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Fashionable down jackets autumn-winter 2021-2022 (trend overview)

Signs of a trendy down jacket for this season

Outerwear in the autumn-winter period deserves special attention, since we stay in it most of the time. She hides dresses, blouses and sweaters from prying eyes, which we choose with such trepidation in stores. That is why it is time to take a more careful and conscious approach to the selection of jackets.

Models of fashionable down jackets autumn/winter 2021-2022

Quilted puffer shirt
Down jacket bathrobe made of eco-leather
Plain down jacket with a belt
Down jacket in the form of a black robe
quilted peach down jacket
Cropped winter down jacket with belt
Pastel standard down jacket
Dress with down jacket

A trendy down jacket should not be a shapeless mass (the days of such garments are gone), but a stylish key element of a winter look. We tell you what features this product may have.

With gathered line

Cloud bag and down jacket Down jacket and banana bag Winter outfit with a blue down jacket Down jacket and bucket bag Down jacket and banana bag photo Beige down jacket women's photo Down jacket for winter 2021 photo Fashionable down jacket for women winter 2021 photo The most fashionable model of a down jacket winter 2021 photo

The most relevant model of down jackets for the cold period is with gathered stitching. They can be of any length: from a shortened version to an elongated down coat. Color – plain or unobtrusive print, for example: houndstooth, abstraction, space, squares, circles, etc. Floral print for such down jackets is irrelevant.

These models of warm jackets usually have a stand-up collar and a hood. This allows them to be among the most practical models.

With a belt like a robe

Down jacket

Down jacket pink

Double-sided down jacket

The trend is not only cashmere and quilted coats, reminiscent of bathrobes, but also down jackets. Such products, as a rule, are devoid of gathered stitching and are made in the form of a single canvas. Pockets and buttons, like classic men’s jackets, are a good addition.

Drawstring at the waist

Down jacket with drawstring waist

Down jacket with a drawstring at the waist photo

The drawstring is not a Basque, let’s clarify right away. The drawstring helps the down jacket in a minimalist style (there are no obvious decorative elements or eye-catching cut points) to emphasize the silhouette. It is slightly tightened to define the waist and create a more feminine look.

This jacket is usually medium length, covering the hips. Maxi models with a drawstring are rare.

On the smell

Wrap winter down jacket

Wrap down jacket

Stylish eco-leather down jacket

A special place among this year’s trends is occupied by warm wrap jackets with a belt. Their length is medium – to the middle of the buttocks, and the color is basic or pastel.

In order to slightly diversify the image with such outerwear, stylists suggest replacing the standard belt, which is presented in the kit, with a classic leather belt.


How To Wear a Down Jacket With a Smart Bag Saddle bag and down jacket

The youth trend this winter is cropped down jackets. They barely reach the waist, so it’s hard to call them practical, but they definitely refresh the image.

Stylists recommend choosing such jackets for going to a restaurant or cafe. For a walk on a frosty evening, this is not the best choice, although there is a hood. By the way, in past seasons, cropped jackets had only a high stand-up collar, which made them even less practical.


Quilted cropped down jacket

Quilted long coat for winter

Quilted coat

Quilted shirt coat

For the second year in a row, all fashion experts have been talking about the relevance of quilted items and accessories.

Quilted rhombuses or other shapes give the product a special chic and charm. It becomes accent, although it does not have a bright print or catchy decor.

Quilted down jackets can be of various lengths and shapes. Most Popular:

  • in the form of a bathrobe;
  • like a classic U-line coat;
  • trench cut;
  • like a shirt with patch pockets.

From eco-leather

Winter outfit with a down jacket Down jacket and banana bag

For many years now, many fashion houses have entrusted eco-leather with the main role in the autumn-winter shows. The 2021-2022 season was no exception.

Down jackets made of eco-leather look stylish and unusual. They usually repeat the shape of the first trend – with gathered stitching. They are usually worn with jeans, knitted suits and dresses, eco-leather trousers. Actual shoes are lace-up boots, high bangs and trendy rubber boots with an extended top.

Are you ready for the cold season? Which down jacket did you like the most?

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