Модные женские очки 2020

Fashionable women’s glasses 2020: an overview of the most stylish models

Sunglasses that are in fashion now: top 10

Sunglasses are different, so when choosing a model, it is important to consider not only whether they are fashionable or not, but also to remember the functions that are planned to be assigned to them.

What glasses are in fashion now?

What glasses are in fashion now

This year, glasses of different shapes and colors are in trend. When choosing, it is important to take into account the shape of the face and the functions that are assigned to this accessory.

If these are fashion glasses and you are planning to wear such fashionable glasses not in the sun, but in the office or for a photo shoot, the UV filter and the presence of polarization are not so important. And if you choose glasses for a vacation and plan to wear them on the beach under the scorching sun, you should definitely check in the description of the glasses whether there is this very protection and polarization.

It is also necessary to take into account the shape of the face and, of course, fashion trends regarding frames, lenses and accessories for glasses. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

massive glasses

Fashionable massive glasses

The first trend to pay attention to this year is the massive model. Yes, they are still in fashion, only now they are not “welder glasses” beloved by fashionistas, but an accessory in a large plastic frame.

Large fashionable sunglasses can be either in one color (lenses and frame) or in different shades. Stylists recommend paying special attention to massive sunglasses with ombre glasses.

Rectangular glasses

Fashion Rectangular Glasses

Not the most suitable for the beach, but ideal for a photo shoot and maintaining style, rectangular glasses are a must-have in the collection of a real fashionista. It is best for women to combine such stylish sunglasses with denim items.

Hexagonal sunglasses

Fashion hexagonal glasses

Another current eyewear trend this season is hexagonal. This model is considered universal, so they are suitable for both men and women. Fashion hexagonal sunglasses can be purchased for couples to look stylish with boyfriend/husband/friend.

Round sunglasses

Fashion round glasses

Round sunglasses have not gone out of fashion this year. But now in the trend of the model only in a thin metal frame. It can be black, silver, gold. The glasses of round glasses can be brown, gray, black, green. But mirrored glasses are a complete anti-trend of 2020!

Thin metal sunglasses

The most fashionable glasses 2020

Thick frame glasses are usually chosen by women over 30 years old, but young people should pay attention to fashionable sunglasses with a thin metal frame. Such fashion glasses can be of any shape – round, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, etc. The main thing to understand is that this is not the best option for the beach, since the protection will be inferior. At sea, women need fashionable massive glasses with a UV filter and polarization.

Fashion glasses with colored lenses

Fashion glasses with colored lenses

Stylish sunglasses don’t have to be black or brown. Bright glasses are in trend, so experiment. Pink, green, blue glasses are in vogue. The main thing is that they are classic, not mirrored.


Fashion glasses "cats"

Model glasses “cats” have always been considered seductive. These will ideally cope with the role of fashion or complement the image during a photo shoot.

Transparent and translucent sunglasses

Fashionable transparent glasses

Fashionable transparent glasses will not protect from the sun, but they will make the image stylish and modern. Such an accessory must be in the collection as a fashionable addition to the image for a party. But it’s better not to go to the beach in glasses with transparent glasses, they won’t protect you from the sun.


Fashion sports glasses

Sports glasses are essential for cycling and other active sports. They are comfortable and look harmonious when paired with sportswear, unlike kitties or massive square glasses.

With chain

Glasses with chain

Chain glasses are the most popular trend of 2020 and a great alternative to the unfashionable habit of wearing glasses on your head. The chain must be selected under the frame. If this is a massive frame, then the chain should be appropriate. A thin chain is harmoniously paired with metal-framed sunglasses.


The most fashionable massive glasses 2020

In 2020, the trend is different forms of sunglasses for women. When choosing, it is important to take into account the shape of the face and the task assigned to the accessory. No need to wear trendy fashion glasses while cycling, as well as sports paired with an office suit. On the beach, we choose the most protective from the sun, preferably massive.

Antitrends in glasses for 2020: with rhinestones, like a welder, with mirrored glasses, with protruding metal elements.

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