Fashionable red manicure: design, ideas, photos

Red manicure: new items, ideas, photos

Red manicure is a classic of women’s manicure. Marilyn Monroe preferred scarlet manicure, so today almost everyone associates it with this talented movie diva. But every woman should remember that the very color is very bright and attracts attention, so before you decide to paint your nails in such a shade, bring it to perfect condition (cut the cuticle and file it to the required shape).

Nail design in red (photo)

In 2019, red nail designs have become a trend. More and more women give preference to scarlet shades, diluting the design with drawings and patterns.

Beautiful black and red

Scarlet and black have always been beautifully combined. Two contrasting colors create a versatile shade combination. You can make a beautiful gradient or black drawings on a bright background.

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Gorgeous scarlet and white

In their combination, these shades are absolutely unique. You can create a delicate design by adding just a couple of white stripes, spots or flowers. White can also act as the main color, but it is the bright base that creates the greatest effect. Many masters simply paint all their nails in scarlet, painting only on the ring finger.

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Manicure red with white and black

And what if you combine all three unique contrasting shades: red, black, white? You will get an explosive mixture from which you will be delighted.

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With golden effect for gold lovers

Absolutely any shade looks beautiful with gold. Gold works wonders, especially on the nails, pairing beautifully with gold jewelry on the fingers.

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Actual jacket with a pattern

French can be scarlet with an original pattern.

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Lunar manicure with white holes

Lunar nail design is the most relevant type of nail design in 2019. Classic lunar – filled in white hole of the nail plate. The red lunar with a white hole looks especially chic.

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Bright glitter design

Sequins of all colors and shades have always been in fashion. In combination with scarlet, you can create thousands of variations.

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Fashion combination with silver

This type of manicure is very similar to gold, but silver is used instead of gold.

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Designer scarlet patterned

You can give complete freedom of imagination and come up with the most unusual drawings, leaving bright scarlet as the base.

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Classic New Year’s manicure

Scarlet is perfect for winter, especially for New Year’s design.

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Extended nail design

Long claws give complete freedom to the master. They can be decorated with beautiful designs and creative patterns.

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Modern red manicure ideas with rhinestones

Fashionistas love everything shiny, reminiscent of precious stones. Therefore, decorating nails, rhinestones of all colors and shades are used.

Rhinestones on short nails

Small claws are easy to make chic with rhinestones.

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Red moon manicure with rhinestones

Beloved moonlight and rhinestones are the perfect combination for 2019.

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The novelty of the season is a super beautiful and resistant varnish

This year, the masters offer us instead of the usual varnish and extension gel, gel polish and shellac, which are distinguished by good durability and a beautiful glossy effect. Nails look neat and natural, but are not prone to scratches and other damage.

New ideas – red shellac

Shellac of this color is produced in large quantities, as it is a huge success. It looks like regular nail polish, but it lasts just as long as gel nail polish.

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Gel polish – a unique invention of the 21st century

Red gel polish is the effect of glossy nails. No coating gives such a beautiful result.

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