Модная женская обувь на лето 2020

Fashionable summer shoes 2021: 10 most popular models

Slingbacks, mules and 8 more pairs of fashionable summer shoes with unusual names

Summer is the best time for shoes of original design and color. If you decide to wear clothes of an unusual cut, albeit fashionable, it is difficult, you should start the transformation experiment with shoes. We will tell you about what shoes to pay attention to this spring-summer season.

Actual summer shoes 2021: review of models

Fashionable summer shoes for 2020

In 2021, very unusual shoe models for women, like mules, slingbacks, are in trend. Slippers and sandals with straps are also relevant. For those who prefer rough shoes, there are brogues and oxfords.

Outdated or anti-trends for spring-summer 2021 shoes are ballet flats with a round toe, sandals with heels and platform, ankle boots with an open nose.

Sandals with narrow straps

Sandals with narrow straps

Sandals have not lost their relevance for several seasons, as they are comfortable and practical summer shoes. A product with narrow straps in beige, white, pink colors visually lengthens the leg, so it must be in the wardrobe. These sandals are versatile summer shoes and are combined with almost any clothing.

Sandals with a wide strap

Beautiful sandals with wide straps

Fashionable sandals with a wide strap are a little more capricious than narrow ones, as they are not comfortable for everyone. Also, sandals with a strap in dark color visually “cut” the leg, so girls and women of short stature should not choose such a model.

Mules with open toe heels

Beautiful blue mules

The most fashionable shoes for the summer of 2021 are heeled mules. The top can be woven, quilted, plain leather or suede. The nose must be square.

It is preferable to wear heeled mules with dresses and midi length skirts. Together, they make a gentle romantic image. Also, heeled mules look great with fashionable jeans – flares, moms, slouches.

Flat mules with closed toes

Black street style mules

Another option for fashionable shoes is mules without a heel. This model has the following characteristics – a wide flat heel, a narrow toe, a strap, a flower, weaving on top.

Mules without a heel look harmoniously with summer wide trousers. They are also often worn with loose cut cropped jeans (but not skinny!).


What are slingbacks

We used to call such shoes open heel shoes, but now it’s fashionable to say slingbacks. These are our usual shoes with a closed nose and a strap that fixes the heel. Slingbacks with a pointed nose are in trend.

It is fashionable to wear slingbacks with romantic dresses of medium length, culottes, sundresses, light skirts with ruffles and flounces.


Summer brogues

For cool weather, it is good to have a pair of summer brogues in your wardrobe. These are comfortable shoes mostly with lacing. A distinctive feature of the brogue is decorative perforation, which can be located along the seams, on socks and heels.

Brogues are perfect for office looks when the combination of a suit and sneakers still seems inharmonious.


Beautiful sandals for summer

The main difference between sandals and sandals is that the former can have a heel. Sandals are a unisex product, which is not characterized by the presence of decorative elements. These are simple and comfortable shoes, mostly made of leather, which are designed for long walks.

Pointed toe ballerinas

Fashionable pointy ballet flats

This year, ballet flats are back in fashion, but not just any, but exclusively pointed ones. It is desirable that the neckline is V-shaped and there is a small wide heel.

Flip flops

Fashionable summer slippers

Flip flops are no less comfortable summer shoes than sandals and sandals, however, many stylists classify them as exclusively beach shoes. In the city, and especially in the office, there is no place for flip flops if a woman claims to be a fashionista. Instead, we choose mules, sandals, sandals, slingbacks.

Flip flops with heels

Beautiful and fashionable flip flops with heels

Instead of sandals with a strap, which are at the peak of popularity every summer, this year the designers offered flip flops. They have a small heel, fixing straps, characteristic of flip flops, sections for fingers. Looks stylish.

Summer looks with fashionable shoes for inspiration: photo

To understand what to wear with mules, slingbacks or flip flops this summer to look fashionable, see the photos and get inspired!

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Summer 2021 shoe trends are definitely mules with heels and flip flops. In the next season, these products are likely to lose their relevance, but now they are number one hits. Classic and durable summer shoes – sneakers, boats, sandals, sandals.

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