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Fashion trousers spring-summer 2021: review of models with photos

Pants spring-summer: 7 most fashionable styles of 2021

Stylists keep saying that women should wear skirts and dresses in spring. However, in reality, there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of your favorite trousers, especially if the dress code at work suggests an office style of clothing.

In order not to look old-fashioned and monotonous, we offer to replenish the collection of trousers in the wardrobe with the most relevant models for the spring of 2021. By the way, this season, trousers with a little zest are in trend.

Trousers 2021: fashion trends for spring

Today, it is especially easy to look feminine in trousers, because narrow models that disfigure the figure are a thing of the past. Bananas, trousers with stripes and low waists have also lost their relevance.

Do not get carried away with options with an aggressive animal print or flowers, since stripes and a cage are considered the most relevant patterns. Among the colors in the top are yellow, gray, blue, orange, purple, green, brown. By the way, do a full review of the most fashionable colors for 2021?

So, we’ll tell you what trousers are fashionable in the spring-summer of 2021, so that when you go to the store, the question “to take or not to take” does not even arise.


Victoria Beckham photo
Palazzo pants photo what to wear
Palazzo pants photo spring 2021
Beige palazzo trousers
White palazzo trousers for spring
gray palazzo trousers for spring 2021

Let’s start the review of fashionable trousers spring-summer 2021 with the most feminine model that suits ladies of any age and physique.

Palazzo trousers – Ideal model for all ages. They are characterized by an extension from the waist. There are small tucks at the front and side pockets. They are usually elongated and completely hide the shoes.

The advantage of this model is its versatility. They are moderately smart, they make a thin figure more rounded, and they make full ones slimmer. They are easy to combine with outerwear and shoes. The most fashionable options: biker jacket, trench coat, coat, denim jacket and jacket in men’s style.

From eco-leather

Fashionable women's leather pants photo
Women's eco-leather trousers spring 2021
Olive eco-leather trousers
Stylish black leather trousers
Blue eco-leather trousers spring
What pants are in fashion now 2021

Fashionistas who have model parameters or are close to them can afford fashionable trousers made of leather or eco-leather.

This fabric does not stretch well, so you should choose pants one size larger. They are much more comfortable, and the figure is not distorted.

It is better for plus-size women to refuse eco-leather. These pants look defiant even with the right fit and shoes at low speed. A good alternative is a dense suiting fabric.

With slits at the bottom

Fashion trousers with slits
Black trousers with slits
Checkered trousers with slits
Classic black trousers with slits
Wide leg black trousers with slits
Jeans with slits at the bottom

Last year, we were just getting used to the fashion for women’s slit trousers, and now we are ready to purchase them, because they occupy a leading position in the top spring-summer 2021 fashion trends.

Why choose slit trousers? This is unusual and can be a good alternative to the cuffed option, which has lost its relevance. This is stylish, as it creates an additional accent in the lower zone. This is original, because not everyone has got these yet. Need to hurry!

Classic Straight

Classic women's trousers
Classic trousers for spring for women
Cropped dress pants
Trousers with an arrow for women
Fashionable women's trousers with an arrow
Black women's long pants

There is nothing more timeless than classic women’s trousers. They are characterized by a medium or high fit, straight cut, arrows. Pockets are optional.

These trousers stretch the silhouette and are combined not only with shoes with heels, but also with sneakers, loafers, oxfords.

A classic cut is something that will never go out of style, so if you can’t choose from the trendy accents, stick to the basics.

Be sure to make sure that the composition of the product is natural, otherwise you will have to look for new ideal trousers after a short period of time. And also choose the right length: shortened – for those who are not endowed with wide hips. Elongated – for women who want to adjust their own parameters.

small flare

flared jeans photo
Flared jeans from the hip
Black flared trousers
Brick-colored flared trousers
Extra wide flare jeans
Corduroy flared trousers

Fashionable women’s flared trousers are those in which the expansion starts from the hip or from the knee, but at the same time looks quite natural. Retro options are not about this season.

Flare is fashionable to wear with shoes that have a sharp nose. These are ballet flats and pumps. Sneakers and sneakers should not be combined with this model, they are better combined with a palazzo.

With stripes and sporty style

Pants with stripes photo
Fashion trousers with stripes
How to wear pants with stripes
Pants with stripes photo
Black trousers with stripes for women
Pants with colored stripes photo

This year, the fashion for sportswear continues, because the quarantine has not yet receded and many continue to lead a reclusive lifestyle.

To feel as comfortable as possible while walking and shopping, you should choose trousers in a sporty style. They have similar features to the palazzo, however, as a rule, they are made of knitwear or baize. A distinctive feature is the stripes.

With hairpins

How to wear trousers with drawstrings
Fashion trousers with tie-dyes
What to wear with trousers
Stylish spring look
Leggings with stripes photo
Skinny pants with drawstrings

The most controversial style of fashion trousers for the spring-summer 2021 season is the model with stirrups. Such a highlight in the image will definitely not go unnoticed!

Stilettos not only hold the item in the right position, but also give the image a special charm. You can complement such a set with both an accent top, for example, a jacket with a print, and a basic one – a black leather jacket.

Trousers with drawstrings can sit loosely or completely fit the figure. The choice depends on what goal the woman is pursuing: to create an emphasis on the figure or to smooth out the flaws as much as possible.

Bright plain

Red pants and beige coat photo
Purple Leather Pants ChangeClear
Green pants
Blue palazzo trousers
Green flared trousers
Yellow palazzo trousers

Women’s trousers for spring-summer 2021 can be not only stylish cut, but also an accent color. The trend is monophonic things in yellow, blue, green, orange.

Styling colored pants is a simple task. There are three options for the top – neutral (black, white, beige), monochrome (the same color, but in a different shade), with a print (the color of the trousers must be present in the picture).

Unfashionable trousers

The stylists have identified not only a list of the most trendy trousers for spring-summer 2021, but also anti-trends. These include, first of all, things that do not decorate the figure, but distort the parameters. These are models with a low fit and narrow legs, with breeches, a very wide flare, shortened with additional cuffs.


Fashionable white trousers
Pants with front slits
Fashion trousers with ropes
Fashion trousers with ropes instead of zippers
Trendy loose trousers for autumn
Loose white pants
What to wear with khaki trousers
Stylish pants for women
Red pants and white top


Cropped leather trousers
Classic pants

Pants are a stylish and indispensable element of a woman’s wardrobe. Based on them, you can create images in different styles: sports, casual, classic, city.

  • To look fashionable, stylists recommend:
  • Choose pants that fit freely and do not overtighten the figure;
  • Landing should be medium or high;
  • If there is an arrow on the leg, it is important to ensure that it is not taut;
  • Pockets should also not be pulled back. This indicates the need to choose a larger item.

The mood of the outfit depends on all the components. You can also look elegant in sneakers if you are wearing dress pants and a simple white shirt in a masculine style.

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