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Fashionable hair accessories: trends, photos

Fashion hair accessories

In recent years, the demand for hair accessories has increased significantly. Mainly thanks to fashion shows, where most designers used unusual hair ornaments to create unique looks. So many of the accessories have found their application in everyday life.

Types of hair accessories

Unusual hair ornament

Designers and fashion designers strongly recommend that girls and women of all ages choose accessories for the season. Fashionable with bright floral ornaments – for the summer, with bright leaves (yellow, orange, etc.) – for the fall, and the classic color palette of jewelry (black, white, brown) is suitable for all occasions.

Among the most common and popular hair accessories are:

  • Ribbons (leather, silk, metal with floral ornaments, art deco style);
  • Tiaras and diadems;
  • Headbands (leather, plastic, fabric, from various stones, etc.);
  • Silk and natural scarves, bows and canopies;
  • Chains and / or threads with pearls (other stones, intertwined, combined with each other, etc.);
  • Metal elastic bands and cords (metal, leather, fabric, etc.);
  • Hairpins, hairpins, etc.

Fancy hairpins

Hairpins are especially popular. They are used to create hairstyles for long and medium hair, and for owners of short lengths, it is better to avoid such massive jewelry. Hairpins can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, pearls or precious stones.

Hairpins with rhinestones

Fans of chic are advised to pay attention to the combs. Combs are relevant for evening hairstyles. They help not only fix the hair in the right position, but also decorate and give the image a special chic and elegance.

Elegant combs

Supporters of simplicity and elegance should give preference to invisible or invisible elastic bands. Such options are more suitable for everyday life. However, among modern trends, the leading positions are occupied by accessories that combine the chic of evening jewelry and the convenience and simplicity of daytime options.


Wedding tiara in retro style

In the lines of well-known brands, you can find very beautiful accessories for hair and for wedding dresses (special accessories for brides). In this direction, you can find not only classic white attributes, but also tiaras with various designs (the most popular with Swarovski stones) and colored jewelry that can be matched to any outfit, including color schemes. Wedding tiaras with stones

Do not fall out of fashion and jewelry, decorated with pearls and just rhinestones. Some of them can even be made by hand or made to order.Wedding tiaras with rhinestones

Unusual wedding decorations

The retro style, which occupies a leading position in a fashionable top, is also reflected in wedding accessories. Elegant lace, framing the bride’s hairstyle and complemented by a large flower, will be the perfect solution for lovers of this style.

Wedding flower on the head

The classic tiaras and diadems, which usually fix a delicate veil on the bride’s head, do not lose their relevance. However, in 2019, stylists recommend abandoning the use of veils in favor of exceptional original accessories.

wedding tiara

wedding tiara

The top of the wedding hair accessories also includes light strands of pearls framing the hair, unusual brooches and barrettes and graceful combs covered with small beads and rhinestones.

From artificial hair

Synthetic hair bands

The trend for artificial hair can also be attributed to retro style (hello from the 60s and 70s). But in the fashion trends of the outgoing year, he has undergone some changes. If in those years only hairpieces and wigs were fashionable, today variations have been added to them that help create an original look with your own hands:

  • Pigtails made of natural or artificial curls (weave or fasten all over the head or selectively);
  • False strands or half wigs (they are used on bangs, on the entire head of hair or in separate parts to give more volume to the hairstyle, they are on hairpins or headbands with a comb insert), etc. variations.

Nevertheless, naturalness is in fashion in 2019, so it is recommended to replace the used artificial strands with rims in the form of a braided braid.

Headband in the form of a braid

This option is suitable for girls who do not know how to weave braids or who do not have enough time for morning preparations. An artificial pigtail will help to complement any look, giving it elegance and zest. However, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to choose a bezel in accordance with the color of the hair, otherwise you can only spoil the appearance.

For styling

elegant fibula

The largest selection of jewelry of the outgoing year is provided for long hair, but for medium and short hair, the use of beautiful accessories is very applicable. Goes great with short hair clips or headbands. In this option, you should not choose bulky models, it is better to choose more elegant ones, perhaps with rhinestones, stones, or simply invisible ones.

Headband with stones and rhinestones

Do not lose sight of scarves, ribbons and, of course, flowers. Of these, you can create with your own hands original ideas for every day, for a holiday (another celebration), flowers can be artificial or live. They are attached to hairpins (invisibles are used for the living).Decoration with flowers

Depending on the chosen hairstyle, you should also select a hair accessory. Headbands and elastic bands are more suitable for everyday life, and bright flowers, hairpins strewn with rhinestones, brooches and combs are more suitable for an evening celebration.

To graduation party

Headband with flowers and stones

In the trend of the outgoing year, hair accessories with flowers. These models look especially relevant at evening events: at a wedding, at a graduation or other solemn event.

You can create original decorations from one or more fresh flowers with your own hands. For better preservation throughout the evening, it is recommended to treat the flowers with hairspray (possible with sparkles), and attach a small damp sponge to the cut so that moisture does not drain, it is better to wrap this simple design with polyethylene. Attached is a masterpiece on the hair with the help of invisibility or in the same way on the rim. Hair ornaments with flowers

When choosing jewelry, you need to take into account the style of the haircut and the hairstyle itself (styling on a hair dryer or curlers, for example), pick up clothes for a handbag and other details. It is important that the decoration complements the overall set, and does not draw attention to itself.

Unusual headband with shells

Another important detail is the age of the girl. For grade 9, it is better to avoid massive jewelry, preferring light accents, for example, a thin headband with a scattering of stones or a pearl ribbon. Older girls are allowed to use brooches and combs, also decorated with stones. But hairpins and voluminous flowers are best left to adult women.

For girls

Jewelry with flowers for girls

The richest selection of the outgoing year is presented in the line of children’s hair accessories. There is a huge selection for both girls and boys. The vast majority of these are bright and original models, with characters from fairy tales and cartoons (princesses or Barbie dolls, for example). But in all its diversity…

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