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Fashionable self-care that does not take much time

Fashionable self-care that does not take much time

A modern woman spends a lot of money on personal care. But you still need to allocate time for all the procedures that salons offer.

In fact, most salon procedures can be done independently if you purchase the right materials and tools. By the way, the expenses will pay off pretty quickly, and you will “work” with all this for at least a year. That’s such a double saving time + money.

We tell you what salon procedures every woman can do.

Facial exfoliation

Application of home peeling rolls

About once a week or two, it is recommended to perform a procedure such as peeling the skin of the face. This allows you to get rid of dead cells, get a radiant and clean skin. Also, peeling is the prevention of acne and clogged pores.

Many women trust facial peeling to trusted cosmetologists, visiting them once a month, or less often. But the skin needs regular care!

To save time, and give the face radiance, you should use modern exfoliating products. Peeling roll is one of them.

Peeling roll gently cleanses the skin of the face and is easy to use. A small amount of cream is applied to the skin cleansed of cosmetics and all areas of the face are worked out with massaging movements. Then wash off the rolled pieces of skin and cream with warm water.

The procedure takes 2-3 minutes, and the effect is like from a salon peeling. Try it!

Hair toning

Blonde correction: lightening and toning

Another procedure for which many women go to a beauty salon is hair tinting.

Toning – changing the shade of the hair by no more than one tone or getting rid of an unwanted shade. Classic examples of toning are removing the yellow tint from blondes, slightly darkening the chocolate tint, brightening up pink/blue/green hair.

Hair toning involves the use of a gentle composition. Usually it is an ammonia-free dye and a low percentage of oxidant. The funds are mixed in the right proportions (indicated on the packaging and depend on the manufacturer), and then applied to the hair. Exposure time 15-20 minutes.

In order not to miscalculate and get a uniform shade, it is recommended to tint wet hair. After applying the product, carefully comb them with a comb with wide and long teeth.

Agree such a procedure does not seem complicated. So why not do it yourself? More about home hair tinting told in THIS ARTICLE.

Eyebrow growing

Fashionable styling for eyebrows photo

Another new procedure that is actively advertised in beauty salons is a service for growing eyebrows. What does this mean?

The master undertakes the restoration of your eyebrows and promises to restore their density and shape, which were once lost due to improper use of tweezers or other reasons. It sounds promising, because most women have such a problem as sparse eyebrows, and getting a tattoo to hide gaps is not always solved.

In fact, you can grow eyebrows on your own, if you do everything according to the instructions. You will have to buy only two bottles – usma oil and juice.

Correcting the oval

jade roller

Of course, if the situation is running and the oval “floated” a lot, it will be difficult to cope without an experienced cosmetologist. But, in the case when you want to keep yourself in great shape and prevent edema, wrinkles and mimic wrinkles, you can use modern massage tools. One of these is a jade facial massager.

The roller needs to work out problem areas, moving from the center of the face to the edges. Such a massage will help reduce the number of facial wrinkles, get rid of swelling and dark circles under the eyes, give the skin firmness and restore elasticity.

It is also a relaxing and pleasant procedure. Worth a try!

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination

If the eyebrows are naughty and stick out in different directions, you can use such a fashionable service as lamination. And you can also do everything yourself, especially since there is nothing complicated about it. We apply the compositions alternately and keeping the right time.

Detailed instructions on how to do eyebrow lamination at home HERE.

Combined manicure

Delicate manicure

Well-groomed hands are the hallmark of every woman. It is difficult to do a neat manicure for yourself with scissors, and hardware without special skills and knowledge will not work.

It’s good that there is a combination option. This is the easiest and fastest type of manicure. At the beginning, we remove the coating with a milling cutter and lift the cuticle, and then carefully cut it off with scissors. Everything is simple and convenient.

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