Модные луки для зимы 2019-2020

Fashionable female images autumn-winter for every day

Fashionable women’s bows “Winter 2019” for every day

Winter is a great time for fur coats, warm coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots. From all this you can make a very stylish and fashionable ensemble that will perfectly warm in cold weather.

Fashionable images with outerwear

Fashionable images with outerwear

Couter for the cold seasons delight fashionistas with unusual trends that will help make the image stylish and cozy. Fashionable images for autumn-winter cannot be imagined without the main element of clothing – coats, fur coats or jackets. Depending on the material and the desired effect, it is important to be able to correctly combine the details of the wardrobe in order to achieve the desired image.

In the winter of 2019-2020, styles such as futuristic, victorian, military and western are popular.

The color scheme does not have strict restrictions; during fallen leaves and snow, bright colors are especially relevant. To create an image, it is advisable to replace the black color with shades of blue or dark chocolate.

Stylish images with a coat

Girl in a coat

The coat is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This element of the set will perfectly complement the retro style, casual and street style.

This year, for the winter period, fashion houses offer very unusual and extravagant styles – an asymmetric cut, a complex version of the sleeve. For those who do not want to take risks and stand out strongly, collections of simpler models are always replenished.

Stylish coat

The combination of a coat with a skirt or dress of any length will certainly create a fashionable image of a sophisticated lady. Accessories such as jewelry and a handbag will help decorate the bow.

Girl in a warm coat

Animal coat and pink dress

In the fall-winter 2019-2020 trend, coats with large pockets and collars, which fashion designers create in a specially contrasting color or add faux fur.

Coat with fur

In addition to the classic style, the British-style coat is in fashion – the cape, and leather outerwear also does not lose its popularity. These types of coats make up a harmonious image with jeans or leggings.

Stylish cape

Black coat

Fashionable coat colors for winter can be very diverse: from bright to nude, they can also be made in one tone or combine several shades.

Fashionable bows with sheepskin coats

Girl in a sheepskin coat

A sheepskin coat is a very warm and practical option for everyday life, which is especially gaining popularity in the winter of 2019-2020. Whether outerwear made of natural or faux fur, it looks luxurious and can save you from the cold.

Most often, a sheepskin coat is made of sheepskin, the price and durability of wearing depend on the type of material used. The advantage of this part of the wardrobe lies in its versatility, the sheepskin coat goes well with any selected set.

Girl in a sheepskin coat

The midi-length sheepskin coat is considered the fashion trend of winter. Straight and skinny jeans, trousers are combined with it, and a skirt shorter or slightly longer than the hem of a sheepskin coat will also add style to the image.

Sheepskin coat midi

Sheepskin coat and skirt

A short length will go well with a set of skirts of any length, a sweater and a scarf-collar. No less top way will be the combination of a sheepskin coat with flared jeans, which are also the fashion trend of the 2019-2020 season.

Short sheepskin coat

Sheepskin coat and flared jeans

A long sheepskin coat is a bold decision. It harmonizes well with clothes of any length, but it is difficult and impractical to wear it – the hem gets dirty easily.

Long sheepskin coat

Casual style with a long sheepskin coat

The classic color schemes for sheepskin coats are shades of brown. However, in order not to get bored in the cold seasons, designers offer all shades of blue, red, green and even yellow.

Fur coat and how to wear it

Girl in a fur coat

The fur coat has long been considered the standard of luxury, wealth and chic. The current fashion is the most diverse choice in clothing, providing fashionistas not only in a stylish way, but also in comfort.

Both natural fur coats and eco-fur coats are equally in demand. Many fashion designers have abandoned the use of animal skins and have achieved amazing success in creating artificial fur coats that are no different from real ones.

Girl in a white coat

When choosing a fur coat for the winter, make sure that it is not too wide or narrow. You should feel comfortable, and to emphasize the waist, you can tie a belt. A well-tailored fur coat will help create any fashionable female look, whether it be business style, sport-chic or casual. The top bow will always be a combination of a beautiful dress with a fur coat.

Fur coat and sports styleFur coat with a beautiful dress

Fur coats with long pile visually increase the proportions of the body. Short-haired styles are suitable for every type of figure and, in general, make up a harmonious set with any chosen clothes.

White coat and blue dress

Casual style with a fur coat

Long fur coat

But a fur hat will only spoil the fashionable image, depreciating it. Instead, it is better to give preference to knitwear and knitwear.

Looks with puffy jackets

Padded jacket

The jacket is the most sought-after outerwear in autumn and winter. The fashion trend of 2019-2020 is considered to be “dutika”, which perfectly warms in bad weather. Despite the bulkiness, if you assemble the set correctly, you will get a very stylish look.

The fashion trend in the winter is the brightness and originality of colorful combinations. Pink, orange, red jackets are welcome, as well as an interesting vintage style design that diversifies your look.

Vintage jacket

Puffy pink jacket

If you are not a fan of flashy colors, then you can choose pastel colors: powdery, creamy and dusty shades.

Gray padded jacket

Mint shade on the jacket

A fashionable winter look can be achieved with the help of contrast: a bright jacket and clothes in soothing colors, a muted jacket and rich colors in the rest of the bow. Jeans look fashionable with any outerwear, especially with a jacket. The top will brighten up a warm knitted sweater in a cherry shade or with a print.

Blue padded jacket

For a top-of-the-line look, pair a jacket with a dress or skirt made from heavy materials such as wool or cashmere.

Warm skirt and jacket

Jacket with dress

With a puffy jacket, it is possible to turn into reality absolutely any bow that will make you fashionable and spectacular in 2019-2020.

Stylish sets of winter clothes

Stylish set

Things can be beautiful and in line with fashion trends, but only their skillful combination can create a top look. Having decided on the desired style, you can get winter clothes out of the closet and make a complete set.

Images with knitted dresses

Knitted dress

You can stay elegant and feminine even in winter, all you need for this is a knitted dress. Warm dresses made of wool, knitwear and knitted or crocheted are popular in 2019-2020.

A fashionable look can be achieved by combining an outfit with a coat or jacket. Short dresses can be combined with high-top shoes, and the presence of a heel is a matter of taste. An addition to the image will be a handbag and large jewelry, such as a necklace or pendant.

Dress with a pendant

Coat and knitted dress

Knitted dresses of medium length or elongated can be worn with ankle boots and boots with a small heel. If the clothes have an original pattern, then it is better not to pile them up with unnecessary accessories.

Boho style dress

Brown knitted dress

Gray knitted dress

Knitted dresses are not combined with other knitted items. They themselves are a great element of the winter set.

Jeans and trousers

girl in jeans

Jeans are the favorite clothing of both men and women. They…

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