Short haircut with long bangs

Fashionable women’s haircuts 2022-2023: what pleases and shocks the season (with photo examples)

Hairstyle for a woman is a way of self-expression. Each shift is like a breath of inspiration. Any, even the most insignificant changes in the haircut can make serious adjustments to the appearance – change the proportions of the face, add brightness and openness to the look, make the features more pronounced.

Short haircut with long bangs

Fashionable women's haircut to the line of the cheekbones

Fashionable women’s haircuts in 2022

The beauty industry is fickle. The fashion for haircuts changes every season, sometimes ruthlessly leaving the girls no opportunity to adjust.

Possible women's haircut for medium length with bangs

If you are ready for a change, memorize the names of trendy haircuts so that you can speak the same language with the stylist.

  1. Bean

A haircut that at first glance seems to be done in a clumsy way – bob, is incredibly popular. This is a short square with a blunt cut.

Women's bob haircut with messy ends

A variation of a haircut with carelessly processed tips is in special demand.

Fashionable bob haircut with side bangs

The haircut itself involves the usual washing of the head, followed by drying without styling. The natural texture of the hair, on the contrary, adds a certain charm to the hairstyle. Straight tips and short length combined to give youthfulness. Bob suits ladies of any age category.

Bob haircut in curls

The length of the haircut allows you to move away from the usual image and do styling of any complexity. It can be curls, curls, you can collect a tail or even a bun. Today you are in a playful mood – light curls along the entire length and the image is ready.

Bob haircut with light curls

A secular event – neatly styled hair back or gathered in a bun and a strict image is ready. The only thing is that afro curls can turn out to be too short.

  1. In the style of the 90s

The cycle of fashion is constant. Haircuts, incredibly popular in the 90s, are back again and not just back, but burst into the top positions of all the TOP fashion haircuts in 2022.

Clip-on haircut for short hair

A neat, multi-layered bob haircut with graduation is at the peak of popularity today. The hairstyle always looks voluminous due to graduation. Parting can be anything. When choosing it, it is better to focus on the shape of the face and personal preferences.

Fashionable hairstyles invisible for short hair

A straight parting gives the image rigor. Increasingly, stylists recommend doing it with a strong bias to one side. The thing is that with such a separation of hair, it is possible to use accessories that are now in fashion.

Predominant parting on one side - a fashionable addition to the haircut

Large hairpins of the same 90s type, invisible ones that are very clearly visible, large beads, rhinestones, pearl jewelry – all this gives the image of femininity and romance. Hairpins can be used on one side, removing hair, or with a straight parting, pinning hair on both sides.

Large hairpins in the design of hairstyles - a fashionable touch of 2022

Both options look charming, with a reference to the distant 90s.

  1. double caret

Layering, different lengths and sharp drops are back in fashion. The feeling that in the process of cutting, either the master or the client changed their minds sharply and it turned out, what happened.

Fashionable double bob haircut for different hair lengths

In fact, the hairstyle looks very interesting. Different lengths make it possible to create volume. A haircut is convenient because you can create new images without using scissors.

Women's haircut Double bob for long hair

  1. Mallet

If the name of the mullet does not make it clear what kind of haircut it is, then just imagine the rock stars of the 80s. They all walked as one with a hairstyle where the hair on the sides and in front is very short, and long in the back. Moreover, the hairstyle was equally popular with both men and women.

Fashionable in 2022, women's haircut Mallet in a classic version

Haircut has undergone many changes over its history. Today it is popular in a performance close to the classic – a closed neck, short strands in front and on the sides and volume at the back of the head. For those who are not ready to 100% retro style, the difference in hair length can be made less obvious.

Women's haircut mullet for long hair

Haircut comfortable styling variations. For going to work, structured curls in front with neat and styled hair in the back are perfect. Are you going to a party? Then short hair tousled with styling gel, volume at the back of the head and the image is ready.

Haircut Mallet with easy transitions to medium hair length

  1. Hime

Thanks to social networks, everything unusual, sometimes incomprehensible and inexplicable, instantly becomes fashionable and in demand. Thus, the hime hairstyle gained its second wave of popularity.

Hime women's haircut in the traditional version for long hair

In the classic version, the haircut is cut strands to the line of the ears against the background of long hair. Today, most Japanese anime characters are presented with this hairstyle.

Hime's female haircut in Japanese comics

Cropped strands do not have a smooth transition. The method is similar to the bob hairstyle, but not on all hair. Modern stylists are not so committed to traditions and strands in hima are allowed to be cut at any level. If you choose the right length, add bangs, then the haircut can be called universal, because it will fit any face shape.

The parting in the chima does not matter, like the bangs. These details are selected individually and at will. The exception to permissiveness is curly hair. Curls are not needed in hima, so if you decide on such a haircut despite natural curls, you will have to straighten your hair every day.

  1. She-wolf

And again the echo of the dashing eighties. A daring haircut with asymmetrical strands and a cropped nape is back in fashion. The main feature of the hairstyle is that it can be adapted to any image.

Fashionable female haircut she-wolf for medium hair length

Chaotically laid strands are perfect for jeans and a leather jacket, ala playgirl.

She-wolf haircut for short hair

Playfully curled to the top in combination with a light dress and the image of a seductress is already ready. And with a strict suit, the haircut looks incomparable in any styling.

She-wolf haircut for long hair

  1. Rhapsody

The main focus of the haircut is on the top of the hair. They are cut with a hat using graduation. It turns out a decent amount. Hair length can be any.

Rhapsody haircut on long women's hair

On the sides, the hair is left of unequal length. It turns out a kind of ladder, but without observing proportions and symmetry. Sharp transitions in length and milled ends allow you to create voluminous styling without resorting to bouffant. The haircut is suitable for any type of face.

Rhapsody haircut for medium hair length

The main thing is to correctly arrange the cap and the length of the first cut strands. Looks great on any length and structure of hair. It does not require much time for styling, even without it, the hairstyle falls neatly, and due to the volume it looks natural and at ease.

Haircut Rhapsody with curls

The main disadvantage of a haircut is that it loses its shape as the hair grows. Therefore, the rhapsody should be refreshed regularly.

  1. Italian

A distinctive feature of the haircut is a very sharp transition between layers. It is performed both on long hair and on very short hair. Curly hair looks amazing and playful.

Italian haircut medium length

Haircut is popular with all generations.

Fashionable women's haircut Italian curly hair

It is versatile and goes with any look. With or without bangs, on long or medium hair, he always gives the image a light peppercorn.

Haircut Italian with bangs

  1. bangs curtain

The elongated bangs, divided into two, are at the peak of popularity today. They come to the salon to do it, cut it off on their own, having seen enough life hacks on the Internet. Its main advantage is that it does not suit very few people. The length of the bangs can vary from the eyebrow line to the cheekbones. In any performance, she looks very …

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