Fashionable hair coloring in 2020 for medium hair: photo

Fashion coloring 2020: fashion trends

Every year, masters of hairdressing manage to come up with techniques that can surprise even the most capricious and fastidious fashionista. Today there are a lot of them and all of them are worthy of attention.

Fashion trends in hair coloring 2020

Fashion is constantly changing and amending the trends of past years. Today we will talk about hair coloring trends, haircut techniques that will be in the first positions.

What coloring will be fashionable this year?


2020 will not entail grandiose changes in staining techniques and color techniques, but there are still quite a few new products. This year, natural shades in cold tones will gain unprecedented popularity. As never before, blondes will be popular, only in a new “role”. Now, the wheat hair color will fade into the background, and the primacy will be taken by a cool beige shade with pink, platinum and silver pigments. Those who dreamed of painting in gray shades can safely grab onto the paint and mix it with pink, making an ombre or alternating strands.


If blondes can “play” with colors and add berry shades, then it is better for brunettes to keep their “temper” and stop at a dark shade of black or “bitter chocolate”. Prefer the most saturated tones of black and brown. And of course, do not forget about the new trend of 2020 – the color of cinnamon.


In 2020, fashion trends have not bypassed the red beasts. Fashionistas increasingly prefer natural blondes with an admixture of red shades. Beautiful and courageous girls choose orange shades, with an admixture of red. Also, you should pay attention to the color of the mango, which looks interesting and not beaten.

Current Techniques

This year, such techniques have gained popularity: balayage, ombre, bronding, shatush, sombre.
Stylists advise not to experiment at home, as only a true professional can achieve the desired result without ruining the hair.

Such techniques look great on both long and short curls.


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Fashionable hair coloring 2020 for long hair (photo)

Owners of long curls can experiment and try more and more new techniques and shades.

New for brunettes

Long hair is always beautiful. Leading stylists advise brunettes to make an ombre with a transition from dark to light. It is desirable that the dark smoothly turns into light, thereby creating the effect of burnt tips.

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Options for blondes

Coloring is suitable for blondes, possibly with the addition of colored pigments to the strands. Also, highlighting can be done. Ombre can be tried by natural blondes, giving the tips a shade 2-3 shades lighter.

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Ideas for redheads

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Fashionable hair coloring in 2020 for short hair (photo)

Short hair is becoming more and more popular. The ideal technique this year is multi-colored tips. It looks fresh and not beat up.

Ideas for a stylish haircut

This season, asymmetrical bob and haircuts with creative bangs are popular. If you have found a good master, try an interesting technique when strands are dyed in different colors, while the upper part remains in its natural color. So, slightly lifting your curls, you will surprise everyone with an unusual painting, which not everyone can boast of.

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