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Fashionable shoes worn by models: top 5 pairs

Models’ Choice: 5 pairs of shoes they’ve been wearing lately

We used to think that models only walk on the catwalk in huge heels, and in everyday life they try to abstract from all this and look as simple as possible. But this is not entirely true, the images of beauties, of course, are practical, but not boring at all. And the shoes are completely original, it seems that only models choose them.

Boots with zip

Hailey Bieber walking

We are just getting used to the fashion for lace-up rough boots and the fact that they can be worn with delicate romantic dresses, and the models have already switched to another option. Now beauties are popular with boots with a zipper in front on a small sole protruding on the sides.

High Chelsea

Irina Shayk in a white suit

Another option for rough boots, which long-legged beauties are delighted with, are boots that resemble the Chelsea boots we are used to. The difference is only in the higher shaft and sole.

These are often worn by Irina Shayk and Swedish top model Elsa Hosk. Girls pair boots with simple jeans and t-shirts for a relaxed and comfortable casual look.

white shoes

Models in white boots

All designers say that white shoes are now extremely popular, but in life, not everyone listens to the advice to wear light-colored shoes and boots. But models are among the main fans of this trend. Famous girls choose both white martin boots and ankle boots or boots with an unusual heel.

By the way, about the heel. It was the models who were the first to pay attention to the “unusual heel” trend and began to carry its masses. Girls often choose a glass-shaped heel, which is considered very stable and comfortable.

Python print

Street style python print boots

The animal print continues to be relevant, although ordinary women are in no hurry to buy snake-colored boots and boots. Model is another matter!

Girls, on the contrary, wear bright shoes with pleasure, choosing the most neutral additional components of the image for them.

Ankle boots with an unusual geometric heel

The most fashionable Fendi ankle boots

The heel can be in the shape of a trapezoid, rectangular, bulging, flat – there are many options. The main thing is that it should be non-standard shoes, because models are for originality in style.

Models do their best to avoid stereotypical images and bring catwalk trends to the masses. It is worth taking a closer look, otherwise we all walk like one in ugg boots and down jackets, when both of them have long been beyond the fashionable line.

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