Fashionable women’s shirts photo 2018

Fashionable women’s shirts 2018: photos

In the basic wardrobe, every fashionista should have at least one shirt. The white version is considered universal and suitable for all occasions. But you should not limit yourself to one model, as every year designers come up with interesting short and long models with newfangled and classic prints.

Stylish women’s shirts 2018 (photo)

In 2018, there was a “boom” in the fashion world, as a result of which everyone began to actively add silk, linen, cotton, viscose and suede shirts to their stylish looks (but don’t forget about flannel, chiffon, knitwear, silk, corduroy, satin, linen, flannel). Long dress models were used, fitted classic and original with 3/4 sleeves. Models with prints are especially popular: checkered, striped, flowered, polka dot. But the hit of the year was beautiful embroidered options. Embroidery in this image becomes the main decoration.

And now more about the most interesting shirts of 2018.

Checked Women’s Shirt – New

A plaid shirt has always been considered the most favorite among casual style fans. Petite ladies can afford a large cage, and curvaceous ladies can afford a small one. By the way, at fashion parties this year, guests often delighted us with original looks with checkered shirts and oversized sweaters, creating an oversized bow.

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White shirts (white women’s models from the shows of new collections)

A white fitted shirt is perfect for the office. Business women prefer beautiful fitted models with cufflinks that look very advantageous. But such strict office looks can easily be transformed into a party outfit if you add beautiful trendy jeans.

And if you like to experiment with male models, you will like them (remember our favorite “oversize”).

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Stylish denim

Denim styles became popular in 2014 and today they continue to hold a leading position. With them, you can create hundreds of fashionable looks with wide trousers, cropped jeans, vest, bow tie, tie, jabot, pencil skirt, etc. Therefore, if you do not know what to wear with it, feel free to experiment.

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Summer models can be elongated, but always with short sleeves and from the lightest breathable, wrinkle-resistant fabric. The Floral Stand Collar is a unisex shirt that suits women and men of all ages.

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New Ideas 2018

Designers this year created very interesting original models that appealed to shirt lovers. Unusual embroidered, designer lace, striped, classic white, sexy transparent and even leather models could be seen on the catwalk.

Plain and colored shirts are equally popular, but stylists predict the popularity of the following palette: black, blue, red, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray, beige, burgundy, turquoise.

Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo Fashionable women's shirts 2018: photo

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Video for beginner needlewomen

If you want to alter a shirt and make a stylish new one out of an old one, our video tutorials will appeal to you.

Fashionable alteration-master class, how to make a new thing in 5 minutes

Fitted female from male

How to alter (remake) a shirt into a stylish dress with your own hands


I would like to note that today the most fashionable branded models are considered to be the creations of the fashion house Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Barbary, Lacoste, Austin, Zara.

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