Что будет в тренде весной и летом 2019?

Fashion trends for spring-summer 2019

20 main trends spring-summer 2019

Fashion trends change as often as the seasons, and in the spring and summer of 2019, new world trends appear on the catwalks. Pretentiousness, outrageousness and multi-colored highlights begin to fade away, giving way to balanced and calm images. In the spring and summer of 2019, it is fashionable to be original and elegant.

What is fashionable to wear in spring and summer 2019: female images and photos

Fashion spring-summer 2019

Fashion trends do not appear due to the rich imagination of designers, but after a long analysis of customer reviews, sales statistics and requests. In 2019, global brands agreed that the style of the 80s and 90s is too early to step aside, but it never hurts to add colors and original accessories.

In the palette of fashionable shades in spring-summer:

  • White classic;
  • Nude beige of all shades;
  • Sunny yellow, amber, lemon, corn, canary;
  • Orange Orange;
  • Matte black;
  • Green forest tones;
  • Red berry shades;
  • Pink in combination with other bright colors;
  • Silver and gold.

The style of the eighties plays on the catwalks with new colors, the influence of the hippie movement and the slight hyperbolicity of familiar compositions are actively traced.


Tye-dye trend - hippie watercolor streaks

In the seventies, tie-dye T-shirts were worn by everyone who considered themselves hippies. Now this historical connection is practically not traced. Color stains and patterns of a psychedelic nature are applied not only to festival tops, but also to silk dresses, coats and bags of an elegant style.

MSGM Milan Fashion Week presented a new collection of sweaters and tailored coats with watercolor tie-dye patterns.

watercolor stains

no. 21 chose fitted mini-dresses for printing, on which the psychedelic patterns do not look as casual as before.

Dress with watercolor stains from No.21

Collection Paco Rabane combines Indian motifs, street classics and hippie divorces.

Tie-dye look by Paco Rabanne

In combination with black nylon, bows and a patterned print, a dress from Prada in Tie-Dye style looks original and spring-like.

Tie-dye dress by Prada

boiled denim

Washed denim - fashionable jeans for spring-summer 2019

You won’t surprise anyone with jeans at a fashion show, but in 2019, denim style is returning to the 80s. Washed, bleached denim with blue streaks and faded floors is in fashion. Not only jeans, but also denim dresses, skirts, jackets and other items made of rough canvas are usually combined with everything this spring, the main thing is that the jeans look worn out.

Varenki are again the most fashionable style of jeans in 2019.

The denim collection looks outrageous and fashionable Proenza Schouler spring-summer 2019.

Jeans Proenza Schouler spring-summer 2019

For lovers of casual style, suits made of boiled denim from Stella McCartney.

Denim by Stella McCartney.

Denim jackets of the spring-summer 2019 fashion season – without exception, light and boiled, maxi-size, like Y/Project.

Y/Project denim jackets

Scarf dresses

Dress from Pavloposad shawls

Once upon a time, bright beach pareos with floral prints were in fashion, but now they have moved into the category of bad manners. Designers, however, have not completely abandoned scarves – in the spring and summer of 2019, dresses consisting of light colored chiffon and supposedly sewn from scarves come into fashion.

Both at the resort and for a walk – intricate fabric ornaments will suit all fashionistas. Russian designers did not ignore the trend, creating real beauty from the famous Pavloposad shawls.

Noteworthy dresses from Oscar de la Renta, Zimmermann, Carolina Herrera, Prabal Gurungwho shone at a fashion show in Milan.

Scarf dresses

Not only flowers, but also calm geometry will look elegant on such dresses, as the models prove Antonio Berardi, Leonard Paris, Peter Pilotto.

Scarf dresses Antonio Berardi, Leonard Paris, Peter Pilotto

And for fans of minimalism and matte tones, designers Cinq a Sept, Christian Wijnants and Leanne Marshall offer fashionable options in white and blue shades.

Cinq a Sept, Christian Wijnants, Leanne Marshall

Black lace and mesh

Black lace and mesh fashion

The “crochet” technique has managed to get fed up with fashionistas over the past two years. Instead, a new trend came to her – translucent dresses, skirts and tops made of black lace with a mesh. Knitted black mesh remains at the peak of popularity from hand-made elements. Needlewomen now have a place to express themselves, because thin lace will help make the image unforgettable.

Outfit from Elie Saab blew up the runway at Paris Fashion Week. An elegant lace mesh dress makes the look stylish and sexy.

Black Lace Dress by Elie Saab

Italian designer Valentino introduced the world to a new trend – office-style lace. A pantsuit with translucent lace legs and sleeves breaks new ground in office wear.

Pantsuit with lace by Valentino

Dior also picked up the trend with their characteristic love of minimalism and the aesthetic of thin lines.

Black lace and mesh by Dior


Laces in fashion 2019

In the new spring-summer season, laces are popular everywhere. They decorate not only fashionable spring-summer shoes, but also clothes, pulling miniature dresses and lengthening sandals.

For example, a French fashion house Chloe invites fashionistas to add a bit of sporty aesthetic to their summer look with accent color laces.

Laces in a summer look from Chloe

Dries Van Noten offers to complete an elegant feminine look with an intriguing addition in the form of laces on shoes and neck.

Dries Van Norten dress

Laces are used even in office style, making the image intriguing and extravagant. Victoria/Thomas managed to successfully combine a business vest and a shirt with laces and lace-up sandals.

Victoria/Tomas - laces and business style

Bicycle shorts

Cycling fashion

You can safely return to the cycling shorts that fashionistas loved last summer – in the new season 2019 they are back in trend. Almost all the designers at the fashion week, not excluding Karl Lagerfeld, took part in the cycling frenzy, presenting the most unusual ideas.

Bicycle shorts - trend 2019

Cycling shorts are fashionable to wear not only for their intended purpose, but also in unexpected combinations with jackets and blouses, and even ballet sandals.

Bicycle shorts and white


Fashion Bermuda Shorts

Along with cycling shorts, Bermuda shorts come into fashion in spring-summer 2019 – long shorts of various types: sports, denim, trousers. Designers who have picked up fashion offer countless options for every taste: office, walking, beach.

Bermuda trousers

At first glance, it seems that Bermuda pants are too masculine wardrobe item, but in combination with, for example, a romantic top, you can get an incredibly feminine summer look.

Bermuda trousers with pockets

Bermuda shorts are a “must have” item in the wardrobe for spring-summer 2019. They will be appropriate in the office with a classic blouse, and at a party with an acid T-shirt, and on business trips with a coat and high boots.

Business travel style and Bermuda shorts by Salvatore Ferragamo

Cape silhouette

Cape silhouette fashion

Loose cape-cut coats have firmly established themselves on the fashion pedestal this winter, and in spring and summer, global brands offer light options – capes, trench coats and cape jackets. Such clothes are aesthetic and elegant – one element decides the image and there is no need to hide embroidered sleeves or jewelry on the wrists under outerwear.

In a cape cape of oriental tailoring from Alexachung you can go out to the city, and to work, and even go for an evening dinner.

Cape by Alexachung

trend from Burberry involves wearing a cape-style coat as the main piece of clothing. This image looks stylish and expensive, but inconspicuous.

Coat by Burberry


Kapron in trend 2019

To wear nylon leggings or not is the choice of everyone, but this season the designers have diverged in earnest and even tights have become trendy. Top notch designers…

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