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Fashionable women’s haircuts for long hair: an overview

Haircuts for long hair: trends 2020, new items, photos

Long hair has always been and will be in fashion. Masters create beautiful hairstyles and styling for the owners of such curls. Fashionable haircuts for long hair allow a woman to look beautiful and unusual, attracting the attention of others.

The main trends of 2020

Haircut for long hair with bangs

This year, naturalness is back in fashion. owners of long hair can safely dissolve curls, regardless of the event they are going to. Long hair is already a hairstyle, the main thing is to style it.

So, there are various options for cutting length. You can choose a cascade, one length, a ladder from the face or make a bang that will refresh the image as much as possible.

one length

One length haircut for long hair

Fashionable haircuts for long hair in 2020 suggest an even cut. The master tries to make the haircut as even as possible and save the client from split ends.

Longer front

One length is relevant not only for long hair, but also for medium length curls. In this case, however, many masters take as a basis the scheme for cutting an elongated caret and strands near the face are left longer.

Haircut with lengthening


Another way to freshen up an image with long hair with a haircut is to make it at an angle. With such a haircut, the strands near the face are shortened and smoothly flow into the corner.

Haircut for long hair "at an angle"

Cascade for long hair

Cascading haircuts for long hair are a great solution when the density is medium or large. This option will “lighten” the hairstyle. They are also called “ladder” or “gradient”. But in fact, in order to explain to the master what you want to get in the end, it is enough to say that you are tired of an even cut.

Haircut in the style of a cascade

If you have long but thin hair, you should abandon the idea of ​​​​a cascading haircut. It is enough to shorten the strands near the face. Although the best solution for fine hair would be a bob haircut. Yes, this is extreme, but believe me, as soon as you decide on such an experiment, you will not want to return to the previous length.

Long hair with long bangs

Styling cascading haircuts can be very different, although it is easiest to curl hair of different lengths. You can use a curling iron or iron.

Careless and smooth strands

short crown

Haircuts with a short crown are somewhat outdated, although many owners of long hair, tired of an even cut (one length), decide to refresh the image in this way.

Short haircuts

A haircut with a short crown visually lengthens the shape of the face. Also, this technique allows you to give the image airiness. But if you are young and modern, it is better to refresh the image with bangs or a ladder.

Extravagant haircuts

In 2020, extravagant haircuts are no longer in fashion. This applies, for example, to a hairstyle with shaved temples. This season, simple haircuts are popular, using different techniques (gradient, ladder, etc.).

Hairstyle with shaved sides for long hair

With a bang

The selection of bangs is a real art, so before deciding on a haircut, explore the options. Bangs on the side, oblique or elongatedcovering the eyebrows is a universal option. It suits almost everyone.

Long hair with bangs

A haircut with straight bangs for long hair is again relevant. True, this form is not suitable for every type of hair. If you have perfectly straight and smooth curls, this is a good solution. It is better not to cut curly and naughty people in this way, as styling will take a lot of time.

Long hair with straight bangs

torn bangs paired with a cascading haircut for long hair is a good solution if the hair is curly. Laying will take a minimum of time, and others will get the impression that you have just left the salon.

graduated bangs

Thick bangs from the middle of the crown – Another good option for owners of straight hair. By the way, this technique is extremely relevant today on the red carpet.

torn bangs

Ultra short bangs, which is also called baby bangs, is at the peak of popularity today. Of course, it is difficult to decide on such a haircut for long hair, and even within the office you will look very strange, but believe me, this option is the main trend of 2020.

Ultra short bangs

Fashionable hairstyles for long hair

Perm for long hair

If you have long hair and a haircut did not help change the image in any way, do not despair. You can always diversify your style with a trendy hairstyle. Long hair can be curled, braided, straightened, accessorized.

Tail with a scythe

Tail with braids

Many people had such a hairstyle in childhood and today it is again in trend. Long hair can be gathered into a high ponytail and then braided. True, it is better to make the braid relaxed in order to create the illusion of unusually thick hair.

Braids with kanekalon

Boxing braids
Boxing braids

Long braids with kanekalon in different colors are a real hit this year! It will be difficult to braid them at home, so it’s better to trust a professional, especially since you can walk with them from 3 to 5 days.

Braids and parted hair

Braids for loose hair
Braids for loose hair

One of the trends of 2019-2020 is fishtail braided hairstyles. It can be a bundle, two braids, a rim. If you use the “half-loose braid” technique, the varnish should be the most stable fixation. In other cases, styling products are enough to make the curls smooth and silky.


Waves for long hair

You can make Hollywood waves yourself. To do this, get a curling iron of medium diameter and alternately wind the curls in one direction. Then, with a comb with large teeth, comb your hair and fix it with varnish.

Waves are a rather complicated hairstyle, which also makes the hair very heavy, so it’s worth doing it for a holiday. On a typical day, it is better to wind curls or make styling in the style of “beach curls”.



The ponytail is a classic, simple and popular hairstyle. It is perfect if the hair is split, unhealthy and there is no desire to wear it loose.

low beam

Low bun for long hair

The low bun differs from the standard version in that the hair is fixed at the bottom of the head. To do this, use hairpins and stealth to match the hair.

high beam

High bun for long hair

A high bun is an evening hairstyle, although today many people do it even to work in the office. To collect curls you will need an elastic band and a pair of hairpins. Make a high ponytail, but do not complete the last turn, you will get a half-bun. Use hairpins to fix it, and with the tip go around the hair.

high beam
high beam

Long hair is a real wealth, so do not rush to cut it. It is enough to refresh the image with bangs or make fashionable coloring to surprise everyone.

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