Модные шарфы для мужчин

Fashionable men’s scarves: autumn-winter 2019-2020

Fashionable men’s scarves: an overview of trends, types, models

Initially, the founders of fashion trends were the fair sex. However, in today’s world, many men also want to look stylish. Fashion accessories, scarves in particular, are able to set accents, give a discreet look a bright, catchy and attractive look.

Types of men’s scarves

Fashion models of men's scarves

A man wants to look confident in society, but at the same time unobtrusively. A stylish scarf will help diversify your everyday look. To emphasize individuality, designers have developed many fashionable scarves for men of different models, styles and colors.

In the men’s wardrobe, the scarf performs several functions at once: it protects, adds style to the image and attracts attention.

First of all, a scarf should be practical, protect from adverse weather conditions, cold and wind.

At the same time, even the most common model of a men’s scarf is able to emphasize the dignity of a man and attract the attention of girls. The main thing is to learn how to choose the right model. You should not wear a scarf just because it is fashionable, the product should be combined with the rest of the image.

Fashionable styles and colors of men's scarves

A stylish men’s scarf is one that looks harmonious with the rest of the elements of the image: jacket, coat, pullover.

Men’s winter scarves can be of different textures. Knitted accessories are especially popular. In the new season, embossed knitting, as well as geometric patterns, are most in demand. Squares and rhombuses are especially well combined with a masculine image.

Fashionable men's images with a scarf

It is recommended to choose a scarf depending on the season. In the cold season (winter-autumn), knitted and voluminous models are mainly worn, in the warm season (summer-spring) – thin products. The style should be in harmony with the image of a man; knitted scarves or snoods are hardly suitable for a business style.

The golden rule of a man’s look: a scarf should always be a few tones lighter or darker than the main clothing. Tone on tone does not need to be taken!

The color scheme of men’s accessories is not as diverse as that of the fairer sex. As a rule, in the men’s wardrobe there are more solid and restrained colors. Blue and gray colors, as well as classic black, are very popular.

Men’s scarves in a classic style

Men's scarf in a classic style

Classic men’s scarves are usually made in medium length in discreet solid colors. Worn with any outerwear: jacket, coat and down jacket. In winter, a scarf can always be wrapped several times around the neck.

Classic scarf for men

It is also important to remember that the shade of the model should match your complexion. With the right color scheme, you can emphasize unusual eye color, dark skin or beautiful light brown hair color. The product may contain a discreet print. The peculiarity of the model lies in its practicality and style.

Men's cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf, made in a classic style, is worn by those men who are not used to experimenting, but prefer stability and sophistication in their image.

Long knitted men’s scarves

Stylish look with a coarse knit scarf

For men who prefer a more daring dress code long knitted products are ideal. This model can be worn with a jacket and a down jacket. Some men mistakenly assume that a knitted long model cannot be combined with a coat. However, with the right combination of details and color schemes, this image looks very bold and stylish.

Fashionable knitted scarves

Long scarves for men

Such a scarf model requires some more bright addition. A long knitted scarf is in perfect harmony with aggressive boots, a matching hat or gloves and jeans with a “torn” effect.

Snood (scarf around the neck)

Snood for men

This season, this type of scarf remains popular – snood. It is also called a scarf-collar or collar. A distinctive feature of this model is that it has a circular shape without beginning and end.

Snood for men

It is generally accepted that snood models belong to youth fashion, but recently this product has won sympathy from a more mature generation. Such men are not afraid to experiment with their appearance and are ready to give it newness.

Snood goes well with a warm vest and a knitted sweater. Despite the fact that this accessory refers more to a sporty style, such an image on a mature man looks quite aristocratic.

Snood scarf for older men

Such a product is organically combined with puffy jackets, parkas, sweatshirts and leather jackets. It is interesting to look at such models of scarves, made of large viscous. They are usually worn over outerwear.

What to wear with men's snood?

Volumetric models of snoods for men

In addition to the stylish and masculine image that snood helps to create, it is also designed to warm the neck in severe frosts, protect from wind and hypothermia. This scarf model can also be combined with other accessories, such as a knitted hat and glasses with fashionable frames.

Warm male snood

On men, plain knitwear looks more expressive and appropriate. But if you want to somehow refresh your everyday look, you can make an accent with a brighter color scheme.

Bright snood model for men

Warm scarf collar

Some models of scarf-collar are more voluminous, tightly fit the neck, if necessary, they can cover the nose and mouth. From the side, the scarf looks like an ordinary tight collar that is worn over the head. Such models are best combined with a coat and a knitted hat in a similar shade with an elongated end.


Stylish men's scarf

Tippet – a universal accessory for men’s wardrobe, which can be used as an addition to any image. This model can be combined with different styles of clothing:

  • Everyday;
  • sports;
  • Business;
  • Romantic.

Men's scarf stole in a romantic style

Men's stole in casual style

Depending on the chosen style, the style and design of the stole can be made in different variations. For example, for a romantic walk in the warm season, it is recommended to wear a scarf made of light fabrics such as cotton, linen. Made of loose material, it can be worn as a tie by tying a scarf around the neck.

Men's loose scarves

You can also tie a light, silk model around your neck. Such an accessory looks very stylish with a retro-style jacket and with a small stubble. Such an insignificant detail will give a man an outwardly additional gallantry.

Stole scarf for men in business style

Elegant scarf around the neck for men

Trendy prints and colors of scarves for men

Models of Scandinavian men's scarves

Now at the peak of popularity scandinavian style products. It is associated with a vivid image of masculinity, brutality and slight negligence.

Checked scarves for men

Fashionable plaid scarf for men

Such models are distinguished by practicality, price / quality ratio. Scarves in the Scandinavian style are characterized by minimalism and conciseness. Such products are worn by those men who do not strive for luxury, but prefer clothes made from natural materials.

Men's printed accessories

As a rule, monochrome and discreet colors prevail in men’s accessories. Mostly calm tones are used:

  • Muted mint;
  • Dark blue;
  • Grey;
  • White;
  • Brown.

Striped male accessory

However, a voluminous emerald red check in combination with yellow and mustard shades is also popular. For…

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