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Fashionable women’s shorts 2019: new trends, photos

Fashion shorts 2019: new items, photos

Stylish and original shorts of different models must be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista. They are especially relevant in the summer, when you want to demonstrate a slender figure and legs. Also, short shorts made of airy and flowing fabrics can save you from extreme heat.

It is especially good that in the 2019-2020 season, designers have developed many business models that are ideal not only for everyday wear, but also for an office look.

Shorts in trendy colors

Women's shorts in trendy colors

The color scheme of shorts in 2019 depends on the season. Autumn and spring 2019 it is better to give preference to discreet, classic shades: black, brown, gray, dark blue. In the cool season, shorts look stylish with neat boots and a warm cardigan.

Women's shorts autumn-spring

Turtlenecks, jumpers and jackets go well with high-waisted shorts. To emphasize the waistline, it is recommended to use a stylish leather belt.

Modern women of fashion are very fond of insulated shorts, as in them they look not only stylish and attractive, but also feel comfortable and relaxed.

Autumn gray shorts

Fashion trends for women's shorts

With cropped shorts, high boots look seductive. Particular attention should be paid to tights. For early autumn, it is considered acceptable to wear nylon tights; on cooler days, dense versions of black tights will look harmonious. If on cloudy days you want to add originality and brightness to your everyday style, you can safely add unusual leggings to your look.

Autumn looks in shorts

In the summer time of the year there are practically no restrictions regarding color schemes in clothes. You can safely choose pastel shades: pale pink, heavenly, beige, ivory. They are especially well suited for business looks and casual style.

Women's casual shorts

Summer women's shorts in pastel colors

To make the image original, but tasteful, you need to be able to correctly combine pastel-colored shorts with the color of outerwear and accessories. You can get a creative summer look by combining a mint shade with a pale pink.

If you want to create a more classic style, but not old-fashioned, you can complement the look with a few interesting accents, such as jewelry, a handbag, an elongated jacket.

Fashionable women's shorts 2019: new trends

In summer, shorts in catchy shades are also in trend.: bright green, yellow, turquoise, scarlet. However, in the 2019-2020 season, white shorts will look especially impressive – short, elongated and lace. Especially if girls with long tanned legs wear them.

Bright summer shorts: season 2019

Women's shorts: short and long

Bright shorts for the summer

White clothing is universalHe always looks spectacular. With white shorts, you can create many fashionable and original looks. The model can be made of denim, short shorts with a high waist and a topic also look elegant. You can create a business image, which will be an excellent office option.

Fashion shorts for summer

Stylish look for the summer

White shorts: fashionable images

Trendy shorts

In the new season of 2019, they return to fashion long bermuda shorts in business style. Most often they are made from cotton, suit fabric and tweed.

Long business shorts

Elegant shorts for the office

Such models are decorated with lapels and arrows, this emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of the style. They look best with shoes with heels – neat pumps, sandals.

Long shorts for summer

Denim shorts – one of the most comfortable and practical things in the wardrobe. Denim shorts go with almost everything. In the 2019-2020 season, denim shorts are more relevant than ever. In the summer of 2019, the boyfriend model will be especially popular.

High waist denim shorts

In order to stand out, fashionistas complement denim shorts with original decor: fringe, rivets, lace, “torn” effect, overlay floral print, etc.

Short denim shorts with studs

Short denim shorts with fringes

It is fashionable to wear high-waisted denim shorts with outerwear tucked in (t-shirt, T-shirt, light blouse or shirt). Denim shorts do not have to be in classic shades of blue or light blue, you can also create many fashionable looks in white, beige or gray.

Oversized fashionable shorts

For a spectacular evening look, use full-length sequin shorts. With their sparkling appearance, they will attract the attention of others.

Original shorts with sequins

Stylish shorts with sequins

As a rule, such options for shorts are made in mini length. If you want to give the look some restraint, you can wear a light jacket or blazer. All other accessories should be as concise as possible, as shorts with sequins are the main accent and highlight in the image.

Graceful images with sequins for the summer

Leather products always create a very bright and memorable image. By themselves, leather shorts look extravagant, so it is important not to overdo it with courage. Other details in the image should not distract attention. Very bold, but at the same time elegant, look leather shorts in combination with T-shirts.

Leather shorts: fashion trends

Summer look in casual style

Fashion shorts for summer

In the 2019-2020 season, high-waisted leather shorts will be in trendnot made in classic black. Products from a warm brown shade look beautiful. Also, often leather models of shorts are decorated with rivets.

Original shorts for the summer

High waisted leather shorts

Shorts in trendy materials

Velor shorts model

In the 2019-2020 season, there are practically no restrictions regarding the materials from which the shorts are made. The most fashionable are:

  • Silk;
  • Lace (large and small);
  • Leather;
  • Velours;
  • Denim;
  • Cotton;
  • Wool.

Cotton women's shorts

It is recommended to give preference to those fabrics that maintain their shape and also do not wrinkle. For example, shorts made of silk, lace, velor are not suitable for girls with large shapes. They should choose options for shorts made of dense fabric, they will help to hide all the imperfections of the waist and hips.

Models of shorts for obese girls

For shorts, it is best to use fabrics that feel pleasant to the touch. Often the product fits snugly to the body and poor-quality material can create discomfort. Also, shorts of dubious quality will always differ from premium products, which can spoil the stylish image of a fashionista.

Fashion shorts for summer 2019

Fashion shorts for summer 2019

Shorts in pajama style included in the list of the most fashionable trends of the season 2019-2020. They are perfect for a casual look on a hot summer day. This version of the image is chosen by brave girls with beautiful, slender legs. Models can be made in both classic shades and brighter ones.

Shorts in pajama style

Light shorts in pajama style

Original images for the summer

Pajama-style shorts should give the look some casualness. For such models, it is recommended to choose a calm, plain top. Tops in linen style, thin T-shirts made of silk and satin look original with shorts, and it is also fashionable to wear the most ordinary cotton T-shirt.

Summer shorts 2019

Summer women's shorts

Jumpsuit-shorts – a great option for those who cannot pick up a bow for a summer walk or event for hours. Designers have developed a large number of such models: with drapery, floral motifs, delicate lace inserts that can elegantly complement any look.

Fashionable look for the summer with overalls-shorts

Summer shorts overalls

Jumpsuit shorts are almost a finished look, it remains only to correctly and correctly place accents. Some models – with an open back or shoulders, an elegant belt,…

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