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Fashionable wet hairstyles for different hair lengths

Wet hair effect: 7 styling options to stand out

In 2021, simple hairstyles and hair accessories are in trend. Completely lost their relevance are overly complex weaving and bunches, involving a three-hour winding.

Today: both masters and clients value their own time. Everyone tries to be as mobile as possible, so being idle in a beauty salon for 5 or more hours is already an unaffordable luxury. Even complex staining began to be done faster, but we will talk about this next time. In the meantime, let’s talk about trendy hairstyles, the creation of which takes no more than 30 minutes.

Why are wet hairstyles so popular?

Wet styling photo

Hairstyles with the effect of wet hair are what not only the most fashionable girls choose, but also those who do not have a lot of free time. These options have many advantages, for example:

  • Easy to perform. Any lady without special skills in hairdressing can repeat the styling;
  • Economical. You need only one styling product and it can be any gel, varnish, wax, which involves creating the desired effect on the hair;
  • Universal. Suitable for most outfits, of course, if you have not chosen a princess dress. The rest of the styles of evening dresses are in harmony with wet hair;
  • Stylish. Today, many women are puzzled by not looking fashionable, but stylish. A wet look hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to be one of those.

Suitable styling products

You can achieve the effect of wet hair with the help of special styling products that have a corresponding mark on the bottle.

Among the gels are: L’OREAL elastic gel, Kallos Styling Gel Wet Look, Joanna Styling Effect, etc. All products are applied to wet hair in sufficient quantities.

You can also use wet hairspray. to fix the result. Suitable products from Loreal “Wet Dominatio”, Joanna “Styling Effect”, Matrix – “Vavoom Freezing”.

Hairstyles with the effect of wet hair

To create any of the presented hairstyles, you must follow a number of recommendations:

  • wash your hair in the usual way;
  • collect excess moisture with a towel;
  • apply thermal protection and dry up to 70-80%;
  • apply the selected gel in sufficient quantity;
  • comb the strands;
  • start laying;
  • fix the result with varnish.

Without parting and hairpins

Laying back

Hairstyles with the effect of wet hair are ideal for those women who have sparse hair. They perfectly hide the flaw, masking the voids.

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With volume and bangs up

Wet styling with volume

If the hair is thick, you can lift the bangs area, creating additional volume in this area. The temporo-lateral sections of the hair are fixed not only with varnish, but also with invisibility.

With strands on the face

Wet sloppy styling

The trendy hairstyle of 2021 is styling with thin strands near the face. At the same time, a strong fixation agent is applied over the entire length, creating the effect of wet hair.

With a hole in the center

Smooth hairstyle with parting

Wet flowing hair with a parting in the center can be afforded by that lady who has enough volume, otherwise the hairstyle will look, to put it mildly, unattractive.

Parted on the side

Wet hairstyle with side parting

Smooth wet styling with side parting looks seductive. This option is especially good for those who have bangs on their side. So laying will be as simple and stable as possible.


smooth tail

A tail with a wet effect on one side looks unpresentable, as it loses all volume. But on the other hand, this is a real trend of the season, so you should at least once try on the look that supermodel Bella Hadid loved.

Tail with a scythe

The simplest hairstyle with the effect of wet hair is a ponytail with a scythe. By the way, this option can be practiced not only on clean hair. A hairstyle will help out in a situation. when the hair is not the first freshness, but there is absolutely no time for washing, drying and styling.

Disadvantages of Wet Look Hairstyles

How to style your hair smoothly

While wet look hairstyles are stylish and seductive, they are not for everyone.

  • Before deciding on this option, you need to make sure that there is enough volume on the head. If there are few curls, you can use special coloring sprays to hide gaps.
  • It is important to do the right makeup. Makeup artists recommend a make-up with an emphasis on the eyes. Be sure to highlight the eyebrows and create the correct shape for them. Lips are neutral or nude.
  • Wet hair is combined with non-fluffy dresses (mermaid style, nightgown, tight-fitting mini). Therefore, if you chose an outfit in the style of Carrie Bradshaw at the beginning of the series, it is better to do a voluminous styling.
  • Smooth hair will create an additional emphasis on the face, so it is important to prepare the skin. Pimples, dark circles under the eyes, scars should be masked with a corrector.
  • Wet hairstyles with bangs are not combined, so if you are not ready to open your forehead, choose a different styling.

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