Модные футболки с рисунками 2021

Fashionable and not fashionable prints on t-shirts in 2021

Drawings on T-shirts: current options and not so

We have already talked more than once about the actual cut and the sleeves of T-shirts. But what about the print: what to choose to be in trend, and not outside the fashion line?

We talk about the most relevant designs on T-shirts for the summer of 2021 for women.

Irrelevant prints

Anastasia Kostenko in a Gucci T-shirt

To begin with, let’s highlight the prints that should be avoided, even if the sales assistant is strongly recommended to pay attention to this particular collection. New collections are not always fashionable, often manufacturers do not follow trends at all, churning out the same thing year after year.

Duplication of inscriptions

T-shirt with slogans
T-shirt with slogans - unfashionable

T-shirts. on which the same inscription is repeated 50 times or more have lost their relevance. It is enough just once to tell the world something important, as well as to show that the author of the thing is a certain brand.

Images of animals and birds with big eyes

Owl T-shirt
T-shirt with a toad

A few years ago, T-shirts with images of animals and birds with huge eyes in the chest area were in trend. Of course, this was a marketing ploy to draw attention to a certain part of the body. Today, this technique is considered bad manners. It is better to immediately give preference to a blouse with a deep neckline and abandon ambiguous associations.

Photo collage

T-shirt photo collage
Collage of photos on a T-shirt example

Minimalism is in trend, so we don’t try to fit everything at once on one canvas. Each T-shirt is a separate story and you should not mix them up, trying to make up a story.

flower lawn

Flower bouquet on a t-shirt
Flower bouquet on a T-shirt

A T-shirt should not look like a flower lawn. If the image of one plant is not enough for you, choose a product with a small print, rather than large flowers scattered across the canvas.

Edible print all over t-shirt

T-shirt with watermelons
T-shirt with watermelons

The relevance of the print with fruits, vegetables and berries scattered all over the T-shirt has passed. Now in the trend are products with 1-3 identical patterns.

Vest with an additional pattern

unfashionable vest
Unfashionable vest example

In 2021, vests are again very popular. True, it is worth choosing the classic stripe width without additional images in the marine theme.

Brilliant drawings

Glitter graphic on a T-shirt
Glitter graphic on a T-shirt

Drawings that shine, shimmer, change color, etc. Save it for the kids, and choose something neutral for yourself.


T-shirt and leopard pants
Image of t-shirt and hat

To look stylish and be able to wear a T-shirt with a lot of “bottoms”, choose a trendy print. What it is, we tell below.

One inscription

Top T-shirt
T-shirt top red

So, one inscription of medium size, in a readable font is what you need. You can choose the option with a substrate or printed on a photo.

tropical print

T-shirt with palm trees
Tropical print on T-shirt

Instead of bouquets, we choose images of tropical plants. It can be one sheet or just a shadow.

One large flower

T-shirt with a flower
T-shirt with a flower example

Another option that came to replace bouquets is one large flower in the center. This print looks stylish and sophisticated. It can become the main highlight of the image.

One big photo

T-shirt with photo
T-shirt with photo

We decided that photo collages are the last century, so we return to the trend of the 2000s – fan t-shirts with one large photo in the center.

Edible print one piece

T-shirt with watermelons
T-shirt with watermelon

Instead of a thousand pieces of watermelon, choose just one or two. By the way, you can place them where the huge eyes of seals, owls and chanterelles used to be.

simple vest

Actual vest
Beautiful women's vest

The vest became the basic clothing. Choose any color, the main thing – no additional elements.

Outline drawings

Drawings on T-shirts photo
Outline T-shirt

Another current trend for t-shirt prints is contour drawings. Minimalistic style is welcome in everything today, so pay attention to things that are done in soothing colors with small drawings without shading.

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