Fashionable women’s glasses frames for vision 2018 (photo)

The most fashionable eyeglass frames

Eyeglasses have a wonderful property to add rigor and elegance to the image. So if you are forced to wear glasses because of poor eyesight, do not be discouraged. With today’s huge selection, you can easily choose the one that suits your face shape and eye color.

And if you just decide to create a stylish office look, but don’t know what frame is fashionable this year, I suggest you quickly move on to discussing the topic “fashionable eyeglass frames 2018” (women’s photos, and briefly about men’s and children’s).

Fashionable women’s eyeglass frames

Stylists say that a modern successful woman should not save on accessories, as this is a reflection of her style and taste. In 2018, designers offered a huge selection of stylish models, including many classic and extravagant ones with original decor.

In black color scheme

The classic of the genre is black. If you are the owner of large facial features, choose a dark thin frame. And the owners of small eyes, nose and lips are obliged to try to add definition to the face with a wide frame.

Photos of the most beautiful models in black.


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cat eye and butterfly

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Models from Chanel

Chanel glasses are in great demand, so I suggest you look at the most interesting options from the 2018 accessories collection.

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Return of the 70s

In 2018, the 70s are in trend, and take off the following models.


Round-shaped accessories received the name of the great singer (John Lennon), who gave preference to them. In this case, the shape of the face should be taken into account. Girls with an oval face can afford to try on this option, while chubby ones are better off abstaining.

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Celebrity Choice

Stars have always been the standard of beauty and style for us, as professional stylists work with them, who are aware of all the new products and trends of the season. Therefore, following their photographs, you can find many interesting ideas.

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What does the fashion house Dior offer?

eighteen nineteen

Men’s eyeglasses

Recently, men are interested in fashion no less than women, so we could not leave them unattended. In addition, ladies will have the opportunity to find out what the strong part of the population prefers, and in the future to make a fashionable gift to their loved one.

Classic black models

A man with glasses looks very handsome, and if he chooses a black frame, he adds chic and sophistication to his image.

retro style

Stylish men prefer retro, which means it’s worth remembering the most hit models of this season.


twenty 21

New glasses in 2018 for men

22 23 24 25

Youth spectacle frames for girls

Bright ideas for the most daring and fashionable

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