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Fashionable skirts: an overview of trends for 2019

Skirts 2019: fashion trends

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a place for skirts. Such products give the fair sex femininity, elegance and tenderness. With the help of matching skirts, you can create outfits for every day and evening.

Fashionable women’s skirts spring-summer 2019

beautiful skirt

When choosing spring and summer skirts in 2019, you should pay attention to the color of the product. In the new season, you can look at both gentle tones and a brighter palette of colors. When choosing skirts in bright colors, you should pay attention to the following trendy colors:

  • Burgundy;
  • Grey;
  • Beige;
  • Pink.

fashionable skirt

When choosing a fashionable women’s skirt in the 2019 season, we recommend paying attention to the following styles:

  • Pencil skirt;
  • Mini products;
  • Tiered skirts;
  • Leather Products;
  • Skirt with a slit.

In the spring-summer season of 2019, lace skirts, leather and chiffon products are in trend. Denim and silk skirts will be no less fashionable. Floral print is the main favorite of summer 2019. This skirt can be worn for a walk on a warm summer evening or for a romantic date.

spring skirt

When choosing a skirt for spring, you must consider the purpose of the purchase. If you choose a product for the office, then it should be comfortable. For example, a light-colored pencil skirt is suitable for this option.

Bright skirt for spring

If you choose a skirt for romantic walks on warm days, then pay attention to light products in bright colors. Such models look beautiful with shoes or sandals with a small heel.

Trends in fashionable skirts fall-winter 2019

Fashionable midi skirt

In the autumn-winter period of 2019-2020, the length of the midi skirt will be fashionable. Such a product, regardless of style, will be appropriate in any situation. Well-known designers presented models of skirts with medium and high waist at fashion shows. With its proper selection, a woman can emphasize a graceful waist.

The low rise skirt is outdated and irrelevant.

Skirt with snake print

In the autumn-winter season, to brighten up gray everyday life, designers have prepared a surprise – skirts with an animal pattern (snake, leopard, cow print, python, zebra).

Fashionable striped skirt

Also relevant this season will be floral and geometric prints. For everyday life and work in the office, stripes, a cage or peas are suitable.

Fluffy skirt

This season, leather skirts, as well as puffy or high-cut skirts will be no less popular. Checked skirts are also in trend. The most popular print is tartan.

Shiny skirt

This season, designers offer fashionable shiny skirts that make the image of a woman mysterious and original. Products with a scaly print will look stylish.

Fashion textures of skirts

Leather skirt

It is difficult to say what is more important in a fashionable skirt: print, colors, fabric or style of the product. However, for true connoisseurs of fashion trends, everything is equally important.

Fashion textures of skirts in the 2019-2020 season:

  • Pleating;
  • Denim;
  • Leather;
  • Quilted fabric;
  • Transparent materials;
  • Knitwear;
  • Cotton.


Pleated skirt

This texture flourishes for the second season. But you need to choose a pleated skirt with great care. Notice the fabric. It must be of high quality. You can choose such a skirt for spring, summer, autumn and even winter season. To satisfy the desires of fashionistas, even velvet and leather are pleated.

Pleated skirt

Together with pleats, corrugation is on the same wave of popularity. However, these two types of folds have fundamental differences. Corrugation is an open pleat on a skirt, and pleats are small folds looking in one direction.


Denim skirt

Denim is a trendy denim texture. In the 2019-2020 season, special attention is paid to denim skirts. Practical are models without decorations and additional decorative elements. The maximum that is allowed by designers as an addition is fringe, buttons and a belt.

Long denim skirt

The length of the denim skirt can be different. But from the point of view of designers and stylists, the elongated style of the product is considered the winning option.


Fashionable leather skirt

In the 2019-2020 season, leather skirts remain at the peak of popularity. Leather can be combined with a variety of textures. The length of the products can be both short and elongated.

Stylish skirt with a light sweatshirt

The trend will be girls who combine a leather skirt with thin knitted sweatshirts, fur vests, knitted sweaters and velvet sweaters.

Quilted fabric

Stylish quilted skirt

Sintipon is an unusual fabric for skirts. However, in the new fashion season, it will become popular. Women prefer to wear skirts on a synthetic winterizer (quilted fabric) in the winter season. Such products retain heat well.

Quilted skirt

A quilted skirt looks daring and suits women with long legs. This product is combined with high boots and a light sweatshirt. The image of a woman is complemented by a light coat. The length of quilted fabrics is above the knee. The model can be straight or flared.


Sheer skirt

Sheer fabric skirt is the trend of 2019. I must say that not every woman dares to wear such a skirt. However, the designers have foreseen this moment, so the degree of translucence varies. But despite the degree of transparency, you will need small, tight-fitting shorts or bodysuits. This will allow you to look in society not too vulgar.

Sheer skirt with shorts

The transparent material from which the skirts are made is suitable for the summer season. Despite this, some ladies do not part with such an outfit in winter, for which you can pick up a skirt with transparent inserts as a decoration.


Knitted skirt

Knitted skirts will remain popular this year. Skirts made of this material are suitable for slender girls. They highlight the silhouette: they accentuate the waist and fit beautiful hips. Knitted skirts with an elastic band are suitable for ladies with a curvaceous figure. Such models will hide the flaws of the figure and waist.

Elasticated pencil skirt

An elasticated pencil skirt is considered a universal model. The model is suitable for any event: everyday wear or an evening meeting with your loved one.


Cotton skirt

Cotton skirts in 2019 will be the most popular and affordable. Cotton is used in its pure form or as part of synthetic components.

Features of the fabric are that it is soft to the touch, while being quite light and hypoallergenic. But it is worth paying attention to the disadvantages: quick creasing, lack of wear resistance and shrinkage.

Cotton long skirt

Their cotton skirts look stylish. Most often, products are sewn to the floor, but there is space left to show beautiful summer shoes. Cotton skirts are lightweight and perfect for going to work or just going for a walk.

fashion styles

fashionable skirt

The most popular styles of skirts in 2019, with which every look will look amazing with any kind of clothing:

  • Pencil skirt;
  • wedges;
  • Side decor and seam;
  • Bell;
  • Asymmetrical;
  • Wrap skirt;
  • Mini.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic. It has a straight fit. This skirt must be sized. Otherwise, the movement when walking may be constrained or the skirt may sag. The slit on the skirt must be present.

Pencil skirt with strap

Pencil skirt fits…

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