Модные трикотажные вещи осень 2021

Features of fashion knitwear: autumn 2021 winter 2022

10 rules for choosing knitwear for this fall

A few more days and autumn will come into its own. Of course, there is hope that warm money will remain with us for some time, but it is still worth preparing for a drop in temperature. We will talk about actual outerwear later, but today we propose to discuss one of the main trends of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season – knitwear.

Fashion knitwear: what are they?

Knitwear is a trend that will suit women of all ages. Both top and bottom can be made from it. knitwear dresses, shorts, sweaters, vests, etc. are relevant. For all products there are a number of requirements about them and we will talk further.


Fashion knitwear photo

The first requirement for actual knitwear is a free cut. It is believed that a dress, sweater or vest should sit freely and not pull the figure. Choose a product in which it is easy to breathe, and at least 1 light layer fits freely at the bottom – a T-shirt, a turtleneck shirt.

Dropped shoulder line

Fashionable knitted sweater

Knitwear for the top should fit well in the shoulders. Stylists recommend giving preference to options with a slightly lowered shoulder line. This will allow you to get rid of the accent in this area, or, conversely, create it by attaching shoulder pads from below.

Elongated (about dresses)

Fashionable knitted dresses

Short dresses or medium-length knitwear are put aside, as are mini A-silhouettes. Firstly, such products are quickly stretched, and, secondly, they are considered irrelevant. The best solution is skirts and U-silhouette dresses made of knitwear. The top of the product can be represented by a wide knitted elastic band, black is an anti-trend.


Thick knitted sweater

Thin knitwear is an anti-trend. You need to choose things that can keep their shape. This applies to both the top and bottom of the image.

Weaves and braids – allowed

Sweater with trendy weave

Last season, stylists recommended choosing jerseys without a pattern. This time you can again pay attention to sweaters and dresses with original weaving. The main thing is that the pattern is one. You should not combine several types of coarse knitting within one thing.

Long sleeves

How To Wear a Long Sleeve Sweater

Last year we were looking for sweaters with puff sleeves in the shape of lanterns. This time the top models are with elongated flared sleeves. But the elastic band, both wide and narrow, is an anti-trend.

Stand collar

Sweater with stand collar

When choosing a sweater or knitted dress, you can become the most fashionable by choosing a product with a stand-up collar. If the collar is too high, do not fold it, let it cover the chin – this is a trendy solution.

Unusual style

Knitted suit with shorts

Speaking of an unusual style, we mean not original dresses with cutouts and slits, but shorts and trousers. Today they are chosen by the most fashionable girls.

Knitted shorts and trousers are a fall 2021 hit. You can wear them with a top or pair with something in contrasting fabric. A shirt made of eco-leather, a sheepskin coat, a trench coat, a coat, etc. will do.

Geometric fit

Sweater with shoulder pads

Knitted blouses and dresses with cute and romantic knitting elements are put aside. Today it is worth giving preference to things of a geometric style – a clear line of shoulders, a wide elastic band, a triangular or rectangular neckline.


Cropped sweater photo

Another trend is cropped jersey. Such sweaters and pullovers are combined with a bottom that has an oversized fit. These can be paired items made of the same material, as well as regular jeans, denim skirts and eco-leather trousers.

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