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Fashionable women’s sneakers: trends, brands, models, photos

Fashionable women’s sneakers: models, colors, brands

Fashionable women’s sneakers in 2019 claim to be the most comfortable shoes and will become the main focus in the image. The fashion industry decided to surprise us with interesting styles and colors. In order not to get lost in the diversity, this article will present the main trends of 2019.

Actual colors for women’s sneakers

Beautiful orange sneakers

In 2019, special attention should be paid to the bright and rich shades of women’s sneakers. Among the most popular:

  • Orange;
  • Red;
  • Lavender;
  • Neon;
  • pistachio;
  • Dusty pink.

Sneakers in a combined color are in trend.

Combination shoe colors

It is advisable to look after shoes with a non-standard combination of colors. Example: sneakers in pink with blue accents give freshness and elegance.

White Stylish Sneakers

White sneakers are shoes that are relevant at all times. Such models can be worn with any image, they will be stylishly combined with different outfits. They fit perfectly into the image and will attract attention. White sneakers are versatile. They are combined with a suit or with a light dress. They will give the image of femininity, light playfulness and harmony.

Floral sneakers

Original printed sneakers are another fashion trend of 2019. Designers are constantly experimenting and creating amazing color schemes.

Women's sneakers with graffiti

Creative and brightest options for fashionable women’s sneakers:

  • Acid shades. On standard classic shoes, the color will look vulgar. However, such a shade will add expressiveness and freshness to sneakers;
  • Pastel shades. Romantic natures will surely appreciate peach, lilac and pale blue tones;
  • Animal motifs. In the season, imitation of the skin of a zebra, tiger and reptiles will look great;
  • stripes. They are made in the classic version or in a chaotic one, in which the sequence of printing is not followed;
  • Graffiti. On women’s sneakers, this print is rare, but in 2019, graffiti is the latest fashion trend.

Fashion trends for women’s sneakers 2019

Fashionable women's sneakers

In 2019, not only beautiful women’s sneakers are in fashion, but also comfortable ones. When choosing shoes, we recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Sole should be thick, soft and non-slip. To maximize grip on the surface, it is recommended to purchase women’s sneakers with embossed soles;
  • insulation a must for winter boots. Artificial down or sheepskin will do;
  • Material. Fashionable sneakers in the winter season should be made of waterproof material, and in the summer season they should have a breathable surface.


This season, the following trends in women’s sneakers are in fashion:

  • Multi-colored models;
  • Plaid sneakers (Burberry);
  • Models with a massive sole or platform;
  • Products with animal and geometric print;
  • Sneakers with graffiti.

fashion models

Beige sneakers with pink stripe

This season, each of the designers presented their own model of women’s sneakers. According to fashion designer Versace, the 2019 sneaker models will add brightness to everyday life with their unusual colors. They stand for rich shades of sports shoes. It is allowed to have patterns on it that will be combined with the main image.

Stylish Burberry sneakers

At Burberry, checkered shoes became the basis of style. Models in a cage are presented in both classic and bright colors. Among the fashionable elements of sneakers, latches and a high sole are noticed.

Platform sneakers

Dolce & Gabbana, as usual, surprised with their ingenuity with the introduction of platform and heeled sneakers. In the seasonal collection, you can also find fashionable women’s sneakers in bright colors.

Sneakers sneakers

Also in 2019, the following types of sneakers are considered fashionable:

  • With a massive sole;
  • On the platform;
  • Sneakers-socks;
  • Snickers;
  • Sneakers in sport chic style.

With chunky sole

Women's chunky sole sneakers

Sneakers with massive soles were at the peak of their popularity back in 2018 and have successfully migrated into the new season. Now bulky sneakers can be found even in the most famous houses of the fashion industry. Therefore, if you do not have such shoes, be sure to purchase this model.

Beautiful sneakers with massive soles

Sneakers with a massive sole look spectacular. However, such shoes can visually shorten the legs. Sneakers with a massive sole look stylish with a long skirt or dress.

On the platform

Women's wedge slip-ons

In the new 2019 season, wedge slip-ons look great. Due to the fact that the sole is practical and comfortable, every girl will look elegant and slim. A fashionista will be comfortable in such shoes.

High platform sneakers

High platform sneakers are at the peak of popularity. In order to emphasize the ideal features of your figure, sneakers need to be selected correctly. It’s about the design and height of the platform. For example, you can pay attention to the following brands:

  • Keddo. Sneakers of this brand are made of artificial leather. They have proven to be comfortable and stylish;
  • Ash AS 069 AWQQY. Models look good under jeans. They are made of flexible soles and dense textiles. Sneakers will look great on any female leg.


Sneakers socks

Hybrid shoes are a combination of sneakers and socks. This model is especially popular with young girls. Sock sneakers have become the newest trend of this year.

Stylish sneakers socks

Models of sneakers exactly resemble a sock. Its difference is that the embossed sole is in a contrasting color. We can say with confidence that such sneakers will remain in fashion until the end of 2019.



The interpretation of sneakers in 2019 may be different:

  • In the form of shoes;
  • boot;
  • On a heel;
  • With luminous sole;
  • With spikes;
  • Jazz shoes;
  • On fur;
  • In the form of boots.

Winter sneakers

The right choice of sneakers depends on their seasonality. Thus, tall sneakers are necessary in winter, for example, if you travel on foot most of the time. Such sneakers will not get wet, as the top of them is made of water-repellent materials.

Summer version of sneakers

In the summer, sneakers must be appropriate for the season. The lighter they are, the better. Do you want to create a club look? Pay attention to sneakers with luminous soles, metallic shades and additional decorative elements.

Walking shoes

Walking shoes

Regardless of the fashion in 2019, convenience comes first. New Balance is especially in demand, because they create great walking shoes. In addition to the stylish appearance, the brand produces practical and durable sneakers.

Adidas walking shoes

No less popular are women’s sneakers brands:

  • adidas
  • Nike;
  • Puma
  • Asics.

Branded sneakers from the above manufacturers combine comfort, convenience and original beautiful appearance.

Sport chic sneakers

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