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Features and rules of makeup for a photo shoot

How to do makeup for a photo shoot?

When conducting a photo session, the photographer carefully selects the lighting, chooses the right angle, and the clothes and the environment should also be in harmony with the model. Therefore, it is extremely important that the makeup also matches the image.

Beautiful makeup for a photo shoot
Glitter pink eye makeup for green eyes

The main differences between makeup for a photo shoot and the usual one is that you need to use only a matte foundation for a photo. Also, in the makeup, clear lines should be drawn and shadows, tone and blush should be carefully shaded. Another important difference is the complete absence of sculpting in makeup for a photo shoot.

Learn all the steps of applying everyday makeup to understand how it differs from make-up for a photo shoot.

The main rules of makeup for a photo shoot

Beautiful makeup with red lips and arrows
Smokey eye makeup for green eyes

To do your own makeup, you will need a magnifying mirror. With its help, the smallest flaws are visible, and in order to get high-quality photos, it is precisely them that need to be masked.

The main stage in makeup for a photo shoot is perfect skin. Therefore, even if you have it in good condition, the foundation is still necessary. It will make the skin matte, smooth and even. However, you should also not overdo it with it, as you can get the effect of a thick mask. Experts recommend choosing a shade half a tone lighter than the skin, as over time the cream darkens, further application of powder or corrector will darken the face.

Test your makeup with the camera before the photo session. In the photos you can see how it will look, whether it will change. Thus, you will understand whether you get the photos you want or not.

Beautiful makeup for a girl with green eyes
Retro prom makeup

Basic makeup rules for a photo shoot:

  • The upper lashes are colored in several layers to make them look brighter than the lower ones. You can draw thin lines of arrows along the ciliary edge so that they appear thicker in the photo. If you have very rare eyelashes, you can lightly paint over the inside of the eyelid;
  • Carefully shade the eyeliner and shadows, as these defects will be very noticeable in the photo;
  • Pearlescent shadows will look beautiful only in a professional studio with special lighting;
  • Apply lipstick to wet lips.

One of the main rules is the use of matte texture cosmetics. Even the smallest glare in a make-up can spoil the look and make the face look untidy.

Makeup for a photo shoot in stages

How to do makeup for a photo shoot?
Beautiful make-up for the holidays

The ideal make-up for a photo is considered to be the one in which the accents are correctly placed, while the image is not devoid of individuality. The main thing is that, regardless of the location of the shooting, the subject, the make-up is appropriate and attractive, to be combined with the image, clothes and accessories.

For a long time, not only women want to have a professional photo shoot. Children’s and men’s photo shoots are ordered. Men are also encouraged to do a light make-up. It is fundamentally different from the female one and is aimed at getting good and high-quality photos, without shine on the face and significant temporary skin rashes.

Skin preparation

Makeup steps

The main tool in preparing the skin for makeup is a moisturizer. For dry skin, use a cream containing essential oils, and for oily skin, creams with a lighter consistency will go. Makeup artists recommend choosing products with SPF. Such creams will simultaneously care for the skin of the face and protect it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The cream is applied in circular, massage movements.

Next, you will need to take extra care of the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. Give preference to creams containing vitamin C, they protect the skin from free radicals. Creams with vitamin K help eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Apply them with light patting movements, this helps to improve microcirculation.

It is important that the makeup during the photo session is perfectly kept and does not smear during the shooting. That’s why be sure to use a primer. It contributes to the perfect tone, and also slightly illuminates the skin, creating a fashionable and natural radiance effect in the photo shoot. When choosing a primer, it is recommended to pay attention to whether silicone is included in its composition, which does not interact well with oil-based products. If your foundation and moisturizer are water-based, silicone-based primer is not recommended.

Before applying makeup for a photo shoot, it is not recommended to use micellar water. It absorbs not only dirt and grease, but also makeup particles, which can lead to uneven coverage.

We apply the foundation

You can apply foundation in several ways: sponge, fingertips, brushes. Each of the methods has both its pros and cons. If you have a few days left before the scheduled photo shoot, you can test each of the methods and choose the most suitable for you.


Applying foundation with a sponge

When applied with a sponge foundation, you can achieve a thinner and more even coverage with perfect blending. If the photo session takes place in the evening, applying foundation with a sponge is considered the most appropriate. Sponge builds foundation on the skin a little denser than other methods.

When applying foundation with a sponge, there is one significant disadvantage – it is consumed in large quantities.

Before using the sponge, soak it in plain water and wring it out. Thanks to this trick, less cream will be consumed due to the absorbed moisture, while its surface will be as soft as possible. This will help blend the foundation more evenly.

Then, first, dial the base on your hand and distribute it with dots over the T-zones. Thus, you can control the amount of foundation on your face, as well as evenly distribute it all over your face.

Gently spread the foundation over your face with light patting movements. Direction – from the center to its periphery, try to avoid getting on the eyebrows and hairline.


Applying foundation with your fingers

The advantage of this method is that the natural warmth of the hands warms up the foundation, making it more pliable. It is considered the most economical in terms of funds consumption. However, it is much more difficult to apply beautifully and evenly with your fingers than with a brush or sponge. Therefore, if you do not have practice, it is recommended to use a more proven method when creating an image for a photo shoot.

To apply the foundation with your fingertips, dial the desired amount of foundation. Then spread it over the entire face with dots. Use literally a couple of drops on each of the zones – cheeks, nose, center of the forehead, chin.

It is extremely important not to smudge the foundation, as this will only accentuate the texture of the skin. It is necessary to drive the product into the skin of the face with patting movements, starting from …

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