Fashionable women’s blouses: autumn-winter (photo 2018)

Fashionable women’s blouses: photo 2018

Blouses are the most popular among business women or just active and successful ladies, as they are very easy to combine with skirts, trousers, shorts and jeans.

Therefore, I propose to discuss such an important topic as “fashionable blouses of 2018” (photos will be in large numbers).

The latest novelties of the spring-summer 2018 season

There is a large selection of luxurious and stylish options, made of different materials, in different styles and cuts. The designers focused on the classics (white, polka dots, black, red, with floral print), not forgetting to surprise us with original novelties (with lace and guipure, with a stand-up collar, with ruffles).

And by the way, fashionable blouses 2018 (spring-summer photo) are the most discussed topic in special circles.

Luxurious silk

The variety of silk dresses cannot but surprise. This year they were presented in a large number of different colors and shades.



Beautiful evening blouses made of satin

The elegance and slenderness of the figure is perfectly emphasized by a beautiful evening top made of satin. Even the simplest of good quality material will create a solemn and elegant look.

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White dress shirts are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

A must-have element in the basic wardrobe is a white blouse that is suitable for any occasion. You can wear it to work or to meet old friends.

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From crepe

If you always try to follow new trends, then you should not deviate from the classic pieces that are popular every season. These things include crepe sweaters, which are distinguished by their lightness and airiness, and took first place in the closet of the ladies.



Stylish cotton peplum

Every fashionista will love peplum models, as they make the figure more elegant and attractive.
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If you want to create an airy and light look, then ruffles will help you with this. It can be combined with both a skirt and trousers, and you can safely go to a business meeting or a meeting with friends.

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Short sleeves for warm sunny days

Summer is about light flying things, bright colors and floral prints, and short sleeves or none at all are ideal for this time of year.

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Festive, elegant, for the New Year

New Year is a holiday of fun, magic and surprises. The coming year is of the Fire Monkey, a temperamental and unpredictable being. The monkey loves red, so when choosing an outfit for New Year’s Eve, give preference to bright and colorful fabrics.

With lace and stylish guipure

Despite the fact that everyone is used to wearing evening dresses on New Year’s Eve, beautiful options with lace and guipure can be a good alternative. They have been popular for years now. Transparent and translucent guipure always look sexy and bold, and at the same time elegant and piquant.

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from chiffon

The chiffon top will not leave anyone indifferent. Light and airy fabric adds charm and mystery to your look. White chiffon things refresh the complexion, and red creates the image of a fatal lady.

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Fashionable blouses from the fall-winter 2018 collections (photo)

Knitted blouses have become the undisputed hit of the season, and high-quality and expensive fabric has become their main guarantee of attractiveness. The trends of this season lead to the fact that fashionable things will be distinguished by their romance and airiness. This can already be seen at the shows of famous designers who decorate them with bows, ruffles, guipure and frills. Fashionable autumn-winter blouses are a classic in a new interpretation with a large number of decorative elements.

Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018 Fashionable women's blouses: photo 2018

Current trends for obese ladies 2018 (photo)

Blouses have become an integral part of the female bow. They help create a more romantic, feminine and mysterious look, so you should not refuse them, regardless of the type of figure. Many try to hide curvaceous, but this should not be done. You need to learn how to emphasize beautifully. The main thing is to choose the right cut, which would emphasize all your advantages and show all your charms. Ideal vertical print and peplum. They perfectly correct the figure and visually make it more refined.

One of the most famous and beloved models is the bat. It is perfect for both slender and full ladies.

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Clothing for women over 50 (photo)

Ladies over 50 prefer the classics. But do not forget about the bright and juicy eotenki, which are well refreshing. Decor in the form of sequins, beads and stones is a good idea. But everything should be in moderation. The brand creations of 2018 are inspiring, so learn from them.

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For teen girls

Young women of fashion love dresses, skirts and sundresses. However, not every day we are in a festive mood, and sometimes we want to dress comfortably, but beautifully.

What to choose for schoolgirls?

Schools have clear dress codes and it has become mandatory for many students. Schoolchildren are advised to choose a black bottom, a white top. One good thing is that today the school uniform looks original and modern, and the school leadership is loyal, so sometimes it allows you to diversify a strict uniform, for example, riding polka dots. Combine them with skirts, sundresses and trousers. For mothers, the manufacturer is not unimportant in choosing a school uniform, which means you should pay attention to Polish companies.

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What blouse to wear with jeans?

Teenagers want to look no less beautiful than adults, so the designers made sure that our kids look very cool, without feeling deprived of anything. Any blouse will look great with a skirt and sundress, and will also go well with trousers and jeans, which is very practical.

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