Модные женские джинсы: тренды и новинки 2019

Fashionable women’s jeans: an overview of trends for 2021

Fashionable women’s jeans: trends and novelties 2021

Denim is one of the most popular items in women’s wardrobe. This season, well-known designers and fashion designers decided to focus on practicality and comfort. So that the girl does not lose her charm and femininity, and the jeans do not look too rough, you need to be able to correctly create a holistic image.

Wide leg jeans for women

Wide leg jeans for women

Modern society is becoming an adherent of unisex style. Fashionable wide jeans are the main subject of the wardrobe of this style. In the 2021 season, wide jeans will be more in demand and relevant than narrow ones.

Wide models are suitable for most body types.

The main thing is to be able to choose the right model of the product in order to hide the flaws, and emphasize the advantages. At the same time, despite the wide shape of jeans, they look fashionable, feminine and sexy on girls.

Wide leg jeans for women

Every girl, regardless of the individual characteristics of the figure, in wide jeans can look stylish.

In order to emphasize the hips, it is not at all necessary to purchase skinny jeans or fashionable skinny models. Particularly seductive look wide models of jeans with a high waist in combination with a short top, tucked shirt, knitwear and jackets.


boyfriend jeans

Female boyfriends are one of the most popular jeans designs in 2021. Fashionistas prefer this particular model, since the wide cut of the product does not hinder movement and the girl feels as comfortable as possible in them. At the same time, Boyfriend-style jeans are able to convey the feminine image of a girl in a particularly stylish and sensual way.

Beautiful models of women's jeans

Women's boyfriend jeans: fashionable images

What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

The advantage of female boyfriends is their versatility. This model of jeans can be combined with completely opposite styles and images and at the same time look fashionable and sophisticated.

Fashion jeans 2019

Stylish girls in trendy jeans

Women's jeans: fashion trends 2019

Baggy is the main characteristic feature of boyfriends, which allows you to distinguish this model from other styles of women’s jeans.

Boyfriend jeans should be loose, the groin area is usually understated. In some models it is more pronounced, in some it is less. They look like they are a size larger than the girl needs. Most often they have scuffs and cuts.

Beautiful girls in boyfriend jeans

Stylish girls in trendy jeans

Boyfriend jeans with shirt

Evening look in stylish jeans

Some girls who are not used to experimenting with looks mistakenly assume that trendy boyfriend jeans go well only with tight outerwear, classic t-shirts and shirts.

In fact, wide jeans look very harmonious with voluminous, knitted sweaters. Warm sweaters and cardigans will be a great addition to the image in the cold season. Cashmere sweaters, sweaters and longsleeves in soothing shades will look harmonious.

Women's boyfriend jeans with a sweater

Trendy street look in jeans

Boyfriend jeans and pumps: fashionable looks

For a lighter, airier look, roll up the leg to expose the dainty ankles. However, do not forget that this will visually shorten the length of the legs, so it is recommended to combine this style with shoes with heels.

Choosing the right boyfriend model is easy. The main thing is that the model looks good on the figure. Also, when creating an image, it is important to consider the case for which the outfit is selected.

Mom’s jeans

Mom's jeans fashion trends

A distinctive feature of fashionable mom’s jeans is a high waist. On the hips, jeans sit tight enough, but do not pull them together, but give additional volume. At first glance, it may seem that such a model is completely devoid of femininity and sexuality. However, the simple cut and high fit of the product make it possible to beat the model in such a way that in the end the image of the girl will turn out to be gentle, sophisticated and seductive.

For a sporty and casual style, jumpers and comfortable shoes are suitable for mom’s jeans: moccasins, sneakers, sneakers. You can complement the image with a soft bag of a feminine style, as well as a large watch or other leather accessories.

Fashion models mom's jeans

Mom's jeans with sneakers

If, wearing Mom’s jeans, you want to look chic, but more restrained and strict, in this case, you should give preference to classic pump models.

For an office outfit, put on a shirt or blouse with a jacket, for a romantic or evening walk – a top, crop top or a glamorous t-shirt with guipure trim.

Mom's jeans: stylish looks

Models mom's jeans

“Mom’s” jeans are fashionable to wear with T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. They can be classic length or shortened. Depending on the image, you can wear different shoes: ballet shoes, shoes, sandals, sneakers, sneakers, ankle boots, etc. In summer, you can complement the image with bright and massive accessories.

Jeans fashion trends 2019

With Mom’s jeans, you can recreate a vintage 80s look. These jeans will look especially atmospheric with rough shoes and leather jackets. In this case, you will get a daring look for the 90s.

Stylish mom's jeans

Fashionable images in jeans

Feel free to experiment with Mom’s jeans, they can be used to create many different fashionable and unique looks. You can wear “mom” jeans at any time of the year, it will not look out of place.

Jeans with a very high waist

Fashion high waist jeans

Almost every man pays attention to a girl with an X-silhouette figure. Such girls have a thin aspen waist, lush breasts and wide hips. And jeans with a very high waist are another effective way to get male attention.

girls in high waisted jeans

High waist jeans for a stylish look

Best of all, women’s models of jeans with a very high waist look with heels. Heel height can be small or medium. If you want to achieve a brighter and more expressive look, stilettos or platform shoes are ideal.

Girls in high waisted jeans

High-rise jeans look more harmonious on those girls who have good proportions and a pronounced waistline. Otherwise, it is better to choose models with a medium fit.

Jeans with a very high waist

In a casual look with high-waisted jeans, a shirt or blouse tucked inside will look great. In the evening, they can be worn with a voluminous cropped sweater or with an asymmetrical hem.

In the warm season, high-waisted models go well with a fashionable weightless top, in which the torso is slightly ajar. A t-shirt is also suitable. You can fill it in front, and leave it hanging with a “tail” in the back.

Fashion high waist jeans

High waist jeans: new 2019

girls in high waisted jeans

Fitted jeans with a high waist are recommended to be worn with a loose top. Loose jeans with a high waist, on the contrary, are best worn with tight-fitting outerwear.

Skinny or skinny

Fashion skinny jeans 2019

Skinny jeans or skinny jeans can be low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise. Medium is considered universal, which is suitable for girls and women of all ages. However, tight jeans are losing their relevance, more and more girls prefer to wear wide models.

Classic skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

The classic skinny model should tightly fit the buttocks. If it seems to you that this part of your body is too voluminous, buy a product model with small pockets located low. Such a simple life hack will visually reduce the volume of the buttocks.

With skinny jeans…

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