Модные свитера 2019

Fashionable women’s sweaters 2019: trends, trends, photos

Top 10 Fashion Women’s Sweaters 2019

Knitted sweaters in 2019 are at the height of fashion. These are practical clothes that you can complement your look at any time of the year. Sweatshirts of different styles are equally harmoniously combined with both jeans and a fluffy skirt. The right outfit will create a stylish and beautiful look for all occasions.

The most fashionable sweater styles for 2019

Models of fashionable sweaters

In 2019, various models of sweaters are at the peak of popularity. Tips from stylists will help you look fashionable and stylish. Crop sweaters or knitted oversized sweatshirts will create a gentle and feminine image. Add a touch of romance with sweaters off the shoulder. By correctly combining clothes, each girl will be able to find an outfit to her liking.

Among the fashion styles of 2019, style is distinguished grunge. Its characteristic feature is elongated sleeves and decor in the form of holes.

Girl in a grunge sweater

Sweaters made in style boho, suitable for creating a gentle or, conversely, defiant image. Models of knitted sweaters differ in oversized size and free cut. A sweater in style patchwork will add zest to your everyday outfit.

Girl in a patchwork sweaterIn 2019, both bright and neutral sweater colors are very popular. Knitted sweaters of orange, purple, emerald hue will make your look bright and stylish.

Girl in an orange sweater and skirt

From calmer colors, you should choose soft shades of lilac or marsala. In Marsala-colored sweaters, brunettes or brown-haired women will look especially stylish and fashionable.

Girl in a marsala sweaterLovers of fashionable color schemes can try on sweaters that combine 2-3 colors at the same time. smooth gradient now in vogue.

Girl in a sweater with a smooth gradient

You can combine sweaters with any bottom: jeans, trousers, skirts, mini. The main thing to consider is the model and density of the knitted sweater.

Crop sweaters

Crop sweater variations

Crop sweaters will help girls look stylish in the coming 2019. This knitted jumper has a short length above the waist to show off your slim figure. Sleeves can be either long or short. You can complement your image with this wardrobe item not only in the autumn-winter months, but also in the spring.

The main plus of a crop sweater is that it can be worn with absolutely any bottom.

Crop sweaters look elegant and beautiful in combination with a skirt. So that the image does not look vulgar, you should give preference to skirts with a high waist. The length and style of the bottom may vary. For example, a fitted crop top with long sleeves and a midi skirt are perfect for going to a formal event.

Crop sweater with long skirt

Bright crop-knit sweaters are best combined with skirts of a smooth texture. This trendy outfit is perfect for everyday activities.

Crop sweater with street style skirt

Girls who can boast of a slim figure should take a closer look at the combination of crop sweaters. with jeans or trousers. The same rule applies here as with skirts – a high waist is a must. A strip of leather can be seen between the top and bottom. It will look nice if you have a flat stomach.

To hide the flaws of the figure, choosing a longer model of a crop sweater, which will mask the flaws, will help.

In 2019, a cropped knit sweater with ripped jeans will help to create a stylish and casual look. Depending on the season, the sleeves may be long or reach only to the elbow.

Crop sweater with jeans

A crop sweater with loose-fitting trousers is worn even in the warm season. To complement a fashionable outfit is allowed with high-heeled shoes.

Crop sweater with trousers

In 2019, layering is back in fashion. To be not only beautiful, but also stylish, stylists recommend wearing a knitted cropped sweater. over the shirt. The exposed hem, collar and cuffs will add zest to the look. This outfit looks quite unusual. It is suitable for both an office dress code and a romantic date.

Crop sweater with white shirt and straight pants

Wearing a knitted crop sweater over summer dress, you can create a stylish feminine look. The dress can be chosen in plain color or with a light floral pattern.

Crop sweater worn over a dress

It is fashionable to combine a knitted cropped sweater with a jacket, leather jacket or an elongated cardigan. The latter option is preferred for the fair sex with wide hips.

Drawstring sweaters

Sweater with lacing on the chest and sleeves

In the new year, sweaters with ties (lacing) have become very fashionable. Knitted sweaters will suit absolutely all young girls and mature women. Top jumpers should be chosen from white, gray, green, powdery and nude colors. To create a stylish look, you should pay attention to the location of the lacing.

Quite a beautiful and fashionable option – a sweater with ties on the back. This model of a knitted sweater is closed at the front, but seductively half-open at the back. As lacing, use a satin ribbon or beautiful braid. A tie-back sweater pairs well with jeans or a dress.

Tie Back Sweater with JeansTie sweater with skirt

No less fashionable in 2019 is a sweater with a tie in front. The lacing can be positioned on the hem or in the neckline. Knitted models with voluminous sleeves look very stylish and beautiful, which give the image a slight negligence. In combination with ripped jeans or a skirt, a sweater with ties looks quite harmonious.

Sweater with ties at the necklineTie front sweater

Sweaters with lacing look interesting and unusual on girls on shoulders or sleeves. A knitted sweater with such a decor location will look stylish with any wardrobe item.

Tie shoulder sweaterGirl in a sweater with ties along the sleeves

In 2019, it is customary to give preference to calm shades of clothing. For everyday style, choose different shades of brown, gray, beige. Also fashionable colors are dark blue, burgundy.

Sweaters with unusual sleeves

Sweaters with unusual sleeves

In the coming new year, stylists recommend moving away from the usual clothing formats and taking a closer look at models of sweaters with unusual sleeves. Stylish lace-up knit sweaters are not all that fashionistas are advised to wear in 2019.

Sweater with bell sleeves

Sweaters with bell sleeves very fashionable now. A distinctive feature of the model is the division of the sleeve into a straight and wide part. With the help of a sweater with bell sleeves, any female look can be made even more feminine. It is recommended to wear a jacket with jeans, trousers or a pencil skirt.

Girl in a sweater with bell sleeves

Puff sleeves on knitted sweaters are at the height of fashion. This sweater model is suitable for girls with narrow shoulders and wide hips. The top will look stylish in combination with a fitted bottom.

Set aside pleated skirts and wide trousers. A sweater with puff sleeves looks great with pencil skirts or skinny jeans.

Girl in a sweater with puff sleeves

Pullover with batwing sleeves all fashionistas will love it. A feature of this model of a knitted sweater is a wide top and a fitted or loose bottom. With this element of the wardrobe, you can create a romantic, casual and business look.

The main plus of a sweater with batwing sleeves is that it suits both curvy and slender girls. This piece of clothing is combined with any bottom.

Girl in a sweater with bat sleeves

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