more modern solution was required. In the 60s of the XX century, the first pedicure routers with sets of nozzles appeared on sale.

Blue pedicure with separate large rhinestones

So what you need to know:

  • Stones with a cone-shaped base are attached only to artificial plates. For living nails, products with a flat bottom are used.
  • To get a rich brilliance reflected by numerous faces, choose Swarovski crystals or glass, cut crystal products.
  • For more calm designs, matte, opaque beads with smooth polishing, broths, and acrylic products are used.
  • The effect of frost or snow sparkling in the light is created using small crystal chips.
Pedicure with original patterns and inlays

Different types, shapes and colors of crystals are perfectly combined with each other, as well as with sparkles and foil.

Rhinestone pedicure technique

In the eyes of a layman, the technique of applying rhinestones to nails seems quite simple. However, as in any other branch of nail art, it has its own subtleties, on which the beauty, safety and reliability of the decor depend.

  • Marigolds and feet are carefully treated with any suitable technique – hardware, edged, European.
  • The nail plates are degreased, after which a transparent base is applied.
  • Apply a layer of colored gel polish, shellac, or a transparent base, depending on the chosen design.
  • Rhinestones are attached to a special glue or a fairly thick layer of uncured gel polish. Large stones – only for glue.
  • Crystals are taken with an orange stick dipped in water or with thin tweezers, a miniature brush.
Glue for applying stones on a pedicure

All layers of coatings must be dried. If it is necessary for the decor to last as long as possible, it is fixed with a transparent fixative. But, you should be aware that an additional layer reduces the natural shine of the stones.

Performing a pedicure with rhinestones in a nail salon

Beautiful pedicure with rhinestones

Trend ideas 2022 for a pedicure with rhinestones from the best nail designers

Unusual red French pedicure with rhinestones

Bright pink pedicure with large stones

Burgundy pedicure with large stones

Festive pedicure with rhinestones and patterns

Pale pink pedicure with rhinestones

Fashionable fruit pedicure with stones

Wedding light pink pedicure with voluminous decor

Original white and lilac pedicure with rhinestones

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