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Fashionable styles of swimwear for obese women for 2019

Fashionable swimwear for obese women: an overview of trends

Lush size is not a reason to be complex, especially on the beach. With the right selection of a swimsuit, a plump woman will be able to hide her flaws and emphasize her virtues. Designers create entire collections of products for owners of large breasts and belly. Find out about the novelties of 2019-2020 from our article.

One-piece swimwear for obese women

Fashionable one-piece swimsuit

Closed swimsuits are suitable for women with large forms who want to hide the imperfections of the abdomen. When choosing such a model, first of all, pay attention to the top of the product. If you have beautiful and large breasts, then with the help of an open top you can emphasize and highlight it. The cups on the product can be classic or mayo shapes.

One-piece swimsuit for a fat woman

One piece swimsuit

Secondly, if you are a woman without complexes, then you can safely choose a closed swimsuit with cutouts on the sides. This product model is also called monokini. In the 2019-2020 season, such a swimsuit is in fashion. It will emphasize the beauty and sexuality of a full woman.

Monokini swimsuit for full

Monokini swimsuit

Monokini swimsuit

In the 2019-2020 season, designers offer swimsuit models for overweight women of the type swim-dress. Such models are suitable for modest owners of magnificent forms. Plus size swimwear swim-dress look like a dress and completely hide all the flaws of the female figure.

swimsuit swim dress

Swim dress for full

In the trend closed swimsuits in black. It is believed that it is this shade that helps women with full forms to hide existing flaws.

Separate models

Separate swimsuit for a fat woman

When choosing a separate swimsuit for full, several features should be considered. These include:

  • Appropriate size. You should not pick up tight and restricting movements of the product. The swimsuit should be comfortable and convenient;
  • Rejection of the bikini (panty shape). It is not recommended to give preference to a bikini. They emphasize large forms. Panties with a high waist or shorts look more advantageous and impressive;
  • Shiny swimwear. Sequins draw attention to the shortcomings of a full woman and therefore only brave ladies prefer such products;
  • Ties. Their presence on a bathing suit brings discomfort to a full woman. It is not recommended to choose products with ties;
  • Correct swimsuit color. With the right selection of the shade of the product, it will help hide the shortcomings of a full woman and emphasize the dignity.

In the summer season 2019-2020, open swimsuits with high-waisted panties, tankinis and swimsuits with shorts are in fashion.

high waist

Two-piece swimsuit

This model of the product helps a woman hide her stomach and, due to high panties, emphasize her waist. Open stripes on the product visually hide the imperfections of the hips. A bra with a deep neckline draws attention to a woman’s large and beautiful breasts.

The main rules when choosing a separate swimsuit model for overweight women are a combination of top (open chest) and bottom (high panties).

Swimsuit that accentuates the waist

The stripes on the product make the woman’s figure more sophisticated. They can be horizontal, vertical or intersect each other. This type of swimsuit suits any skin color of a woman.


tankini swimsuit

In the summer season, open swimwear is in trend tankini. The product combines an open and closed swimsuit for full. In 2019-2020, in the trend of various bras and panties from beautiful swimwear for obese women. This means that the top and bottom of different colors and types are in fashion.

With shorts

Swimsuit with shorts

The peculiarity of a separate swimsuit with shorts for overweight women is that a beautiful top hugs the chest, drawing the attention of others to it, and panties-shorts visually help to reduce the hips.

In the summer season 2019-2020, the coloring of the bowlini is in trend. This is a combination of a black swimsuit with white peas (large or small).

Bold swimwear

Bold swimsuit for a full woman

In the 2019-2020 season, retro swimwear or high-waisted models are in fashion. There are models of products with large drawings that visually enlarge the figure. This option for a full woman is considered bold and not suitable for everyone.

Among the bold summer swimsuits for obese women, one can distinguish an animal print and sets with low panties.

Animal print

Bold swimsuit

A swimsuit for a fat woman with an image of an animal will not hide the shortcomings of a large belly, but rather emphasize them. This model of the product completely fits the figure. An animal print swimsuit is not for everyone and only the brave ones decide to buy it.

With low panties

Swimsuit for women with large breasts

A swimsuit with low panties will also be bold. Such a model does not hide the tummy of a full woman, but rather emphasizes it. But the advantage of such a swimsuit model is that beautiful breasts attract all the attention of others.

Swimsuit with low panties

When choosing a swimsuit with low panties, the emphasis is on the chest. Large flowers on a push-up bra emphasize the beauty of a plump woman’s breasts. And low-cut panties accentuate the waist.

In the 2019-2020 season, bold models are in low popularity. The trend is classic and discreet models that hide the flaws of obese women.

Swimwear models that slim

Swimwear for full

In 2019-2020, swimwear is in fashion, visually correcting the figure of a full woman. Products are created to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. The main models of swimwear that correct the figure include:

  • Products with vertical lines;
  • Black shades;
  • Bright colors.

with vertical lines

Swimsuit with lines

To hide flaws, models with vertical lines are suitable. With their help, the silhouette of the figure is drawn out. Lines can be located in one direction or randomly.

Stripes in multi-colored shades will also look beautiful. Particularly impressive are not monophonic, colored lines of saturated shades on a black background.

Black color

Black one-piece swimsuitVisually, a full woman is slimmed by black swimsuits. This model is considered a classic. Black swimsuits are suitable for both blondes and brown-haired women or brunettes.

Black swimsuit for full

In the 2019-2020 season, it is the black one-piece swimsuit that is in fashion. Fat women prefer products with a deep neckline and a closed belly. Products with white stripes on the sides look beautiful. They visually reduce the size of the hips and stretch the silhouette of the figure.

bright shades

Bright swimsuit

Not only the black color of the swimsuit hides the small flaws of obese women. Bright products also do an excellent job with this task. A bright two-piece swimsuit will suit women with swarthy or tanned skin. Neon sets look especially interesting.

When choosing a slender model of the product, we recommend paying attention to panties with a high waist and a push-up bra with a deep neckline.

Which print to choose?

High waist swimsuit

When choosing a swimsuit for full with a belly, it is recommended to pay attention to the following prints:

  • Swimwear with tiger print;
  • With floral-fruity pattern;
  • Dotted;
  • With a marine theme.

Tiger print

Swimsuit with tiger print

Tiger-leopard swimsuit – fashionable and spectacular. On overweight women, such models look beautiful. It is better to choose merged …

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